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Money making tips in RS Fishing and Woodcutting

Earlier we’ve introduced Mining skill (one of the Big Three) for money, now let’s see the other two of the Big Three skills for money-making: Fishing and Woodcutting.

Fishing is a very productive skill. Lobsters, swordfish, monkfish and sharks are among the best sellers in the fish market. Bear in mind, in order to fish monkfish, members have to complete Swan Song quest first. Lobsters and swordfish are the only money-making fish in F2P world. It is quite risky to catch them. To avoid such risk, we recommend you to fish on Musa Point (Karamja). In addition to selling your fish, you can also exchange them for bank notes from Stiles at south of the volcano. But Stiles only accept lobster, swordfish and tuna.

Raw fish sells most money so better keep it that way. However if you are practicing Cooking skill, cooked fish sells even more.

The last great skill for earning money is Woodcutting. Members should be cutting maples to get started, and then Yews when you are experienced enough. At the time you reach level 85 or higher in Woodcutting, magic logs will become your best choice. The short coming of cutting magic logs is very time-consuming to fill up an inventory. For non-member players the choices are oak, willow and yew logs. There is a big demand in oak logs and oak planks because people into Construction skills always need them. You can either sell the oak logs directly or make them into oak planks yourself and sell them at a higher price.

You will find the following places ideal for chopping Yew logs: south of Falador, behind Varrock’s Castle, South of Edgevile bank, south of Seers Village, and near the Legends Guild. We also recommend two locations with Magic trees to cut and a bank near them: south of the Seers bank, and near the agility course at the Gnome Stronghold.

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Double Your Money in Runescape in Three Easy Steps

It is common that you spend quicker than earning in either real life or Runescape game. We introduce a guide to help you with the situation. But you need to have the investing fund in the beginning, means you need to have a large amount of money at first. Then it will be easy for you to double your fortune.

Do not think we are exaggerating, it is indeed very easy to do, but again your original fortune need to be at least 50k, over 200k is ideal. Following is how it is done in 3 steps:

Step 1:

Go straight to the chicken coops at the ranch north-east of Lumbridge castle. Only thing to know, is to carry as much money as possible with you. Higher invest higher payback, common sense.

Step 2:

When you arrive at the chicken coup, say “buying feathers”. The idea is simple, to buy feathers from rookie players in the chicken coup and sell them at another place with a higher price.

As we all know the chicken coup is filled with new player who are working hard to kill chickens to bring up their combat level. Most of them know nothing about the usage of chicken feathers, which can be used in lot of occasions for example in fishing and fletching. Try to purchase chicken feathers from the newbies at no higher than 5gb each, the best price you can get could be 2-3gb. Simply spend all your money on buying chicken feathers.

Step 3:

Last step is to head to world one and find a popular place full of people, maybe a bank. Try to find members who need feathers and willing to buy them at 10gb each. Most of the buyers find the price totally acceptable. Let’s assume you have bad negotiation skills and only buy your feathers at 5gb each, but after trading, you still double your investment, isn’t it wonderful and easy?

This is it, the simple and guaranteed way to double your money in Runescape. As to how to make invest money before the trading, pay close attention to our other guides.

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The Imcando picks is a legend of mining the implementation

They fill in the register of the level of 60 weapons is very good, and can get a job done: from Keldagrim shop’s hammer, hammer from Santiri quality weapons Keldagrim staff, and throwing kill chaos giant axis. Incredible aberration (or three) grinding with an axe, these beasts are players, and their operational challenge is well worth the spoils, they can produce.

The Imcando picks is a legend of mining the implementation of the act very much like a hell froe mining. You usually will collect it destroys some of the ore, and mining, give you additional mining XP, when it did so. Thurgo can put together for you, but he needs lava fountains collected all 4 pieces, and gilded Long Gao, one million gold COINS and of course a red berry pie. This is a difficult task, but there is on Gielinor to master your mining skills no better tools.

Together to dwarf the birthright of every gnome in the game is now the latest amazing new graphics. Graphics team really not to be outdone yourself, each dwarf in Gielinor one character are themselves, and they deserve stocky frame.

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