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News.We should recovery-Ramsey

“We’ve got to pick ourselves support now. We now have still got many points to master for.”said by Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey after 3-0 defeat to Everton.Fit-again Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has urged they for getting things before this weekend’s English FA Cup semi-final.

The Gunners were outplayed by Everton of their 3-0 defeat at Goodison Park, putting their UEFA Champions League place threatened by while using Toffees only one point behind which has a match at your fingertips.

Everton will overtake them in fourth which has a win at Sunderland the other day, but Arsenal’s attention will probably be about the cup recently. Ramsey, who originated from the bench for his introduction since Boxing Overnight of any thigh injury, said the priority would have been to improve immediately when they were to end their nine-year watch for trophy plus they might re-give attention to their league campaign.

“We have to pick ourselves backup now,” he explained. “Now we have still got plenty of points to try out for. Were inside semi-final from your FA Cup, so we’ve reached put things right. We need to put a considerable run-in together now. We now have five games left and we’ll seek to win those to give to us the top possible ways to finish fourth and up.

“I do believe Everton still need several difficult games but, then again, all the games is hard therein league,” Ramsey continued. “Countless teams can upset 1 another so we are going to needs to be mindful of the, focus on ourselves and merely play with the remaining 15 points.”

The only positive note about the defeat on Merseyside was the long-awaited return of Ramsey, who have been an integral player for Arsenal before his injury. He or she is now aiming to compensate for lost time by securing some silverware along with the club’s 17th successive season in the Champions League.

“It was very frustrating should be able to be out for 3 months from the season when things were looking delicious,” he added on “These materials happen in football and that i also am just glad to be retreat there now. Hopefully I possibly could show things i are capable of doing, help this team achieve Champions League football again and hopefully have a very medal right right at the end of the year.”Manager Arsene Wenger hopes handling Championship side Wigan earlier this week inside cup can give his team to be able to recovery.

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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team adds more tactics

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team moves a little more , are now strategies which come in variety, many are advanced by means of EA Sports Spain and you depend on which we want to enjoy it at its best. The 4-2-3-1, the most requested was finally added and is one of the commonly utilziadas by many teams of Spain and the rest of the world competitions, Serie A, Premier League …

In recent years fans of FIFA Ultimate Team have asked for more variety and customization in team building. In FIFA 14 Ultimate Team you will meet 9 new formations.

See them and start planning your templates for FIFA 14! .

4-2-3-1 (2)

Surely it is more training required by followers of FIFA Ultimate Team. This new version allows you to use natural 4-2-3-1 ends instead of attacking midfielders (MCO) to create a deadly attack.

4-4-2 (2)

This training is a more defensive variant of the classic 4-4-2 with two defensive midfielders (MCD) instead of the usual midfielders.

4-1-2-1-2 (2)

You master the midfield with this new variation of the popular 4-1-2-1-2. This training puts the side midfielders as midfielders (MC) with a defensive midfielder (MCD).

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FIFA 14 passing and centers PC PS3 and Xbox 360

FIFA 14 Coins has improved passing and of course, the centers of action if you put a lot of effort into getting better, normal thing today.


Determine the risk you want to take a decisive pass in the attack area. It also affects the number of times a player’s play and run through the defense or behind her when the attack is made. Note that this only has effect in the attacking half.


If you choose insurance passes is that you want to keep possession and keep players in their positions in the style of FC Barcelona. Players will manage to conveniently placed in order to create opportunities for the holder of the ball.


If you choose hearted passes is that you’re always looking for that decisive pass that perhaps can lead to losing the ball. Your players will take advantage of any opportunity to run behind the defense.


Centers determine how many members of your team will be ready to receive balls per side. The frequency and the tendency to focus the area.


Choose infrequently throw you will be fine if rarely using the centers. Your players will try to look away from the center and open spaces.


The centers are very important and your team members run to wait your pass band. Ideal when’ll probably go for a vertical game and count on a midfield full of players.

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Review FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 test

Brazil, the country where the World Cup dreams of the Federal Republic will finally come true. Whether it will be 54, 74, 90, 14 hot, we can now decide with FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 on the Playstation 3 itself. The game has recently appeared for the last gene. The official reason for the lack of current gen version was that neither PS4 Xbox One would still currently play a role in Brazil. For our national team has already prepared at least in the game to face the opponents of the upcoming World Cup.

The FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 offers us on the Playstation 3 is an abundance that we would not have expected. The game comes with a total of 203 teams and nearly 7,500 licensed players, therefore, which is quite impressive. Now, of course, is for us the question is that enough? Can many different game modes and tons of content to make a second roll call FIFA in a year make sense? This clarifies our great FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Test.

Huge scope in the game

In addition to the many different game modes, such as the classic World Cup, the self-made World Cup, Online Championships, Friendship games and much more, of course, the popular Skill mode is available. It goes right down to business. The training sequences and skillshots have been designed, in contrast to FIFA 14 completely new. But the raw numbers that we have already mentioned above, already have a huge history. Overall, this is at the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 7469 licensed players, 19 licensed trainers, all 21 states and 203 national teams. Makes you wonder where they all are still in the World Cup. 203 teams, including teams of which you’ve never really heard anything, even not related to the World Cup. Nevertheless, the scope is so enormous that we were visibly impressed by the many possibilities.

Very easy to get started

The gameplay control of FIFA 14 is very complex. Now, however, most buyers of the World Cup Edition certainly no regular FIFA players. A simple two-button control system also enables FIFA newcomers quickly to get into the game and be able to master the game without much frustration. A bit of thinking and a bit of skill are of course still learning, but the entry is made as easy as possible for newcomers.

Of course, it is also possible all the features and options of FIFA 14 back on and be able to play all the moves in detail and with great resistance. FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 brings just for anyone with the right setting.

Good atmosphere in the stadium

The mood of a World Cup is a very special and relatively difficult to catch. The game in Brazil is similar to a bit of a huge carnival event with lots of balloons, glitter and lots of humor. The whole is actually pretty well captured. In any case, we imagine the mood in Brazil as well. The “real” world championship has not started yet and so therefore we have but no real comparison values ​​just as we imagine the mood on the ground really going on. Here, EA Sports has come up with some leave in order to put ourselves in a good World Cup feeling.

Mostly clear graphics and sound problems

The decision not to develop a World Cup game for the last generation, was certainly not wrong to let the current generation but completely left out, was probably not such a good decision. Visually, we very often find strong flickering edges, and some unnecessary or unreasonable shadow. Viewers are indeed themselves already become significantly more beautiful than the last time, but repeat these still and also act partly robotically. Often, unfortunately falls on the repetition of individual viewers – unfortunately too strong. Many cutscenes are a bit pixelated, as recorded with a worse camera.

Acoustically we get though with distinct voices and stadium noises, but they are also a bit tiring very quickly. Even the commentators in the German area tend to be under-class. Not that we get us wrong, the two are known for their skills and do their job really well, but if we want to tell a game with a score of 13:0 that it is nearing the turn, just because the ball once from opponent is placed over the center, far from the gate, then we really ask ourselves whether the gentlemen look the same game.

Playful not really new

The gameplay is simple, the Advanced demanding, advertised by the improvements, the complete revision and the higher claim in the game All thing we notice nothing. Neither the ball physics nor the opposition of the other players on the other side could really convince us. Everything looks as if we have the same game as FIFA 14 available only with different name and a slightly different graphics. The game modes are also called partially different, but are still the same.

Slightly unrealistic changes

In the game we take on FIFA officials and coaches who have seemingly found the miracle of eternal life. We are now not the absolute football expert, but if a Jogi Löw already in the first game of his team looks as if he had partied 3 nights and have retired at a time than they could be young players, then we wonder how something like this can happen.

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The Midfielder Says He Is Feeling Very Strong After Taking A Break

Luka Modric has reassured Croatia fans he is in good shape ahead of his side’s World Cup opener against Brazil.By the way ,if you need any kind of fifa coins , for example , cheap fifa ultimate team coins then you can always come to our online store to get them .And , you can use them at the cheapest price and you can also love the satisfying customer support .Creative midfielder Modric, along with Ivan Rakitic, is just one of head coach Niko Kovac’s most pivotal players and it was granted more hours to rest just before pre-tournament training.However, after a gruelling campaign with Real Madrid, where Modric won the Champions League and the Copa del Rey, he insists he is fully fit entering the World Cup.

