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find the cheap but overpowered players in FIFA 15  Today we are going to talk about the players you are unwilling to face in your FIFA 15 games. Once play against them, it seems they dominate the pitch, but you never can turn the table. Commonly they are strong, pacy, with high stats. It is upset to see them in your opposite side. What can they do? They are beast. They are overpowered. They are in your FIFA 15.

Fredy Guarin, Inter centre midfielder, has become a must-have bargain buy in Ultimate Team due to his sheer all-round ability. 80 plus scores in key areas such as short passing, stamina, strength, ball control and dribbling is reinforced by 70 plus scores in just about everything else. He was one of the best midfield generals on the game, surging from box to box, contributing heavily to both attack and defence.

Christian Benteke. Boasting stats such as 92 strength, 84 heading ability, and 82 finishing, the Aston Villa man is the closest thing to a human wrecking ball in FIFA 15. Combined with a top class winger, Benteke is one of the most potent aerial threats in the game, exploiting the ease of crossed goals. If getting the ball to the byline and crossing it is your style, then Benteke is your man.

Victor Ibarbo. He was once the most feared striker in the series, but EA ‘s decision to lower certain stats has resulted in the striker dropping out of favor. While his finishing might have been reduced to a mere 66, the striker’s physical attributes remain top notch with 95 sprint speed and 87 acceleration. He is still one of the most devastating strikers.

Emmanuel Emenike. He has come to represent the powerful, pacey striker courtesy of his awe-inspiring physical statistics as well as excellent finishing ability. Indeed, Emenike alone is enough for players to consider picking Nigeria, taking advantage of the likes of speedy winger Ahmed Musa to provide ammunition for the striker.

Ahmed Musa. One of the rising stars of Nigerian football. He uses his pace to devastate opposing fullbacks and it is no different in FIFA 15, where his 95 acceleration, 92 sprint speed and 90 agility belies his lowly 75 overall rating. He is capable of so much more.

Ready to fight against these beasts or pick them by your side? It is much safe to choose them on your side. We are trying to find the cheap but overpowered players in FIFA 15. Do you get someone else on the list?