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fifa 15 defending

FIFA 15 is here and there is tons for fans like you and me to talk about. Over the next few weeks on the Backpage we will look at great Career Mode players to sign, top teams to use in Seasons, effective formations, bargain FUT squads, set-piece tactics and loads more, so make sure you pop back every week.

fifa 15 defending

To kick off the new FIFA season I thought it would be handy to quickly cover what I think are some of the most useful pointers for effective defending in the new game, followed by some attacking tips next time to help you score more often. I say ‘quickly’ as I know you’ll want to get back to actually playing as soon as possible, but also because it hopefully won’t take too long for the tips below to make a difference if you’re struggling to keep the ball out of the net.

With that in mind, let’s start with what I think is probably the most important thing to think about when defending in FIFA 15.


Keeping your shape, taking up good positions and not diving into tackles was important when defending in FIFA 14, but in FIFA 15 it’s absolutely essential if you’re going to keep the goals out. Thanks to a number of attacking improvements, which we’ll take a closer look at when we focus on attacking next time, opposition players are more mobile with the ball at their feet so it’s easier for them to jink past defenders that rush in too quickly or go flying into tackles.

For that reason it’s vital that you resist the temptation to press too often and too aggressively with any of your defensive players, especially your back line. That can be easier said than done – I still hunt the ball at the wrong times every so often – but if you can break the habit and concentrate on your positioning then you should find you concede fewer goals overall.

In terms of positioning, the most important players to keep your eyes on are your centre-backs. Try to completely avoid stepping one or both of them out of your back line to actively go and attack the ball, because if they’re rushing towards it then the forward needs only to change direction to use your CB’s momentum against him, taking him out of the move for long enough to leave a big gap where he just came from. Instead, make the forward work to beat any of your players by taking up a strong defensive position between the ball and your goal, facing the play. The key thing here is holding that position rather than moving towards the ball, so that you’re able to react quickly to any changes of direction because you haven’t got your own momentum to correct first. If you do need to apply pressure on the ball then use the team-mate contain function so you can concentrate on keeping your CBs in the best positions while an AI-controlled player presses the play.


When tackling, avoid chasing the player and swiping at the ball with constant standing tackles, and save sliding tackles for times when you have no other options. Try to use your positioning and body strength to win the ball without making a tackle if you can – either by holding your position then moving into the path of the ball so the player in possession runs into you or, if you’re side-by-side, by using the left stick to move between the ball and the forward. A short press of the push/pull button can really help to get you into a better position here, too. Just don’t do it too often in quick succession or you’ll concede a foul.

Use a standing tackle when you’re very close and you’re as sure as you can be that you will make contact with the ball. If you miss it and you’re too far behind the play to recover, switch to a defender closer to your goal and try to fill the gap without creating a new one until your team-mate is back in position. Just remember not to rush out with your CBs. I only use sliding tackles to block shots that I would otherwise not be able to get to or as a last resort.


Something else I still catch myself doing here and there is sprinting with a player that’s just too far away from the action to make a difference, and in FIFA 15 that is bad news. Players seem to tire faster than in previous versions if you run them everywhere at full speed and the effects of fatigue can cost you in the latter stages of games, either because they won’t have the stamina to keep up with the opposition or they will pull up with injuries.

Save sprinting for when you really need it, maybe to accelerate and intercept the ball or to keep pace with a striker. Constantly holding the button down when you’re defending will not only sap your stamina but could also cause you to rush into tackles, which as we’ve already talked about is something that must be avoided.

Playing It Safe

One of the best defensive tips from FIFA 14 is still just as relevant in the new game – take no risks at the back.

Playing out from defence can feel very satisfying, and moving the ball around your back four, bringing a high ball down with a centre-back, playing a short pass with your keeper or heading a cross to a team-mate is fine as long as there are no opposition players nearby. But if you do concede possession in your own third of the pitch then it can only take a second or two for the other team to punish you with a goal, so play it safe when under pressure at the back.

