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To Spawn Runescape max4rsgold Elite Monsters

It is your time to spawn runescape elite monsters since you get the chance. To battle Gielinor’s ferocious beasts is more Runescape gold exciting and much more rewarding today. So don’t miss the chance, get yourself stuck in.

Elites have a chance to spawn on the death of others of their kind, with one guaranteed spawn and greatly increased chance per kill when you take on a matching Slayer assignment.

The following monsters can now spawn elites: Waterfiends, Harpie bug swarms, Nechryael, Aquanites, Earth warriors, Cave horrors, Cows, Ankou, Dust devils, Hobgoblins, Infernal mages, Dark beasts, Greater demons, and Abyssal demons.

Note that Edimmu elite spawns work as before, although they no longer despawn if there are no other players in the area, and remain for 30 minutes if not killed-longer than the 10 minutes that other elites will remain.

The spawn rates and mechanics of elite rune dragons are unchanged. You will recognise an elite by its unique name, and if you are the player who spawned it-a special animation.

Elites are initially protected: attackable only by the spawning player for three minutes, or until the player moves a significant distance from the elite, if sooner.

You can find out how long until an elite is attackable by clicking on it. Once the protection ends, the animation plays again, for everyone nearby. Then, it’s fair game for everyone.

Elites are tougher than their brethren, and most have special attacks that make them extra challenging to fight. The rewards make it worthwhile, though, particularly for slayers: an elite kill grants you 220% Slayer XP compared to a regular kill, if killed while on assignment.

The elites mentioned above will also give three roll’s worth of loot from their drop tables-including three chances for summoning charms.

Get yourself ready and spawn the elite monsters right now:

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Runelabs RSGOLDFUN Potential Bik Quest Ideas

There is a Runelabs competition this July in Runescape. So many of the rs players posted their own creative ideas on the Runescape gold  Runelabs. We selected one of them which we are interested in. The proposal is for the Elder God Bik.

The dissatisfaction with Salt in the Wound’s failure as a finale has been well-documented. That said, while many people would call for a rework of the quest, a sequel to this quest could both attempt to make amends for SitW, as well as segue into Bik’s story.

Kennith in his attempt to understand his powers more, will find someone we are quite familiar with: Ariane. The Signature Hero is still reeling from the events of Heart of Stone, but she has not wavered in trying to understand what comes of the Elder God’s awakening. With the arrival of Kennith, whose powers seemed tied to the sea slugs, she may be able to have an understanding Bik, who rules the seas, and perhaps in the process, gain an apprentice.

Other dropped plat threads from the sea slug series could factor into this, at least where appropriate. This may or may bot include some form of revival for the sea slugs, so that the continuation of the series would solely be about Kennith.

However, while the sea slugs would just be one example of monsters from the deep, there are also the mermaids. As we see in “The Mermaids and the Dragon”, Remora was Tentacle, Urchin, and Anemone’s stepsister, creating a link between Deadliest Catch and Song from the Depths. Like the sea slug proposal, this could features a Signature Hero, in this case, the Raptor.

The eclipse and Freeing Sir Amik Varze both rely on one thing: The Dramen Tree. Although Recipe for Disaster is largely a silly quest, Entrana’s holy presence is believed to be because of Saradomin. With Bik resting upon Entrana, we want to cast the source of Entrana’s worth into doubt, effectively positioning Bik as the Elder God dosest to serving as the main antagonist in Saradomin’s story.

Since this is not the complete idea, the Cheap Runescape gold poster need more suggestions. You can see the whole idea he posted on the Runelabs, and leave your suggestion there.

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Runelabs 4rsgold Dramen Tree Mysteries

Such a great idea on Runescape runelabs. Here we get RS Gold one chapter of this suggestion to let you know and read for more information.

After saving the fairies from the threat of the Fairy Godfather, Zanaris has been a peaceful place. However, just what exactly is Zanaris? To first find Zanaris, we had to carve a staff from the Dramen Tree of the island of Entrana. For some reason, this same tree is favored by Sir Amik Varze, who also has an interest in the egg of the evil chicken that resides on Zanaris. How did Amik come to have such an interest in delicacies with connections to Zanaris?

