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Fifa 15 ultimate team coins summit analyses latest trends

The Fifa 15 ultimate team coins role and training of the modern goalkeeper in light of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ and its impact on FIFA’s goalkeeping coaching methodology was at the core of the three-day seminar that concluded today at the Home of FIFA in Zurich. The event was opened by FIFA President Blatter who hailed the outstanding goalkeeper performances at Brazil’s showpiece.

During the seminar 18 goalkeeper instructors from all six confederations joined theoretical and practical sessions in areas such as coaching methodology, fitness training and mental aspects of goalkeeping.

“The World Cup in Brazil showed a new style of goalkeeping embodied by Manuel Neuer,” said FIFA goalkeeping expert Alex Vencel, a former Czechoslovakia and Slovakia international. “We also saw some others such as Keylor Navas, David Ospina, Sergio Romero and Guillermo Ochoa who are great representatives of a new generation, who grew up having a full understanding of the goalkeeper as an outfield player. In terms of goalkeeping coaching there is a need to permanently update our methodology to ensure a global improvement in quality.”

Esteban Pogany, a former Independiente, San Lorenzo and Boca Juniors player and current goalkeeping coach of Argentina’s youth national teams, remarked: “In Brazil we have a new generation of goalkeepers with an attacking attitude.