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Quest Guide for Shadow Over Ashdale Part II

Let us continue the quest guide of ‘Shadow Over Ashdale’.

When you finish the two scouts, you should find a journal in the body of a dead smuggler. The journal records how the smugglers intentionally woke the creature Crassinas that is sleeping in the caves. The strange things happen in the town now start to make sense.

You will meet your next challenge when you go east. There is a puzzle waiting for you to solve. You need to open a door by using water barrels. Here is how:

Near the door, there is a box in which you shall find Valve inner wheel, Pitch and Valve outer wheel. Combine the outer wheel and inner wheel to make Valve wheel. Then use the wheel to repair the hole of the middle barrel, and use the pitch to repair the leaking pipe beside the door. After fixing, turn on the valves on all barrels, in a direction from northeast to northwest, making water flow across all barrels to unlock the door.

Behind the door is another cave where missing townspeople are trapped inside Crassian pods. But it is not the right time to save them, just let them be and go kill the scouts. Among many chests in the cave you will be able to find 125gp and an uncut sapphire, do not miss the chance. Then cross over a broken barrier to find a Crassian warrior that can kill you with a single bite if it finds you. You should avoid attacking him and pull lever on the wall to activate a spike trap in order to kill it. After killing the warrior keep going deep into the tunnel.

Soon enough you will meet a barrier that stops your way. Behind the barrier is the second warrior who also cannot be confronted directly. You should use the same method to kill it by pulling the lever on the wall. When it’s dead, destroy the barrier and march to the next room. The third warrior is in the room. You have to sneak through room without being spotted, once into the third room, just pull the lever again to finish the warrior and clean the barrier afterwards.

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Quest Guide for A Shadow Over Ashdale Part I

Yesterday RuneScape Gold released free quest ‘A Shadow over Ashdale’. We have brought you the quest guide just in time, here is the Part I.

The quest is open to both members and free players. To start, go find Gudrik’s house in southwest of Taverley Bank and ask Gudrik about Ashdale. Gudrik will describe the queer thing he finds recently, that cargo ships sailing to Ashdale return untouched. The sailor on the ship claimed Ashdale was empty. Gudrik needs your help to find out the reason. You shall accept the quest and go to west dock boarding a ship.

When you land on Ashdale, make your way to the town by following stairs in north. You will then look for a house with lights on. In the house talk to Lucy and you will learn what happened in the town. Few days ago, a mysterious creature came and took almost every people away. To investigate, you need to reach the other side of the island. Ask Lucy for help and she will point out the way: there is a storm drain back of her house. You can find an entrance there to the town sewer system, via which you can reach your destination.

Follow the Lucy’s guide and enter the sewers. Walking through the tunnel, soon you will see a big room and be shown a cut scene. Then a Crassian scout, who matches your combat level, will attack you. Watch out not be killed or you will have to start over at the entrance of the sewers. If you kill it, keep moving forward until you meet another Crassian scout. Kill it again and climb up to the ground. You are now at the other side of the Ashdale.

There is a bridge at your west side, cross it and go south. Soon you will encounter two more scouts guarding a gate. Kill them to open and enter the gate. Once inside you need to find a book which describes author’s intention of building a secret house under Ashdale. There is a hidden staircase under the Bust. Go down through the staircase to enter a big cave, where another two scouts awaiting for you to kill.

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Runescape 3 Discover The nightmare Ashdale

“The nightmare of Ashdale” is a new free quest that has been implemented for players of Runescape , in which you would investigate alongside the dwarf Gudrik on Ashdale, a city whose inhabitants have given no sign of life long . It is up to you to discover the fate of these unfortunate villagers and solve the mystery that hangs over Ahsdale. To illustrate the novelty team Jagex us this in more detail in a new video, available below.

Discover The nightmare Ashdale, the brand new quest available to subscribers and non-subscribers of RuneScape.