With Zanaris as the moon, it may stand to reason that it has some correlation to the powers of the Moon Clan and their Astral Runes. The Lunar Staff could have been made of using any ordinary staff, but it is the Dramen Staff specifically that we require.

Were the other Dramen Trees beyond the one on Entrana? Why does it grant access to the moon, where the fairies reside? For the Dramen Staff to hold such value to them and the Lunar Clan, what thematic influence is there from the moon? And perhaps, is there more to Amik’s diet than mere silliness?

Lost city spins off into a variety of storylines. With this quest, it would be possible to see that they are not quite as separate as we once believed.

This quest proposal is derived from a quest focused on either the Elder God Bik or the impending eclipse as a part of Sliske’s contest. Although Lunar Diplomacy was just used as a requirement for Hero’s Welcome, which still has some effect on the Moon Clan. The quest shouldn’t contradict the developments seen in either that quest or Blood Runs Deep.

There should be some reluctance due to the Fairy Tale series having finished, and wouldn’t be much to go with, by trying this with the Lunar Diplomacy. We hope that both stories could compliment one another and generate a whole new story.

The rewards of Lunar Diplomacy and Fairy Tale will have an unfortunate consequence, with the Dramen Staff being rendered completely pointless. You don’t need it for the Fairy Rings, so the only purpose Cheap RS Gold of it is to transform it into the Lunar Staff.

Support it in the Runelabs .

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Runescape 4rsgold The Stalkers Home Plane

Another Runelabs idea for Runescape game content. The Stalkers’ Home Plane,but before we get straight to the point, can you answer the question: What is the Stalkers’ homeworld like? And there is also a RuneScape gold second question: How did the Sneakerpeeper Spawn escape Daemonheim?

First of all, if you haven’t already, be sure to look up Google’s open-source “Deep Dream program. It should be possible to use Deep Dream, or something like it, to create the graphics for the stalker homeworld. It’d give the entire area a surreal, unsetting appearance where everything looks like it could be alive.

This quest would have two parts: a short Fremennik saga in which you play as the Sneakpeeper Spawn, and then the actual quest in which you visit the Stalker homeworld in order to bring back a rare and powerful item to give to Marmaros.

The prequel saga involves the Sneakerpeeper Spawn escaping from its nest, becoming lost, locating a portal back to its homeworld but finding the portal sealed, and then accidentally causing a cave-in allowing it to escape to the surface where Marmaros catches it.

During the quest you use your knowledge from the saga to locate the stalker’s tunnel, then unlock the portal. Once on the Stalker’s homeworld you encounter a large variety of differnt, bizarre creatures, some of them hostile. You must find a way to get the stalkers to respect you as an equal, and then obtain Marmaros’s item.

The homeworld doesn’t need to be a very large place to start out with, just large enough to hold enough events for a shot-to-medium-length quest. However, it could certainly be expanded larter on with more lore and activities being added.

That’s it. If you like this one, support him on Runelabs or in

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Runescape rsgoldfun Treasure Hunter Portable Skill Stations

Good news for runescape players. This week on Treasure Hunter, you can load up on portable skill stations and train with convenience and style. What time it is? From 00:00 UTC on July 16th to 23:59UTC on July 22nd, you can win portable packs on Treasure Hunter. These packs grant you Runescape gold your choice of skill stations, such as new Fletching, Firemaking and Crafting stations.

Portable skilling stations stack in your inventory can be placed in most locations, last for five minutes each and can be used for a variety of training purposes by you and your friends. They give a +10% boost to XP gain while used, and each have a variety of more specific benefits.

Portable Flecther can add 10% chance to save logs while making bows or crossbows, 10% chance to string two bows or crossbows at once for no additional cost, and 10% chance to save feathers, arrowheads and headless arrows while making bolts or arrows, including Ascension shards and broad arrows.

Portable Brazier, counts as always having the maximum number of players burning logs on it at all times. The XP boosts that this gives is cumulative with the 10%-giving a total of +15% XP, imparts a 5% life point boost for 82 minutes from any single log added, adds 10% chance to save a log while buring, and can be used for cremation, if unlocked, and imparts the same XP boost to the Firemaking XP.

Portable Crafter adds 10% chance to save hides, 10% chance to save clay, 5% chance to save gems, excluding hydrix and onyx, same cost as a standard tannery.