“I feel good, I’m healthy and most importantly I have had the best training,” he said.And then the our web site is the best site I ever known to purchase the cheap fifa 14 coins , fifa ultimate team coins and also fifa 14 ultimate team coins to enjoy the football game at most and make sure you have the most amazing time !”I got a few days of rest after winning the Champions League and the chance to mentally switch focus to the team.”I am ready, eager and cannot wait for the first game of the World Cup.”Croatia overlooked the World Cup in South Africa four years ago before bowing out of Euro 2012 at the group stage.

However, with all the likes of Modric, Ivan Rakitic and Mario Mandzukic all in good form, Kovac’s side stand a pretty good possibility of making it to the knockout stages – despite only scraping into the finals at the expense of Iceland in the playoffs.”As individuals, we have made a huge step forward and we will see in this tournament how we have progressed together,” Modric added.”We played very well at the European Championships two years ago but we lacked a little bit of luck.”Then we had a lot of problems in qualifying. But I think that in this World Cup we could go far and our first goal is to get to the second round.”At last , welcome and thank you very much to our website . I hope you can enjoy this short article ,and you are very welcome to our best online store to get the cheap fifa coins xbox and fifa coins ps3, for your football game to enjoy yourself at most . Good luck to you !

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The host Brazil met Mexico on their second match in World Cup, with the latest victory. Unfortunately, they finished the game with the 0-0 draw against Mexico. However, it was a good result in spite of a frustrating performance of the host.

Mexico claimed a deserved point at Estadio Castelao in Fortaleza as Brazil failed to hit their straps and looked a pale imitation of the side that defeated Croatia 3-1 in the opening. While the Mexico goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa was the star of this match with about four good saves to keep the hosts out in a fantastic individual performance.

The Shakhtar Donetsk winger Bernard revealed after the match that he thought the goalless draw which left both sides on four points was a good result for the host’s side. “ What we made clear in the locker room is that the important thing is to win and second is not to lose. We went into the game knowing that a draw would not be a bad result.”

This time, Brazil were not as confident on the ball as they could have been. Honestly, Brazil lacked attacking options. They should organize the form once again to ensure their attacking.

Ochoa, the man of the match, single-handedly earned his side a point with a series of good saves, at least four miracles. He said: “ It was very difficult, and I’m delighted leave the field with the zero on the scoreboard. It was the game of my life.”

However, the Brazil coach Luis Felipe Scolari admitted that his side did not deserve anything more. “ Mexico had great physical strength and ball work, but we had chances in both halves. In the end, 0-0 is not a good result, but it mirrors what the game was. The team has been good, but we are also facing selections of good quality. It is not a good result but you have to respect your opponents who are very good.”

One thing that worth mentioning, Mexico did play well, and Brazil exposed their deficiencies at that game.

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Star Of The Match: Ochoa

Before the match between Mexico and the hosts, most fans may think Mexico may lose. Since they suffered from a disastrous qualifying campaign in the CONCACF zone and Brazil did well in their opening match with the great players Neymar and Oscar. But surprisingly, Mexico drew 0-0 Brazil due to the excellent performance of goalkeeper Memo Ochoa.

The host’s first game began at a high tempo, and they were such confident and missing bulky striker Hulk. Mexico, hoping for a repeat of the Olympic final two years ago, raised their game bolstered by an opening-day win over Cameroon.

The favorite and two-goal hero Neymar leaped over Mexican icon and captain Rafa Marquez and sent his powerful header screaming toward goal, only to be denied by Ochoa. The keeper sprawled acrobatically to deny the effort after 26 minutes.

EL Tri created few clear chances on goal in the opening period, but flying right-back Miguel Layun got forward up the left, pressing Dani Alves back toward his own goal whenever possible. Jose Juan Vazquez had a chance for Mexico from distance near the end, but his right-footed effort curled just wide of Julio Cesar’s goal. Paulinho had one more chance for Brazil as well, but he was denied from close-range again by Ochoa as the high-octane half ended scoreless.

Three minutes after the second-half began, Bernard crossed for Neymar on the counter-attack, only for a timely intervention to stab the ball away for a corner-kick. The Mexicans responded with a pair of long-distance efforts that flew over Julio Cesar’s goal.

Halfway through, Neymar was again denied by the spring-loaded goalkeeper. Neymar brought down a cross from the left and hammered a half-volley at goal, only for Ochoa to fly to his left and push away the effort.