A shadow has fallen on Ashdale, just months after this little island village started laughing welcome newcomers in RuneScape. It is happening strange things, and it’s up to you to solve the mystery! ‘s Nightmare Ashdale , based on a visual narrative developed, sends the player on a deserted island in the heavy atmosphere, where he will save his people from a fate worse than death … In this new quest , accessible to all, explore the dark corners of the island and lead the investigation to unravel the mysterious disappearance of Ashdale inhabitants. By completing the quest, players will receive bonus XP and three black pearls that will give them a bonus XP in the skill of their choice.

About RuneScape

Immerse yourself in the medieval fantasy world of Gielinor, where your every action affects the world around you. Repeatedly recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s most popular free MMORPG, and with an increasing number of players exceeds 200 million RuneScape offers unparalleled level of freedom to its players, who can choose their hero slay creatures of their choice and explore at their leisure this unique adventure world from their web browser. Embark today for your greatest adventure on

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RS Gold for Sale Without Phone Call and Enjoy Best Service

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World60pengs V300 Celebration

Fancy yourself as kind of a penguin hunter? Well, World60Pengs is going to celebrate its 300th hunt on May 20th in just 5 weeks.

They are hoping to host a few events but one needs a little more time to organize. For the previous milestones of V100 and V200 they had a mass leveling of skills to 99. And V300 is going to be more of the same.

If you want to take part in a mass leveling event or you have skills that can be reached almost level 99 in the next five weeks, please sign up. If your skills are over level the next weeks, post in this thread and post in the following format:

Name, skill, current level, current xp.


Name, target, current progress.

Join in celebrating V300 and reach your own level 99. Reach all 99? Give yourself another challenge to complete for V300 and challenge anything you like.

Be there or be square.

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News of the Player Visit

My clan did a hunger games type event. it absolutely was a lot of fun with the layout. if everyone could just bring almost all their top tier maxed equipment, its dull. but when we did it, you began with nothing, and would collect bronze gear and lobsters. that evened it out a great deal, so someone who was a 140 somethin could last with 180s. basically, if you this, don’t allow it to become something where high levels can juggernaut the whole thing and slaughter everyone who doesn’t need steel titan, ovlturm, and many types of the lv 90 things.

I think having some updates to Slayer will be good. Especially Co-op. You will discover never fantastic enough top reasons to co-op since it doesn’t really present you with things that may help. For example. You could potentially help it become to ensure when you buy; as an example, 100 co-op points, there is the capability to gain another “never assign this creature again” slot but it really only works once, or it could be if you gain a degree of points, it allows you to cancel tasks on the cheap slayer points. Dunno if that is possible, a few ideas that popped into my head. Maintain the truly great work

Items must be removed from the game, its pretty detrimental to the economy since like all “high gear” keeps crashing because there is a lot of of the usb ports amongst players. Time for the Crater/BH-after-Crater it turned out nice want . large amount of items were gone should you died within the wilderness.

Im sure a lot of us did be done with it. Thats why they keep trying to ‘improve’ the standard of the game. All I must say is 7 years ago after i started playing, there was clearly 10x the amount of players, before these updates that supposedly make the game far better to play.

Hosen by means of you in our up-to-the-minute Capacity to the squad study

There’s a new emote within Solomon’s General Store nowadays – chosen by a person within our latest Power to the members particular study!

‘RuneScape With the Age range’ displays the particular wealthy acceleration of rs 3 gold from the development in the past with mid 2001, and also shows some of your current favorite instances by in the course of the background.

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You plan to stay a killer task

Rapid presupposition is a simple way to equip them with gear often use loading, or is the necessities and skilling operation backpack. The best way to see how it works is to give it a try. Log in to the game and access to your bank. From there, fill your backpack and/or wear and tear of the inventory with you usually use the installation – gear up, if you plan to stay a killer task, for example, or if you are running the anvil forging.

From there, you can go to your current bag, wear inventory storage due to some of the preset one. You can then reload the default of any bank, click next to the default entry in the “load” icon. You can specify up to two even such “rapid load” option, access to the interface itself from the bank.

In this way, you can easily quickly equip you an adventure, your skilling will more smoothly than ever before. Everyone got the five default is broken, and two free players. If you find you need more, you can rent them – even in the limited time to buy more bonds directly using either integral or RuneCoins from the interface – is there a need to Solomon’s general store.

