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You Can Build Ships In World of Warcraft’s Next Patch

In Warlords of Draenor is first content patch, we only got a few Garrison tweaks and a selfie camera. But the second one is going to be huge WOW Gold: There is a new raid, a new outdoor zone, dungeons are getting a harder difficulty setting, and there is a new Garrison feature the Shipyard! Tanaan Jungle, the currently unfinished level 100 zone of Draenor will finally be accessible, but since it is blocked by mountains and water, the only way to get there is by building ships. Here is what the patch notes reveal:

It is time to take the fight back to The Iron Horde in Tanaan Jungle!
Access to the zone is unlocked by constructing a Shipyard. To begin your journey, report to your Garrison and accept the War Council Quest.
New daily quests are available in Tanaan to acquire shipyard resources and more.
Open world questing with rare creatures and hidden treasures are scattered throughout the zone.
Build ships in your Shipyard and dispatch them on new Naval Missions.
Naval Missions are still early in development. More information will be added as it becomes available.

According to MMO Champion there WILL be different type of ships available, and although there are no pictures of them yet, the blueprint item names Destroyer, Dreadnaught or Submarine, suggesting that those badass beasts from WarCraft II are back. This is how Tanaan Jungle, the new outdoor zone, looks from above with the new raid Hellfire Citadel in the center. It WILL be a relatively big area with 13 bosses including some familiar faces from World of Warcraft is lore,Where To Buy Cheapest WOW Gold:

wowgoldbest – Assault the Hellfire Citadel, mighty fortress of the Iron Horde, torn asunder by fel energies unleashed by Guldan, and stop the impending invasion of Azeroth!
Hellfire Citadel stands at the heart of Tanaan Jungle, where 13 deadly bosses await you, including Kilrogg Deadeye, the monstrous Gorefiend, a reanimated Mannoroth, and Archimonde himself.
There is more: 5-man dungeons are getting the Mythic difficulty, something that was exclusive to raids till now. Dungeons were a bit irrelevant during Warlords of Draenor is first six months, because of the lack of rewards, but this might fix things pretty quickly.
Draenor Dungeons now have a new difficulty level designed to challenge even the most hardened adventurers with a befitting increase in reward. Mythic difficulty is geared towards players that enjoy tackling difficult content in smaller groups and is designed to provide an alternate progression path.
Mythic Dungeons are on a weekly lockout, and drop gear that is item level 680 with a chance for boss at the end to drop loot that is item level 700.

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Broken Minds-Runescape New Game Content Suggestion

Here we get a suggestion from one of our Runescape players who give a nice idea for new game content, Broken Minds.Take a look at this.

Broken Minds is a miniquest that follows up on the story and the environment of Broken Home. It requires the completion of Broken Home and sees  you back to the hidden Asylum deep below the Gulvas Mansion at the prompting of Senecianus.

Once you answer his call, you will be sent on a wild mission into the depths of the Senntisten Asylum, discover the research of the long-dead Mahjarrat, Nabor and attempt to uncover the truth of what happened to Senecianus as you do so.

Nothing is as safe as it seems. As you begin to poke around the remains of the Asylum, you inadvertently awaken the souls of the long-dead inhabitants. Finding yourself trapped in this newly active Asylum, can you defend against the spirits of the Asylum surgeon and escape their fiendish puzzle, or will you succumb to their Broken Minds?

Its content would largely involve some atmospheric adventuring, with a ghoulish theme, and then a tricky puzzle to solve. It would also expand on Zarosian and Sentisten lore, and expand on the Asylum itself.

Also it would take the chance to allow the developers of Broken Home to add the small additional books and dialogue they wished to with the original scope of the quest.

You are able to get these rewards once you complete it, New hidden shortcuts for Broken Home replays, A small increased proc chance for your Asylum Doctor and Surgeon rings, a large Prismatic Lamp, several books of lore including one about Nabor the Mahjarrat and Tiny Nabor pet.

How about this Broken Minds idea? Is it attracting to you? Feel free to post your ideas below. We wanna hear from you.

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Runescape Improved Bugs And Tweaks

Once again, time for us to reveal the improvements of Runescape. Many of the fixes and tweaks have been implemented. You may not feel it through your gameplay sometimes. But the following features are updated right now. See what’s new this week.

A list has been added to the aquarium bathysphere to allow players to track their fish eggs and prawnball count. Players who have reset their aquarium with a plug can now visit the prawnbroker to activate an animation override for bare-handed fishing. Resetting once will unlock silver-colored fish and resetting twice will give gold-colored fish when catching them bare-handed. This affects tuna, swordfish, shark and great white shark.

Bare-handed catching the above fish will now use an updated model, with the default colours when they are caught. Certain prawn ball items have been made tradeable on the Grand Exchanges, and can now be sold to shops.

Ironman players can now use regular and golden prawn crackers on the prawnbroker in their Player-Owned House to open the crackers and earn the reward inside. Signs of the porter will now correctly transport raw great white sharks to the bank while fishing.

