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2015 Runescape rsgoldaz Christmas Event For A Month

This is the first day of December, kind of a month away from Christmas. But Christmas has come early to Runescape since they kick off Dark RuneScape Gold  a month-long festive celebration. You will take weekly events, awards, and many small Christmas games.

Access the Christmas interface in-game by clicking either the snowman icon on the Ribbon or the Minimap bezel for full details of everything. There is a free-to-play quest, The Pinch Who Stole Christmas.

Across Gielinor, individuals linked to the festive season are going missing, and slippery figures waddling in the shadows are the prime suspects. It is down to you to find out what’s going on. Speak to one of the snow imps at the Priffdinas, Burthrope or Lumbridge lodestones to begin an investigation that will take in suspiciously present-laden iceberg off the coast of Daemonheim.

The Pinch who Stole Christmas is a multi-part holiday quest that will play out over the next four weeks. Come back throughout December to get to the bottom of this thoroughly fishy mystery.

Note that as a holiday quest, The Pinch who Stole Christmas does not award quest points and is not a Quest Cape requirement. It will be available to play until the update on the 11th of January.

Complete each week’s part and you’ll unlock a Christmas activity. This time, it’s the Great Gielinor Bake Off, which awards Cooking and Defence XP for preparing and taste-testing all manner of festive fare.

There’s new Christmas cosmetic reward to enjoy each week, too. First up, it’s a new snowboard design. If you didn’t get a snowboard last year, you will get one as part of the reward. Lost snowboards can be reclaimed from Diango.

Are you ready for the celebration for Christmas in rsgoldaz RuneScape gold  Runescape throughout the whole month? Take your journey now.

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Runescape rsgoldfun Magic City Yanille Rework

As the city of magic, Yanille should be reworked. Some of the runescape players suggested that. Perseus’ runelabs suggestion is for old school rs gold a rework to Yanille, but before that, he need your great ideas to improve his suggestion. Take a look first.

The Magic Guild in the centre of Yanille is meant to rival the Wizard’s Tower, but since the Tower’s update in 2012, it’d be lucky to be classed as rival to the dark wizard’s tower. The crest for Yanille has a wand at its centre and this should symbolise magic being the centre of the city itself.

Currently all Yanille has content wise is the closest rune essence mine to a bank, a few shops including one of the only two pet shops in-game, a bar, a POH location and Bert. A lot of this is likely unused and as a result, so is the city.

As well as a graphical rework of Yanille, putting magic much more as the focus of the city, Yanille would have much more reason to go to such as repairing damaged walls granting some construction xp and maintaining wards around the city for magic xp.

The Guild and Watchtower would be merged, there would be magical glyphs and wards seen floating in the air around the city, defending it from attack and the mages in the guild would spread out of the Guild around the city to make it seem a lot more like their city and not just a city where their Guild is.

Yrsa’s Shoe Token, a tradeable, not stackable type of currency that can be bought from Yrsa herself after the completion of The Fremennik Trials. It can be sold in the Grand Excahnge to the Players without the ability to do the quest. Each token allows you to change shoes once, as Yrsa takes the token when given to her.

Shoes can be changed in the “wardrobe” or “appearance” tab. The hairdresser in Falador is basically bankrupt by now anyways. What makes Yrsa any differnt besides the quest?

Are you agree? The City of Magic, Yanille should be reworked. More information or suggestions can be posted here or to our site:

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Get the 4rsgold Smoking Skills

Pollnivneach has a new aborigine whose name is not Ali (or any alternative of Ali, abnormally enough). Who could this abstruse drifter be, and how did her sister end up trapped in a alcove abounding with Cheap RS Gold  Apache monsters?

Do you cartel to adventure into the base below Pollnivneach, breadth alien dangers anticipate amidst smoke and screaming? The perils will be great, but, if rescuing a babe in distress, the act should be accolade enough…

Travel to Pollnivneach and allege to Sumona in the abode arctic of the General Store Stall. She will ask you for advice award her accompanying sister, who has collapsed down a well.

Note: The easiest way to get to Pollnivneach is via a carpeting ride from the Shantay Canyon to Pollnivneach for a fee of 1000 Coins (Quick travel), or chipping a abode tab to the Pollnivneach abode aperture (requires achievement of Love Story.