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Jagex Transformers Universe Progress for PC

Transformers Universe is a strange beast. On the one hand, it is a MMO focusing especially on the battlefield-style World of Warcraft . On the other, Jagex is willing to say that the character selection and characterization is more reminiscent of that seen in League of Legends , but my mind does not stop thinking more reminiscent of how a deck of cards is built on a collectible game. Clearly, the team has investigated what it is that makes online players coming back for more; what we know is what is taken from each and why they have done.

Get to the point: Transformers Universe we make us a commander whose role is to lead a squad of Autobots or Decepticons. Jagex has worked with Hasbro to create entirely new robots for this game, dressed in different aspects and unique weapons, which will be available from the principle in a number greater than 10, but that will not reach three figures. Initially we will have only a small list to start with, but unlock new robots with currency earned in the game through battles or fights in the world, the latter being something we can ignore if we wish to fully dedicate ourselves to rise level our characters to reach their full potential.

This is especially evident when viewing the decision making Transformers Universe MMO free-to-play browser game instead of install. Clearly inspired by the continued success of the project known as Runescape, Jagex has opted to make use of the Unity engine a Framework that uses the browser, and the result is surprisingly positive. Transformers Universe will not overstretched to your computer, but for that matter. Some of the weapons skins look a little blurry, but the overall look of the game does not get to be annoying, and seems to work even when you have true vintage look. There are some discrepancies regarding the size of the bots compared to the surrounding buildings (just have to take a look at the video of the gameplay, they see something small), but to be honest, that was not annoying us.

There are lots of data yet to discover about Transformers Universe , such as what other game modes can we expect and what those “very very special” bots are the ones Jagex refers but which can not talk yet, and we will get through achievements. Some even talk of flying bots that would be included in later. As you left in doubt whether or not you are a fan of Transformers, this is an adaptation based on a license, and that’s the crux of why you have to be open-minded.

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he Grand Tree demon in Runescape 07

The Huge Shrub devil how to destroy it!

I’m operating on The Huge Shrub pursuit on RS 07-07 rs gold, I’ve been trying to destroy the devil with varied, but metal arrows aren’t impacting him at all. After a bit he just vanished, and when I discussed to the Master he still desired effective about Glough. Anybody have any guidelines on eliminating the dark devil from the secure spot? Thanks i advance!

–What is your varied level?

I did it excellent with flame attack at a fairly low miracle stage. You could try that (although create sure you have enough runes).

–Oops – variety stage is only 5 LOL I was looking at the incorrect statistic robbing, which is 31!:rofl: I will definitely try it maged, thanks!

Edit: Done – thanks y’all ~grin~

–Yep 5 varied is definitely the issue.

–Just use miracle means because devils are poor to them. World attack or flame attack will do. There are safespots behind the stones, but there is a opportunity you will take a hit operating there. I think they can hit 15 or 16, so keep that in mind!

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RuneScape ceased being a medieval activity

Although Jagex has never regarded Runescape a medieval activity, it certainly experienced like that for most of us when we were beginning out. There were mythical beasts and devils sure, but these were all taken from medieval old school Runescape Gold tradition. Story lines which presented more fantasy-like figures such as the Mahjarrat were not really recognized and the Runescape gods were more towards the qualifications rather than in the middle of everything. Also, most of the stories in the experience (such as Arrav) engaged individual figures.

This sensation of a medieval activity disappeared when Runescape 3 and the activities major up to it came out. Now the experience has a more fantasy experience.

Did you ever think of Runescape as a medieval design game? Do you still think of it as a medieval game? Do you think the experience was better then or now?

RuneScape ceased being a medieval activity to me the day they modified the old metal armours. Before then and EoC I compensated little interest to the storylines and fairly much everything else about that activity not relevant to (most F2P) PvPing. The old armours were fairly knightly and medieval, and I always regarded RS a medieval activity because of them.

And they seemed better too.

I ceased enjoying at EOC but before that it did seem like a medieval activity.