Always use the shoot button for defensive headers in your own box when there are opposition players around, and press the same button to clear a dropping ball first time if you’re running towards your own goal with a striker for company. Don’t be too proud to play a pass back to your goalkeeper rather than risk a flash turn with a defender, and never try to dribble out from the back with your CBs. Keep the passing simple and play the way you’re facing so you can keep the ball moving quickly, and avoid trying to pass across your own penalty area. I’m not suggesting a long ball game here – by all means play the ball out from the back when it’s safe to do so – but unless you’re certain that what you want to do is going to work, it’s safer to choose another option or get the ball away from your goal and regroup.

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FIFA 15 is still a solid package

While not as an impressive leap forward as FIFA 14 on next-generation consoles, FIFA 15 is still a solid package. The gameplay might have taken a sideways or even slightly backwards step, but at the moment, this is the closest to the beautiful game we have in terms of presentation and delivery. For now.

In terms of the menus, most of it feels exactly the same as previous titles apart from the Team Management. Making substitutions and switching tactics has been given a slight makeover. It takes a tiny getting bit of used to but ultimately seems like another step in the right direction. The usual game-modes are available as well, from the popular Ultimate Team to the standard cups and career mode.


Another addition to the game is the Match Day Live content. This is real and up to date information on teams in your chosen league. It also gives you the opportunity to play your team against their next opponents. It will give you team stats, top goal scorers for both teams, and the league table standings. One other improvement is the Pro Clubs option for Online. In this you can create your own team, invite 11 of your friends and with your new found team play online against other players who have done the same. I don’t feel that this will be a huge option for South Africans, maybe in Europe.

Getting FIFA 15 to run at 60fps without stuttering, on a PC that exceeds the necessary specs by some distance, is no simple feat. It may even be impossible. Thousands of PC players have been affected by bizarre micro-stutter, and you’ll find hints and guides across the internet with suggestions on how to address this. At the time of writing, anything approaching smooth play is only possible for me with the application of GPU tweaks and third-party software. For some people even these external solutions don’t work. This is not even close to acceptable, especially for a title with relatively low system demands.

That, perhaps, is FIFA’s defining contradiction. EA can quite fairly claim to have again delivered the best football game ever made. But every year the developers seem to have less of an idea what that means.

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60 Strength or 60 Agility is needed

Today we bring the Armadyl solo guide for you. Kree’arra, one of Armadyl’s strongest warriors, at a combat level of 580, he is the almost the strongest monsters Gielinor has to offer. So we have some tips and tricks for you guys who are willing to challenge him alone.

60 Strength or 60 Agility is needed to get past the large boulder blocking the entrance to the God Wars Dungeon. 70 range’s required to access the Camp of Armadyl’s faction in the God Wars Dungeon.

As for gears, ranged is by far the most preferred attack style. Anything above full Armadyl should suffice with 80+defence and ranged. Use a Full Slayer Helmet if you have an Aviansies task. Use a TokHaar-Kal-Xil if you use a Crystal Bow or a Zaryte Bow. Using a Pernix/Torva/Virtus item, or a Zaryte bow gives you protection against all factions of God Wars Dungeon.

If you have 90+range, 90+defence, and 70+gear, prioritize prayer over food. The minions will drop Manta Rays and Mushroom Potatoes periodically. And always keep one space open in your inventory.

Here are some helpful abilities. Death’s Swiftness increases your Kill Speed, especially if Kree’arra wanders close to you. Guthix’s Balance heals you 40% of your total health. Frequent use of this ability can prolong trips drastically. Debiilitate does help when Kree’arra doesn’t deal particularly high damage any point of the fight, especially for beginners and lower levelled players.sacrifice, this basic ability can potentially heal you over 2,000 life points, if you have Death’s Swiftness activated, and use it on a minion who is close to dying. Devotion/Surge/Anticipate/Freedom can help to stall your adrenaline between kills, leading to faster kills in general as you won’t have to build up your adrenaline as much.

Well, all above are the brief guide for Armadyl solo. Every time before you start a adventure, read some tips and gear yourself the proper armors, then you can win your trip.