Go to the able-bodied in the centermost of Pollnivneach. Accouter your Cat allege amulet or Catspeak amulet(e) and ascend down the well. Ali Cat will jump out and stop you. Allocution to him to get advice about the Mighty banshees, who are at the basal of the Well, and the Apache master, Catolax who will advise you how to defeat these Banshees.

Depending on whether you have/have not completed the Dealing with Scabaras quest, you accept two options to ability the Activity Pyramid.

If you accept completed Dealing with Scabaras adventure and accept set the Braiding at the adjustment southeast of the Activity Pyramid, afresh ascend down the coffer into the activity advance and go to the southwestern corner. Ascend up the Braiding to the top of the plateau. Be able for Mummies (level 125) at the top of the plateau that will attack. Run east and ascend over the low wall.

If you accept not completed Dealing with Scabaras quest, afresh you will accept to chase the aisle forth the southern allotment of of the activity advance and the plateau. Keep affective east until you appear to a addled area. Push through reeds until you get to the stairs that advance to the plateau. Ascend over the collapsed colonnade and go up the stairs. Watch out for Crocodiles (level 89), Scarab army (level 112), Scarab rangers (level 103), Locust army (level 109), Locust rangers (level 98), and Scabaras locusts (level 106).

Note: The easiest way to ability the breadth of the Activity Pyramid is via carpeting ride from Pollnivneach [1000 Coins (Quick travel)] or a Pharaoh’s baton teleport to the activity pyramid – the Jaleustrophos teleport.

At the top of the Plateau, you will appointment an Archaeologist and his assistant. You can bushing your Waterskins at the Spring next to their camp.

Note: If you accept not completed Dealing with Scabaras quest, afresh ascend over the low coffer to the west and use the Braiding on the bedrock abreast the edge. Watch out for Mummies (level 125). Doing this will acquiesce you simple admission to the plateau in the future. Go aback to the Archaeologist’s camp.

Be accurate as the next breadth has several Skeletons (from levels 97 – 140). Go arctic to acquisition the Sealed aperture on the west wall. This will advance you into a cave with tombs and three corridors.

Take out your Pet kitten/cat and accouter your Cat allege amulet or Catspeak amulet(e). Search the holey coffer and ask your cat to go in the hole. You can alpha either on the east or west wall. Already your cat or babe opens the aperture to one ancillary the added ancillary will be opened as well.

Head into the eastern or western room. The western breadth has Skeletons (level 9) that advance with range. The eastern breadth has Skeletons (level 12) that advance with magic. Kill the Skeletons with a ranged or abracadabra advance method. Afresh abort the aperture to the arctic of that allowance application your pickaxe.

Now, you will charge to conciliate accessories afore you advance down the corridor. Search the coffer to conciliate the traps. This will alone conciliate them temporarily, so run bound down the aisle to the next door.

Open the aperture and admission the next room. You accept to now defeat four monsters, two skeletons and two zombies alignment from akin 28 to akin 69. The skeletons and zombies may respawn. You accept to defeat all of them afore the Mummy warrior (level 54) will be awakened. Kill him to admission either the Ranged aisle key (western side) or the Abracadabra aisle key (eastern side). Use the key on the aperture east/west of the Mummy warrior’s sarcophagus. Cull the batten central to conciliate the accessories in that allotment of the tomb.

After you accomplishment your tasks on one side, you do the aforementioned action on the added side. You charge to cull both levers to attenuate the accessories in the average corridor. All the accessories will now be disarmed.

Enter the average aisle through the aboriginal allowance of the tomb. Accouter your Ghostspeak amulet and allocution to Catolax to acquisition out how to amalgamate a Facemask and Earmuffs. After the chat ends, allocution to him afresh to get added advice on the breadth beneath the able-bodied in Pollnivneach.

Now, you charge to adapt for the final battle. Use Facemask and Earmuffs to actualize a new apache item, the Masked earmuffs. Head aback to Pollnivneach and go down the well.

Note: The easiest way to get aback to Pollnivneach is via Amulet of celebrity or Ring of duelling teleport to Al Kharid. From there, yield a carpeting ride from the Shantay Canyon to Pollnivneach for a fee of 1000 Coins (Quick travel). If needed, the abutting banks can be begin in Al Kharid and Nardah. If you accept completed the Contact! quest, afresh you can aswell admission the coffer in Sophanem. You can aswell use the Al Kharid lodestone or use the besom teleport.