The Mage of Zamorak in the Wilderness will no longer allow players to be teleported while carrying warband supplies. Players can no longer activate the wicked hood inside Barbarian Assault games. Skill lamp cash-out values have been made consistent with prismatic lamp values on Treasure Hunter.

Others, using an Orb of Oculus before entering a dungeon no longer breaks the camera during Dungeoneering. An issue that was preventing players from being able to use the Wilderness lodestone via the World Map has been fixed. Players can now teleport to the Prifddinas lodestone via both the Runescape Surface and Prifddinas world maps.

More updates will coming to Runescape. Keep your eyes on the latest news of it. Enjoy your trip here in

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Runescape EOC/Legacy Mash Up

This week in Runescape, you have more choice of playing with EOC system and complex, customisabel interfaces or in Legacy Mode with EOC/Legacy Mash up. From the RS beta, a serie of interface and gameplay options fresh out.

To accompany the release of the two drakes, they’ve revamped the way that legendary pets work. They now can have up to three abilities active at one time. These are equipped in slots, which are unlocked as your pet reaches new growth stagess.

You have six new improvement for your legenary pets. Your pet will automatically finish off slayer monsters that usually require an item, saving you an inventory slot. Once per hour, you can use a repairable degrading item on your pet to repair it immediately. This works and costs the same as using the POH armor stand.

Use a beast of burden familiar pouch on your pet to grant it the according level of BoB capacity. You must have the necessary Summoning level to use the pouch, and you can use more pouches to stack or renew the duration up to 2 hours.

Once per 10 minutes, use an item on your pet to convert it to coins, as per the High Alchemy spell. This requires no runes, and gives no Magic XP. Every hour, your pet will answer the call of nature. The results-Only viewable to you can be picked up for six buckets of super compost.

Your pet will save you from death, as per a ring of life. Note that this does not work in PvP areas and has a two-hour cooldown.

Forage has an improved drop table, and foraged coins are now added straight to your money pouch. Scavening now begins as soon as the ability activates, has an improved interface, and your pet will more reliably delier items it picks up.

Look forward to more updates this week in Runescape, like treasure Hunter. Have a nice trip in Runescape.

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RS New Game Content Suggestions For Enchanting

So here is the Runescape new game content suggestion, one of the rs players give out his brilliant idea for enchanting. It should be interesting once this idea become one the the features in RS. So let’s look at what he suggested.

The ice arrows are pretty much useless. They are untradeable, and only obtainable by chance. Not to mention how they are identical combat-wise to adamant arrows, which are easier to obtain. To add insult to injury, they have a completely inaccurate examine text. In a nutshell, they need a buff to stand out more.

To enchant arrows, you must have any arrow ranging in strength from rune to araxyte, and access to the “ritual site” to enchant these arrows. Each arrow will have a certain enchantment bonus to it.

Obviously, to enchant the arrows with a certain element, you should obviously have one or more of the arrow types, and you must cast a spell at a “ritual site” to enchant them. Just like charging a glass orb.

These spells will be unlocked after completion of the temple of ikov, and will be available in all spellbooks. However, they will require a runecrafting level to cast, rather than a magic level.

Magic bows will increase the elemental damage from enchanted arrows by 50%. Enchanted arrows will be untradeable, and their base damage will be the same as the bow you’re using.Alongside the need to add some interesting mechanics to arrows, he suggest this update to encourage expanding elemental weaknesses beyong spells alone, and making the game more interesting and diverse than simply “rock-paper-scissors” combat, but have to plan, and think what you’re up against.

Well, what do you think with this idea? Is it viable? Feel free to post your comments below.

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It Lives: Urgot Mid together with xPeke and Innox

Terror rises upward through the mid and robot lanes as Urgot shambles back into the professional scene. The undead Noxian headsman provides forced his way back in to relevance, raining acid and missiles down upon the level of resistance.where to buy wow gold cheap and fast
But the timing of it can be suspicious his re-appearance in specialist play coincided with the release of Cinderhulk with an increase in thick-skinned tank champions who normally prefer going up in opposition to a champion like Urgot. His or her relatively short auto-attack range and also lack of mobility options typically leaves him vulnerable to hard initiators like Sejuani. So what’s permitted his unexpected return?
“With how a meta shifted back to the whole ‘let’s proceed tanky and run at them,A alongside the ‘we need back collection carries that shred,I Urgot fell right into place,Inches said mid laner Tyson “Innox” Kapler of N . America’s newly qualified Foe Esports. Innox formerly made his brand on the Evil Geniuses collection in 2014, and paved his way back to North America’s premier circuit in thanks to his Urgot play in opposition to Final Five in the Competition Series.

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How RS Item Leveling Should Work

Not long ago, we said Runescape item leveling will be implemented. However, item leveling is not something new. It is about time to implement in Runescape. Again, they wanna have your ideas and feedback, on how to implement, what do you want?

Item leveling could bridge the gap between higher and lower tiered iteams. Depending on how desperate someone is to bridge this gap between a lower and higher tier will determine how much GP they’re willing to spend.

Here is something from other MMO games, a general idea of how item leveling should work.