The goalkeeper Ochoa, currently without a club, saved at least four goals from Brazil. It could be a historic performance for the Mexican. He was fully deserved the star of the match.

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FIFA 14 Does not include Any New PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS

FIFA 14 for Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita will not improvements on the platforms mentioned above, only include templates renovated and little else. This is a step back; EA Sports does not reach the realism seeing versions of the title. The copy will cost just under EUR 44.95, a high price on the other hand knowing that there will be developments which are worth.
The same EA it says, do not want to be fooled or users therefore openly says the only change in the edition of FIFA 2014 and preventinamente are many who opt to acquire once you exit the September 27, 2013. GAME and says he wants to shed a few Euros to get some money in two installments that will give much to talk over all reviews.
FIFA 14 arrives on September 26th in stores; others say 27 and will in Europe, 24 in North America. FIFA 14 3DS has 11vs11 and 5vs5 matches in street football with advancing developer.
“FIFA 14 Legacy Edition offers an unprecedented authenticity current football season with updated equipment, but no change in the game or in the modes”.

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These are the Winners of FIFA 14 on Social Media

As many of you know, a few weeks ago we launched a competition via our Twitter and Facebook accounts in which sorteabamos two copies of ‘FIFA 14’ for PS3 and Xbox 360. To participate, just telling what you had to say was the novelty of the new EA title you liked most in the case of Twitter, and tell us what sports game recordabais more nostalgia as gamers, in the case of Facebook.

Well, we have the winners in both social networks, which are:

The winner of the copy we’re giving away on Facebook is the user PabLo L. DjUanp, we left the comment:

” The game I liked was PES 2011 because that’s when I saw the Granada CF for the first time in PES, other than the parties in the community that I missed with my friends until the wee hours of the morning.”

Moreover, the user winner copy for Twitter has been @ HermesAzor, we left the comment:

”What I like about the new Fifa 14 is undoubtedly even greater improvement of graphics and mobility of the players!”

Winners can contact us via the link below.

If not the winner… Here’s another chance!

In the Red Blogocio want to reward your participation two weeks giving you the chance to win a copy over ‘FIFA 14’ for PS3 or 360 to see if this time it is you who accompanies the lot.

To participate you just have to write a comment via social network Blogocio (logged into your account) telling us what was the title of the FIFA franchise for the first time you played and what console, including the hashtag # QuieroFIFA14


# QuieroFIFA14 The first FIFA I played was FIFA Soccer 96, Game Boy, my first laptop

You have until next Wednesday, October 30th to participate through the social network. The winner of this latest copy of ‘FIFA 14’ will be announced through a press release Blogocio Network.


The contest will end on Wednesday, October 30th at 23:59 h.

It will take into account only one comment per user.

Our staff can exclude from competition any participant who has a bad behavior or perform any action that is deemed inappropriate.

At the end of the contest will be a draw through that will result in the winner.

The organization is not responsible for any technical problems outside.

The organization is not responsible for the loss of prizes by courier.

Shipping charges are covered only for the entire Spanish territory except the Canary Islands customs reasons. In case the party or parties who win residing outside Spanish territory (except Canary Islands), shall bear the cost of shipping the prize.

The bases of participation may vary at any time. It is your responsibility to consult from time to time for updates.

Participation in the contest requires the acceptance of all the rules contained in the regulations.

Data protection:

Under the provisions of Law 15/ 1999 on Protection of Personal Data, we inform that: By participating in this contest gives consent to the processing of personal data included, it may be revoked, without retroactive effect, at any time. Your data will be deleted once the contest is over and prizes have been sent.

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Kotler, Tripodi, And Comstock: Three New Hall-Of-Famers On How To Succeed In Marketing

“Memo to the audience: The future of marketing is not an extrapolation of the past.” Actually, memo to anyone and everyone looking for insight on how to succeed in today’s crazy, connected, constantly moving, consumer-driven market. What’s happening now in our business is absolutely not merely a simple iteration of what was happening even five years ago. This was one of the many first-rate pieces of advice passed along to the audience at the recent induction ceremony of the New York Chapter of the American Marketing Association’s Marketing Hall of Fame.