More Runescape Gold here.

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FIFA 15 restricts his selection in the career mode

Luis Suarez who had been banned from international and club football for his biting people in this year’s World Cup, has been lift in FUT 15. EA has tweeted that Suarez now can be selected in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team with a 89 high rating.

Suarez’s real life ban officially end at club level last weekend. The former Liverpool striker transferred to Spanish club Barcelona in the summer transfer window, but the 27-year-old Uruguayan has only been playing football in friendlies since the ban was imposed.

Even FIFA 15 restricts his selection in the career mode. Although the career mode did state he will not be available for selection until October 26 2014, the 2013/2014 PFA Player of the Year is rumored to be making his debut in La Liga last Saturday for Barcelona’s first EI Clasico match of the season against their rivals Real Madrid.

Steadily, Suarez does day that he’s progressing too, albeit slow progress down the decades if his description is accurate. Fortunately for him, no head-butts have clouded Suarez’s professional career, and Luis Enrique will be at the top of the list comprising those who want to see the forward leave controversy in his past.

Luis Suarez is rated 89 striker card on Ultimate Team, one of the best ratings in FIFA 15. No doubt, his ban being lifted will make him a priority for enthusiastic FIFA fans to obtain. The fire which makes him so devastating on the pitch also brings with it a temper that makes him too hot for any to handle at times.

Fut Coins Despite his biting people, Suarez is really an excellent football player on the pitch, which you can see from his high rating in FIFA 15. So far, there are many top stars in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team for you to challenge every week. This week, there may be Suarez.

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team collects the best players

It has been a month after FIFA 15’s release. As the most popular mode in the game, FIFA 15 PS4 Coins is in its full swing. As usual, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team collects the best players for you every week. This week, there are several Premier League stars available to challenge.

Despite not being the highest rated player in this team, the standout this week is Manchester City star Sergio Aguero. He is fully deserving of his place after banging in four goals in City’s 4-1 win over Spurs at the weekend. He has been given an 87 rated inform card, which is a small boost over his normal 86 card.

Galatasaray’s Wesley Sneijder scored twice on Saturday evening, including an incredible screamer, to help lift his side to a 2-1 win over rivals Fenerbahce. The win keeps the club within a point of leaders Besiktas.

Bayern Munich crushed Werder Bremen 6-0 on Saturday to maintain their lead atop the Bundesliga table. Although known more for his defensive prowess, Philipp Lahm scored twice and increased his career league goal tally with the club to 10.

Starting XI

GK: Alfredo Talavera-Toluca(Mexico)

CB(LB): Leighton Baines-Everton(England)

CB: Diego Godin-Atletico de Madrid(Spain)

CB(LB): Maxwell-Paris Saint-Germain(France)

LM(LW): Dusan Tadic-Southampton(England)

CM(CAM): Yoann Gourcuff-Olympique Lyonnais(France)

CM: Philipp Lahm-Bayern Munchen(Germany)

RM(CAM): Luiz Adriano-Shakhtar Donetsk(Ukraine)

LW: Wesley Sneijder-Galatasaray SK(Turkey)

RW(RM): Jose Callejon-Napoli(Italy)

ST: Sergio Aguero-Manchester City(England)

Substitutes & Reserves

GK: Abdoulaye Diallo-Le Havre AC(France)

RB: Johan Larsson-IF Elfsborg(Sweden)

RB: Benjamin Kessel-Eintracht Braunschweig(Germany)

CM: Victor Vazquez-Club Brugge(Belgium)

ST: Franck Etoundi-FC Zurich(Switzerland)

ST: Garry Thompson-Notts County(England)

ST: Pawel Brozek-Wisla Krakow(Poland)

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playing with your friends or in competitive matches online

Passing is undoubtedly the most important skill to master if you wish to win more often in FIFA. Furthermore, passing well enough to maintain possession both for a large amount of time and with an attacking purpose is a level of prowess you must reach in order to be a more competitive player — whether when playing with your friends or in competitive matches online.

