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FIFA’s troubles, and blatter still hope for a second term. FIFA officials held secret talks with President sepp blatter, the two sides discussed sepp blatter in FIFA’s future.

The 78 – year – old FIFA President sepp blatter still hope to participate in the next election, and the fifth consecutive term success. Candidates must be before the next year on January 29th, several FIFA officials express concern for future leadership.

Blatter claimed that he is still in Manila this month from all continents FIFA’s trust, but the BBC news indicates that blatter has faced reputation crisis, Jacques Garcia survey for FIFA corruption rumor to upgrade.

From FIFA, blatter’s opponents have begun to consider nominate suitable candidates. Uefa against blatter re-elected the toughest. Including the fa dyke, uefa officials for blatter.

Platini says it will not stand for the FIFA President, however, uefa has so far has not yet been launched a candidate. The FIFA executive Jordan prince ali is the uefa support object, the Asian football confederation has to support sepp blatter.

Blatter has told the BBC in an interview, re-election chances but also depends on the health and luck, but he seems unwilling to give up power.