Upgrade—–state change—–% Difference


Chance of Successful Enhancement

+0 > +1 – 100%
+1 > +2 – 100%
+2 > +3 – 95%
+3 > +4 – 57%
+4 > +5 – 30%
+5 > +6 – 16.50%
+6 > +7 – 12.18%
+7 > +8 – 7.50%
+8 > +9 – 3.46%

+9 > +10 – 1.33%
+10 > +11 – 0.99%

Each level obviously increases the stats, the higher you enhance, the more difficult it becomes. We hope the implement will be the chance side of it, being that you can potentially break your item and have to repair it sink obviously.

This is just the reference. RS is not going to copy the whole thing like that. They want to be a little different.

One of the players said, why not just make it xp based, with new slots for upgrading said item poping up as it levels up? And if that is not enough you could train the direction the ietm is taking, though the mechanics of the how and what item components would be needed for that I have no idea.

How do you feel? Any good ideas for RS item leveling? Glad to see your suggestions. Leave your message here:

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Runescape Quick Lodestone Teleports

Runescape RuneLabs are playing its role very well for players to give their suggestions to Runescape. Congratulations to F D C who won the recent RuneLabs poll. They are getting the ball rolling on his idea, and even get more better ideas from them. So the Runescape Team now have a good idea of how they want to go ahead with this update.

Global lodestone charge would have a central resource that you would acquire by consuming runes. Different runes would provide differnt amounts of resource. As well as this new teleport resource you will also need law runes. They’ll allow the system to consume law runes so you can stock up on law “charges” meaning you won’t have to carry them around with you.

There is the possibility of also being able to consume div energy to gain new teleport resource but haven’t made a call on that yet. Each lodestone will have a different resource and law rune cost that you will be charged each time you quick-tele to it.

Infividual charge would work by sinking specific runes into each lodestone individually in order to give that lodestone a quick telepot charge. Differnt lodestones would have differnt rune costs and will always need some law runes.

You would have to visit each lodestone in order to charge it. They haven’t yet thought of a way to involve div energy that really makes sense for this implementation.

Both implementations are open to having magic level requirements for using the quick teleport option.  But they don’t have any idea for quest requirements now.

So it is time for you to think what you want in the game. It would be really nice to hear from you with your nice suggestions. Hot discuss now.

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Runescape Player Coucil Meeting May Event

Runescape Player Coucil Meeting are something they set up in the game involved with the game content and releases. During the meeting, they will show at least one coming Solomon’s Store update and collect your feedbacks and Runescape 2007 Gold to Solomon’s Store .

You know what will happen. It is also a great opportunity to share your ideas with other Scapers, so we’d really encourage you to pop along and see what happens.

The next Player Coucil Meeting will happen on May 5th at 16:30 Game Time in World 23.

Here are some RS players’ ideas to this meeting.

I absolutely love the gameblast outfit. Last year tunic was great, but I think you guys did even better this year with the full outfit. A lot of players would of wanted it recolorable, and much like the Revolutionary mask, the face cowl thing perhaps should of had been 2 options for the chest. One with face cowl and one without, meaning players can also wear hats and things with the face cowl.

Again, brilliant work on Nomad. Always been a fan of his outfit. However, I was disappointed that the attack animation wasn’t included, even if it was just limited to spears, but regardless worth every penny.

Wicked pouch, as I don’t think this should ever of been put on the Solomon’s store. Fair enough for outfits and overrides, and even things like bank boosters. But things that actually effect gameplay I don’t think should be added. Mages for a long time looked for an item that allowed them to save the two inventory spaces by having runes in the ammo slot, and although the wicked pouch is great, and its system in general and how it works is great as well.

If you have any idea for Solomon’s Store, you should be there on May 5th. We’ll be glad to see you in


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Runescape Aquarium Player-Owned House Update

Just few weeks ago, Runescape Aquarium went alive. Now you have the player-polled aquarium house update, including the fishing update. Well, let’s start your new tour in Runescape Aquarium.

Get it to the gills with fish from all over Gielinor and kit out its two floors with a huge veriety of accessories, decor and nautical knick-kancks.

How to start it? You must be a RS member with 63 construction and 20 Fishing. When you reaching the requirements, head to your player-owned hourse and click on a ground-floor door to build your aquarium. It spans two levels, a dry room on the surface, and the aquarium itself beneath.

The surface room is traditional POH fare, containing hotspots that can be filled with decorative items, and some important functional ones. This is also where you’ll place the prawnbroker, who unlocks reward perks and controls various aquarium related settings and a diving suit, which unlocks resource harvesting options in the aquarium.

The aquarium itself is a whole different kettle of fish, instead of hotspots, it is a grid-based area where you can freely place the various available items.

From 20 fishing, you will occasionally find a golden fish egg while fishing around the world. Using this golden fish egg on the bathysphere will introduce a fish of the type you were catching to the aquarium.

When fishing, you will occasionally receive prawn balls or prawn crackers, which can be opened for some fantastically fishy rewards.

Have fun then. This is a fishy fun.