It is crucial to remember that it is more than acceptable to pass backwards and delete the forward progress you have made so far. Unless you encounter a situation in which the pass, if completed, would result in a highly advantageous attacking position, then you should first look to maintain possession by passing to an open man rather than formulating an attack. Possession is the strongest form of defense you can establish in FIFA. Not only can your opponent not score while you have possession of the ball, but the dynamic of forcing your opponent to constantly track you down while you simply try out different attacks can be very frustrating for him in a game where mentality can be key. Of course, if you’re playing with friends you may be called out for simply passing around your back line, but if you actually attempt to make forward progress while being a conservative passer, it will cause your opponent to believe that you are more skillful than you actually are.

Typically, a good strategy is to alternate between attacking down the middle and trying to create a crossing opportunity from the flanks. You can prioritize which one you try more often.

Attack down the middle by maintaining possession with simple passes — your team will naturally move forward and create more passing lanes and opportunities further down the field. You will be surprised how quickly you can find yourself with several passing options in the final third by only passing around conservatively and making forward progress only when it is clearly an option. Once you control possession in this area of the field, you have many different options. From here, you can certainly afford more mistakes so it wouldn’t be bad to let this be the area in which you try some of those risky passes. Look for sneaky runs in or a player who is hanging out alone just along the defensive line.

Many times, these options will simply not be there because a player has positioned well. From here, you can resort to a shot or dribbling through the lanes left open.

Attack down the flanks by starting central and looking for open lanes to slot the ball through in anticipation of a pacy run by your wing players. If you are in a strong central position, you could easily look to either side of the pitch and create a good opportunity to pass your wing player well on his way to a good crossing region. Alternatively, you could pass to your winger early and attempt to dribble past, at most, two players, and find yourself in this same region. For more information on dribbling past these players and utilizing your winger’s pace, read the upcoming sections on dribbling and skill moves.

A final note to remember – change up your passing methods! When told to possess the ball, many players automatically assume that this can only mean short ground passes mostly around the halfway mark. Only relying on these passes can make your passing game far more predictable. Against good opponents this can make maintaining possession for any significant amount of time nearly impossible. Another factor that contributes to that is that you are simply cutting out really valuable passing options. There may be a center midfielder all alone in the center of the pitch whom you can’t reach because the only open lane would require quite a long pass that is likely to be intercepted while you could simply play a lofted ball right over an opposing player and quickly transition into getting the ball into the final third. Also consider through balls to usher players into more wide open space, they aren’t only for creating breakaways!

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FIFA 15 Coins Ultimate Team

FIFA 15 Coins Ultimate Team, still as the most popular game mode, for this, we have covered so many guides. While trading is one of the most important features in the game, which also allow you to gather some additional coins and consequently build up a better squad. Here are some FUT 15 basic trading tips.

Buying within the one hour window. You’ll come across different players on the transfer market, but only for an hour. During this one hour, you’ll be able to get pretty decent players for a very low price-point. You should start the Transfer Market and begin searching to the last 10 minutes, put them up on sale again on “Buy Now”.

Single-player offline matches. Most players tend to neglect the offline tournament, but these tournaments not only allow you to test out the chemistry among your team and check out your decided formations, but you’ll also receive tons of coins.

Selling managers. Most players tend to wrongly estimate the worth of managers. Check out the Transfer Market and note down the worth of different managers. Once you have done that, select the buy now price underneath the average price and head over to the transfer market pages.

St. Patrick’s day. Those of you who are unaware, on this day a tournament occurs which requires teams to have only Irish players. Due to this fact, prices of some of the Irish player skyrocket and smart players benefit from this to earn some hefty profits. The day is on March 17, so make sure to mark this on you calendars and begin stocking up on Irish players from at least 3-4 weeks before the tournament and you’ll make heaps of profits during this time.

However, if you have already played the FIFA Ultimate Team, you may know all of those tips. But for these who have not played so far, hope these tips useful to your tournament in FUT 15.