Those of us in the audience had the privilege of hearing from three renowned practitioners responsible for outstanding contributions to the field of marketing: Philip Kotler, the S.C. Johnson & Son professor of international marketing at Kellogg School of Management; Joseph Tripodi, executive vice president, chief marketing and commercial officer, for the Coca-Cola Company; and Beth Comstock, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of GE (full disclosure: Landor has worked with GE on a project-by-project basis over the years). While each came to the podium from different venues, took different pathways to success, and had different perspectives, there was a common theme reinforced by one and then another in their acceptance speeches: Marketing has become an all-encompassing phenomenon. It’s no longer a command and control operation. It is no longer a business of silos and vertical thinking, but rather an open network with all the hubs and nodes and spokes—and the uncertainties—that this implies.

It was perhaps Tripodi, the source of the opening quote above, who helped me envision just what a networked marketing business model really looks like: “Liquid and linked” is how Coca-Cola looks at marketing today. A liquid market is continuously moving, it’s fluid and dynamic. This means that marketers have to be nimble, flexible, and ready to react quickly. They have to be able to course-correct at a moment’s notice. “Linked” means that not only must resources be integrated to give consumers the most consistent brand experience possible, it should be an experience that is relevant to the interests of business and consumers alike.

While Tripodi gave me a visual cue as to where marketing is going, each inductee, from his or her own angle, added support and color to this notion. Kotler, the first inductee to take the stage, brought the audience through a much-abbreviated overview of his esteemed career, while also setting the stage (pun intended) for just how much has changed in the field. Moving quickly from the 1950s age of “rational marketing” through the ages of emotional and aspirational marketing, Kotler emphasized that in today’s connected, integrated, globalized world “marketing doesn’t just go on in the commercial marketplace, it goes on everywhere. It’s a mind state. Things are rapidly changing,” he said. “You used to be able to test and refine, test and refine. There is no time for this anymore.”

Comstock, in her remarks, built on the notion that marketing is no longer a linear path, but a fast, interconnected and kinetic environment. “When you’re in an environment such as this,” she said, “it’s not always crystal clear what you should do. As marketers, you need to be OK with the blurry edge, to jump in and take a chance. People who crave certainty won’t succeed.” She went on to emphasize the fact that not moving quickly, not being able to jump in and improvise, means that you not only have a huge chance of missing out, but a huge chance that your brand will be eclipsed by companies that have the ability to react in real time and are not afraid to take risks.

It was Tripodi’s real time examples of Coca-Cola’s liquid and linked philosophy that fully illuminated what this new marketing world order—or disorder, as it were—means. For instance, to kick off one of the world’s greatest sporting events, the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Coca-Coca invited fans from across the globe to be a part of the largest flag photomosaic ever created. The invitation asked people to submit selfies, which will be incorporated into a massive flag to be unveiled at the opening match of the games on June 12. “Over 230,000 people have sent us pictures of themselves,” Tripodi told the audience. “230,000 people who can all feel part of the experience without even being at the games. The 2014 World Cup isn’t about one country. Our inspiration was that it’s actually the World’s Cup. One world. One flag.”

Tripodi went on to explain that in a liquid and linked marketplace, the goal for companies is to create experiences that are sharable, that provoke conversations and engagement. “We need to rethink the corporate structure,” he said. “We need to reimagine ourselves as a social business system, a great network through which ideas can travel quickly. Forget silos. Powerful ideas that spread around the world, that are adaptive and agile and inclusive, build brands and build business.”

In a liquid and linked marketplace you can’t react, but must be ready to go. You have to have the skill set—and the mindset—to launch a program in real time and be willing and able to fix it on the fly.

From my perspective, and in summing up the thoughts and experiences of these new Hall of Famers, I offer up three tips as a sort of GPS for this liquid and linked world:

Yes, you still need to know where you want to go. There is and always will be a business objective. Just know that you may not, and maybe shouldn’t think about getting there in a straight line. You have to have a company culture that is primed to get ahead of the market, not react to it.

You need to be able to act in real time. By the time you study the market, it will have changed. Think of marketing today as a live TV show, not taped. Expect the unpredictable and be ready to adapt.

You need to remember it’s not about you. It’s about the networks—your internal network, your external partner network, and your customer network—and how they work together.

While you may not necessarily end up in the Hall of Fame, understanding the market and being able to feel comfortable with where it’s going, why and how, is critical to success. Or, as Professor Kotler said in his closing remarks, “This time like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it.”