Store these up this week and win some prizes.

Have you entered into the Mazcab world so far? It is not all epic battles, though. There is a strange, alien world to explore and a downtrodden people to help. Traverse this bizarre, ever-changing forest, interacting with the environment to find hidden secrets. It shifts over time, so head off the beaten patch to unlock hidden areas, containing XP rewards, lore, reputation and rarer rewards.

The Runescape universe just got bigger and deadlier. Have fun grappling Mazcab’s most ferocious fauna, and look out for Cheap Runescape gold more Raids in the future.

Enjoy your Runescape adventuring.

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Suggested Runescape Enhanced Task Gear Max4rsgold

Yes, this is also the rs player-created new game content called the enhanced task gear. As the title revealed, you RS gold know what we are going to talk about.

This is a mini-quest, players will be collecting, traiding, buying different pieces of armour and jewelry to find the best qualities of each of them. By doing do, you meet a new character who shows you the way to enhance your Task set armour.

Once the armours you picked up in the quest have been identified, the armours will be destroyed. It would use a tier system, depending on the tier, you would be required to add more armour. Each tier would add minor bonuses to the Task Gear Set, including prayer bonuses as well.

When the quest is completed, your Task Gear will be enhanced, giving it a slight boost for combat stats, however, once the quest is completed, new rumors arise about even more powerful gear that can be used to enhance certain properties of your armour. These armours will give enhanced passive buffs and minor armour boosts and combat ratings.

To further enhance the set, once the player finished the quest, they would be able to research more armour pieces to add various buffs and further armour and prayer bonuses to their Task Gear. These include additions to Varrock armour, Falador shield, Seer’s headband, Fremennik sea boots, Karamja gloves, and Morytania legs. There are many armour sets out there that have simply been abandoned or forgotten.

Of course we cannot forget about the other pieces of the Task set and all the bonuses that could be given to them after researching certain items.

If you are interested, find more Cheap rs golddetails of Enhanced Task Gear.

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Runescape Community Max4rsgold Summer Conquest Tournament

Back again, the Runescape community summer conquest tournament. It is hold by the rs community. Anyone can join RS gold the tournament, if you are looking to get better or have any questions, read the following ones carefully.

The tournament is closed, round one has started. Please complete your games before Monday 13 July. If you missed that, you still get the chance to have the round 2.

In this tournament, there won’t be a group stage as in the last tournament. You will play a first to 3 wins againts one player every round. If you lose 2 rounds you won’t be able to win the tournament anymore. You will still play rounds, but you won’t be able to get in the first places anymore. The matches should be more fun as the people will be around your skill as this tournament uses a swiss system.

The special rule is that when you win a game in the round, you’ll not be able to use the exact same setup anymore for the round. You’ll have to change atleast one unit or command. If somebody forgets to change their setup after a win their opponent may claim victory, or be nice about it and let the other person switch.

Last tournament a lot of players decided to add their rewards to the prize pool of this tournament, totalling at 35.2m. The tournament proposal have added another 42m, making the total amount 77.2m. Rewards will be split similairily to last tournament between all the players who took part with bigger rewards for the first 3 places.

Round 1 have started on July 6, and if you missed that, stay tuned for the round 2. Keep in mind that games might be changed to speed up the tournament. Please play your games in round two before Monday 20 July.

Each round takes a week, you can play at any time during the week. Add your opponent to contact him.

Kind of funny adventure in runescape. Gathering Cheap rs gold your friends and enjoy the summer.

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Runescape Design A 4rsgold Raid Boss Competition

Here we are, giving you the great news from Runescape. This week, they are holding a competition which need you to design a RuneScape gold raid boss. If you are interested, read carefully and find the clues how to entry into the competition and win our prizes.

We know that Raids will soon be uponus, and it is time to get yourself prepared for the beauty and horror that the exciting new world of Mazcab has to offer.

There has been a lot of hype around the first boss, but now they want you to get creative, and design a boss for them what you believe is the ideal Raid boss to terrify team of brave J-Mod judges.

Think creatively about what makes your creature fearsome and tough to fight: its defence mechanisms, its special attacks, any weapons it may wield, and any other cool features that will make it a worthy adversary for you to defeat.