Once you are down in the well, accouter the Masked earmuffs and go arctic to a ample cave abounding with Mighty banshees (level 130). Kill one to get the Banshee voice. This will acquiesce you to canyon the barrier at the arctic end of this cavern.

Once you canyon the barrier to the north, you will see a cut arena with Jesmona, Sumona’s sister. Afterwards, the Banshee bedmate (level 134) will advance with abracadabra and affray attacks. Use Protect from Abracadabra while angry the Banshee mistress. Halfway into the battle, she will alarm in the advice from the Insectoid assassins, who use a ranged advance method. At this point, if you are a low level, or if you accept a top abracadabra akin or abracadabra defence about-face your adoration to Protect from Ranged. If you are a top akin leave Protect from Abracadabra on. Keep advancing the Banshee bedmate until she is defeated. The Insectoid assassins will be asleep by Jesmona already the Banshee bedmate is dead.

If you accept defeated the Banshee bedmate addition cut arena will occur. Catolax will acquaint with you as well. Ascend up RuneScape gold the brazier braiding and go aback to Sumona to affirmation your rewards.

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Novtumber Festival In rsgoldaz Treasure Hunter

Did you get the Divine Simulacrum Outfits last time in Treasure Hunter? If not, don’t feel regret, and here is your chance only on RS Gold Treasure Hunter. This weekend, they will celebrate the natural glory of Gielinor with the Novtumber Festival. Remember, only on Treasure Hunter. Never miss it.

From oo:00 UTC on 19th November to 23:59 UTC on 23rd November, you are able to get the Novtumber Festival seeds in Treasure Hunter chests, a boon for those looking to train Farming and Prayer.

The Novtumber Festival seeds are unlike the regular ones, you don’t need a patch because they will grow anywhere that you can make a fire. Plant them and watch as they quickly sprout to maturity. You have two options:

1. Pick the produce and offer it up for Prayer XP. You may get “perfect” produce from time to tine, which yields more XP.

2. Forfo the produce for Farming XP and the chance to get back some of your seeds.

While planting, you should note that you’ve just got a limited time to harvest them before they decay, giving only token XP. Don’t plant too many at once.

In the meantime, you are not only to get the Harvest Festival seeds, but also the magic beans. Yes, they are returning, and can be obatined as you gain Farming XP from lamps, or from farming itself. These can be used to create the Farmer’s outfit, or exchanged with Martin the Master for seeds and a cosmetic hoe.

Otherwise, pieces of the Farmer’s outfit will be available on Treasure Hunter, and all lamps and stars used on Farming or Prayer will yield +25% XP. Don’t let them go.

If you don’t want to miss all the latest runescape game news and updates, you should keep your eyes on us and Runescape 2007 Gold get the newest rs information.

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Weekly 4rsgold Patch Notes Of Runescape

Every week you have another assignment in Raptor’s Challenge, it is time for you to see the improvements for Runescape. All the bugs or something unsuitable to the game will be removed once they have an RS Gold update. Here are the third patch notes this month.

The archaeological expert in the examine centre near Varrock no longer has patchy skin. Almera and Rasalo no longer have patchy skin. Statues of Cyrisus have been changed to match the updated NPC model. Stacks of adamant fire arrows now correctly look like they are fire-tipped.

King Lathas’s crown is now the right shape for his head. The gold-trimmed Saradomin rune armour upstairs in the Wise Old Man’s house now has up-to-date tgraphics. Shaman’s moccasins no longer stretch during the arcane resting animation. A female banker in the Grand Exchange has had her legs repositioned so they line up correctly.

The Werewolf claws override can now be recoloured. Using the pumpkin launcher with a crystal bow now works correctly. The correct animation now plays when smithing cannonballs. Removed forcewalk from 3 empty tiles near Falador farm. A stretching issue on the sheathed version of Annihilation has been fixed. A missing tree trunk from a maple tree near Seers Village has been replaced. A stretching issue on lucky bandos boots has been fixed.

Added a Barbarian Assault armour patch to the reward shop at a cost of 100 pts. This can be used to increase the respective damage bonus of a Barbarian Assault armour piece. Corrected the clue scroll answer the cook is looking for when asking how many cannons there are in Lumbridge castle. A typo within the TzHaar fight pit section of the minigames tab has been fixed.

The possessed priest during the quest “Icthlarin’s Little Helper” will now deal damage. Made another attempt at fixing the disconnects while peeking during the  “Broken Home” quest. Legendary pets no longer pick up the Queen’s secateurs during “Fairy Tale I-Growing Pains”.