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the name FIFA 15 The Ultimate Team Mobile


EA has finally launched the FIFA 15 mobile app under the name FIFA 15 The Ultimate Team Mobile. The app is available for Android, iOS as well as for windows

platform. FIFA 15 app includes 83 licensed teams, 33 leagues, 34 real stadiums and more than 10,000 licensed players.

EA considers the FIFA 15 app as the key role for mobile experience as this time FIFA 15 app comes with the new bringing’s and exciting ways to build,

manage, and compete with your squads. It includes various features such as of Quick Simulations to play more games, accumulate rewards and progress through

seasons in a faster rate.

Features in FIFA 15 App are:

Quick Simulation:

This feature will help you to play more games and move faster in the game as by doing the quick simulation you will be able to see the aerial view of the

pitch and can see player trends and adjust on the fly. This feature will give you a managerial experience by controlling the mentality, effort, and approach

of your entire team.

Classical or Casual Control:

This new feature will allow you to through the ball to your teammate or through on the goal with just a tab. You can also use the tactical dribbling so as to

play gave in more advanced manner just tab twice on the screen to activate the tactical dribbling.

Swipe Shoot & Advanced AI:

FIFA 15 app provide a mew feature of swipe shoot in which you just need to swipe the screen to determine the trajectory and velocity of your shot. Advanced

AI will make you feel the smarter running during attacking mode and better positional awareness in defense.

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more frustrating on buy FIFA coins

We all know how frustrating FIFA can be sometimes. It’s a game that often doesn’t make sense to the best of us, but we love it in spite of its imperfections and the heartbreaking defeats.

There’s nothing more frustrating on FIFA Coins than losing to a last minute goal, especially when you have pummelled the opposition mercilessly for 90 minutes. That ridiculous goalkeeping performance in the opposition nets – followed by the most naff of headers going into your own goal in injury time – well, it just adds to your anger and misery.

It’s not a rare feeling to think that the whole world is against you if you don’t come out on top. We all feel the same pain.

But there are ways around it. You don’t have to pour all of your heart and energy into that first online match of the day. It’s exciting, sure, but sometimes all FIFA requires is a little bit of knowledge of what to do and the will to execute it.

Skills and tricks are lovely, but believe it or not, there’s more to FIFA 15 coins than dancing your way around unwitting defenders. A set of ideals need to be in place for you to sustain success, because even the most fancy of tricks can be found out by good players eventually. So what do you actually need to do to reach the top of your game?

Nail down these nine things to achieve FIFA 15 coins God status.

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feature at all future FIFA tournaments

FIFA President Blatter visited the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway to promote and share the successful implementation of the Handshake for Peace during the 2014 FIFA World Cup?.

The visit began with a tour of the Nobel Peace Center, including a short presentation and viewing of the exhibition space.

Following the tour, FIFA President Blatter joined the Director of the Nobel Peace Center Bente Erichsen and the Norwegian Football Association (Norges Fotballforbund, NFF) President Yngve Hallen for a press conference, where they shared thoughts about the continued success of the Handshake for Peace.

“The Handshake for Peace is more than just to speak about peace,” FIFA President Blatter said. “It is to bring people together, to connect people. In our statutes, we are not working directly for peace, but we have to work for a better future and a better future for our youths.

“Our cooperation that we have with you and your organisation here, Handshake for Peace, it is a confirmation of what we are doing together.”

NFF President Ynge Hallen said: “Handshake for Peace started in Norway and it has spread all around the world, and it has been a fantastic journey together with FIFA and the Nobel Peace Center.”

The press conference was followed by a visit to the headquarters of the Norges Fotballforbund, including a tour and a meeting with NFF executive committee members and various guests.

FIFA President Blatter concluded his visit by attending Norway’s UEFA EURO 2016 qualifier against Bulgaria at the Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo.

The Handshake for Peace supports the third pillar of FIFA’s mission – to build a better future through football, and will feature at all future FIFA tournaments.

The joint initiative came to life after a promise made between the two organisations at the 2012 FIFA Congress in Budapest.