The winner will receive 3 months’ membership, as well as a full set of Cooler Master goodies, and they will have their creation drawn as a concept and signed by Runescape Art team. Two runners up will receive a month’s membership. This will not be going into game, it’s just a bit of fun.

Can’t wait to challenge? Send your submissions(written, drawn or both)to before 23:59UTC on Tuesday, July 21st. You can also share your bosses on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #myraidboss. Looking forward to seeing your entries.

Get yourself ready for the adventure, you are going to Buy RS Gold have the impressive summer vacation in runescape.

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Make max4rsgold Runescape More Realistic

Kind of rs player’s creative ideas to add new options and more specific things to Runescape, to make it more realistic. Read RS gold carefully, may be you feel the same what he suggested.

The first thing he noticed when teleporting to Lumbridge is that there is a man and a woman by the castle who you can’t click on but now talk to each other saying a few lines of dialogue back and forth. So here are the ideas.

NPCs now have the possibly to do any of doing these actions. Walking more randomly, looking at the world map, getting water from sinks/fountains, cooking on ranges or fires, eating/drinking their food they made,sleeping in beds…

Man and Woman NPCs get regular medieval names. Example Arthur and Esa. They will be different on each world and don’t effect gameplay. NPC characters will now also drop all the clothing they are wearing when they die which will lead to a lot of shirts, pants and shoes.

Lumbridge has only a few houses. But where are the residence? Towns need more houses, with NPC who actually live there.

Why can’t we swim across the River Lum or water? We should be able to go into the River Lum but the current would push us down a bit acceding realism. Underwater realism is the next step, but swimming ontop of all water is the start.

Woodcutting will be realistic by having the tree fall first. It will fall the opposite side it is being cut, based on players/NPCs location. You have the option to cut the fallen trees up and get a random amount of logs like before or try burning the tree.

If you burn the tree it will give it a less exp than burning logs and should take only a bit longer amount of time that it takes to light that many logs and for them the fires to go out and same amount of ashes are left.

Certain NPCs can now attempt to pickpocket one of your items. You will have a big notifications if an NPC takes from you. If they steal it, they will attempt to run away and you will have to kill them to get your item back. Item is reclaimable only by you on any world for unlimited time.

If you are interested, find the detailed post here

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Runelabs The Usurpation of Gielinor 4RSGOLD

RS player’s idea of this usurpation of Gielinor, posted on the Runelabs and seems a great idea. So here it is RS Gold suggested by Soni.

We see a massively integrated system of banks all throughout Gielinor. Everyone uses them, from all the way in the desert and Morytania to the Elves and Prifddinas. Because players can deposit and withdraw from their account at any of them, it can be assumed that they each have a large collection of items. Chances are, a quest concerning the bank system would not be focused on having access to all the player’s banks, doing so is more like World Event level of play.

The quest begins by talking with King Roald in the Varrock Palace. He appears to be in distress and when asked if something is going on, he makes some cheesy speech about being able to trust the player or something…and tells the player about the Royal treasure being on hold. He reassures player that he is a stock of gold in the vaults to pay for expenses, but if the main account isn’t accessible soon it will dry up.

Roald tasks you with checking the other kingdoms to see if they could offer temporary assistance if needed. It’s a simple running and talking to people, who would each describe that their Kingdoms cannot assist becausethey could be facing the same difficulties. The Dwarves are likely to be most angry about all their vast amounts of money being kept from them. Once done, the player returns to Roald to describe the situation.

King Roald asks you to seek Barb, the Treasury Adviser of Misthalin, since she knows the most about the Bank system. Meanwhile, he will be organizing a meeting of the leaders of the various kingdoms to devise a plan to take back their resources.

Barb would most likely have a home in Lumbridge. Despite her knowledge of banking, however, she amazingly doesn’t know who is in charge of the bank system as a whole. Fortunately, she recalls thet Trader Stan in Port Sarim has often bragged about his conncetions to bank leadership.

Getting any information from Trader Stan would require use of the Ring of Charos, otherwise it will be futile conversation. Even with it, he doesn’t give a straight answer. All he says is he stays in Sarim because it’s close to the operations. Perhaps other clues in how he talks, but point is the next step is to check on Entrana.

To be continued… More information about this suggestion would be found in  Runelabs. Like us Cheap RS Gold then.