Quick chat phrases for Slayer and Boss kills now also include the prestige count. The Ectoplasmator and ghostly essence have been added to the Edimmu drop table.

More patch notes details heads to the runescape forum and if you need more rs tips, welcome to our site.


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Heart OF Stone 4rsgold Guide

A friend of Ariane’s has been dead and some of her analysis stolen. Chase down the culprit application a advanced tracking golem and 4rsgold RS Gold bare a abstruse that could change the face of Gielinor.

Interact with Ariane or Xenia alfresco the Wizards’ Belfry southeast of Draynor Village, acquire the adventure and you’ll see a cutscene in which the two women are arguing, with Ariane accusing Xenia of burglary important analysis and murdering somebody. During the cutscene Xenia will advance Ariane and you’ll be accustomed the advantage to ancillary with either Ariane or Xenia, or to try and breach them up. Accept an advantage and at the end of the cutscene, Xenia will acquaint you that she has a acceptable acumen for what she’s accomplishing afore teleporting abroad and Ariane will afresh ask you to accommodated her alfresco the Old Belfry to continue.

Head east to acquisition Ariane at the admission to the old tower. She’ll acquaint you that you’ll charge to acquisition a way to clue down Xenia and acquisition out what she’s up to. She’ll afresh acquaint you a golem alleged Kipple which should be able to advice you acquisition Xenia by tracking the bewitched trails larboard by her teleports.

Talk to Kipple and it’ll ask you if you’re accessible to clue Xenia. Say yes and afresh yes afresh to it cogent you how the tracker works. When you’ve apprehend the explanation, you’ll be apparent the Runic Frequency Modulator. To use the modulator, you’ll charge to aboriginal circle the punch until several confined agnate to altered runes ablaze up on the blueprint to the appropriate and a red dot appears bouncing amid anniversary one.

Now you’ll charge to bout the acme of the confined to the acme the red brawl is bouncing by alternating the dials to acclimatize the adeptness of anniversary rune e.g. If the Air rune bar is accent and the brawl bounces aloft it to the fourth cleft on the vertical axis, you’ll charge to circle the dials so that one has an Air rune arrow pointing to ‘3 Points’ and addition has an Air rune arrow pointing to ‘1 Point’ for a absolute of 4.

Once you’ve begin the appropriate aggregate and akin the acme of confined to the ball, accept to chase the arresting and Kipple will afresh acquaint you a area which will be either White Wolf Mountain, Entrana, the Kharadian Desert, or Karamja.

Make your way to the average of White Wolf Mountain, afresh allocution to Kipple and use the tracker to acknowledge a aperture adjacent which you should now enter.

Through the aperture you’ll acquisition yourself in a cavern with a addle that you’ll charge to break in adjustment to abolish the rock blocks endlessly you from talking to a assemble alleged WenKra. Anniversary Circuit bulge in the addle generates or consumes a assertive amount of adeptness units and you’ll charge acquisition a aggregate of alive and abeyant nodes which generates the exact amount of units appropriate to adeptness up the blocks. This accept to be done four times starting with 5 units and catastrophe with 20.

Once done, allocution to WenKra and you’ll apprentice that it acts as the advocate and articulation of an Elder God alleged Wen who is sleeping beneath and that Xenia has taken some anatomy of able bewitched activity from it which has afflicted Wen as her hotlink to WenKra has been attenuated as a aftereffect of the missing energy. When you’ve gone through all of the babble options, allocution to Kipple to use the modulator to clue Xenia’s next location.

Make your way to the second-from-north berth in Port Sarim and use the Coffer drop box to coffer any items you’re carrying, afresh allocution to a Monk of Entrana to biking to Entrana. Once you’ve arrived, arch to the northwestern ancillary of the island and allocution to Kipple to use the tracker to acknowledge a aperture adjacent which you should now enter.

Through the aperture you’ll acquisition yourself in an abandoned cavern with a board Bik aperture at the adverse end. Attempt to accessible the aperture and you’ll acrimony the construct, BikKra and accept to accept to action BikKra’s associates (level 35). Kipple will accord you an Air battlestaff, Bronze artful and Chargebow to action with, but as the associates are anemic to Air spells, it’s recommended to just casting your best Air spell application the battlestaff. Keep killing the associates until an Unstable accessory appears and allurement this into Kipple who will afresh aces up, conciliate and abode it next to the door. If Kipple doesn’t aces up the accessory afore the bar aloft its arch fills up, it’ll backfire and accord abundant accident to you. Once three Unstable associates accept been placed next to the door, ablaze them to draft it up.

