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This week signed the long-awaited player rankings non-subscribers back, and you will discover a whole new nifty feature that lets you share your configurations action bars with friends.

Today we implement administrative messages clan . Developed with the help of clan leaders, this new system will allow you to inform members of your clan important events.

As a member of a clan, you may already be surprised to discover a new small or learn the departure of another member. Now, this kind of event will be distributed to all members of your clan.

A new fully customizable interface allows you to control the amount of information to be disseminated and to whom. Clan leaders can be accessed from the Settings tab clan in the clan settings interface. You will also discover a new license in the mail tab permissions clan.

We also made ​​some changes for the clans. For more information, see the list of patches this week.

Have fun!

We hope you enjoy these updates. If you’ve not yet had the chance, go take a look at the video Behind the scenes of April for more news to come on next month.

The RuneScape Team

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