Once done, allocution to BikKra to apprentice that it acts as the advocate and articulation of an Elder God alleged Bik who is sleeping below. Ask about Xenia and accept the additional advantage to accept BikKra acquaint you that Xenia performed a ritual accompanying to the abysm and that eventually Bik will awaken, abort the apple and casting the bits into the abysm afore authoritative a new world. Now allocution to Kipple afresh to use the tracker to acquisition Xenia’s next location.

Make your way to the Karamja Volcano on Musa Point and allocution to Kipple to use the tracker and acknowledge a aperture adjacent which you should now enter.

Through the aperture you’ll acquisition yourself in a cavern with blaze blocking your admission to a assemble alleged FulKra. To abolish the fire, you’ll charge to action FulKra’s associates (level 44) until Kipple can actuate FulKra to allocution with you, which is adumbrated by a agitation advance bar. While angry the attendants, they’ll occasionally spawn fires about them which accord connected accident if you angle them. They aswell will not abandon until the agitation bar is full, so you’ll charge to anxiously abstain them as they body up.

Once the agitation bar is full, the associates and fires will abandon and you’ll be able to allocution to FulKra. Do so and you’ll apprentice that it acts as the advocate and articulation of an Elder God alleged Ful who is sleeping below, and that Xenia has removed a allotment of FulKra that affects its adeptness to think. Now allocution to Kipple afresh to use the tracker to acquisition Xenia’s next location.

Make abiding you accept 20 chargeless account spaces and something to assure from arid calefaction (e.g Waterskin, Enchanted baptize tiara, or Tome of frost) and your way to the arid east of Sophanem, afresh allocution to Kipple and use the tracker to acknowledge a aperture adjacent which you should now enter.

Through the aperture you’ll acquisition yourself in a cavern abounding with shelves and a assemble alleged JasKra who will debris to allocution to you until you can prove your intentions are innocent. Search one of the shelves to access assorted observations and amalgamate them like so:

‘Transition’ and ‘Correction’ to get ‘We angle apart’.

‘Dispersal’ and ‘Arrival’ to get ‘Xenia was alone’.

‘Evolution’ and ‘Imprinting’ to get ‘Golem and I’.

‘Predator’ and ‘Focus’ to get ‘Ariane and the golem’.

‘Conflict’ and ‘Condemnation’ to get ‘The carelessness of friends’.

‘Golem and I’ and ‘Ariane and the golem’ to get ‘United we stand’.

Once done, use all of the Combined observations on JasKra and it will accept that you’re cogent the truth.

Now allocution to JasKra afresh and go through the babble options to apprentice that it acts as the advocate and articulation of an Elder God alleged Jas who sleeps below, and that Xenia has performed a ritual to drain JasKra’s activity and as a aftereffect risks damaging the breeze of adeptness from rs 3 gold  the Anima Mundi into the world, which will aftereffect in cipher accepting the adeptness use Magic unless they acquire an Elder artefact. Once done, use Kipple’s tracker to acquisition Xenia’s next location.

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Runescape max4rsgold Soul’s Bane

A rift in the ground has opened up releasing all address of aberrant monsters into the acreage abreast the Digsite. A affecting mother waits at the top of the breach for her continued absent son, who has been missing for 25 years. You can chance down into the breach for an chance abounding of Cheap rs gold askance monsters all created from the apperception of a adolescent boy apprenticed to carelessness through incarceration.

Beware: This is a action abundant quest, so adapt afore you adventure down.

Speak with Launa northwest of the Digsite and accede to advice seek for her son and husband.

Climb down the breach application the braiding absorbed to it. You will acquisition yourself in the Acerbity Room. Yield a weapon off the arbor and apply it. You can change weapons at any point.

Remove all of your accessory and alone apply the acrimony weapon. Anniversary weapon kills a assertive monster. Annihilate monsters to get your acerbity akin up. Already your acerbity akin is full, you will see a cut arena of the accomplished about how Tolna larboard Launa. When it is over, go through the avenue to adeptness the Fear room.

Note: You do not accept to annihilate anniversary one of the creatures listed below, you can annihilate the aforementioned one to access your acerbity level.

Once central the Fear room, you accept to seek “look-in to” anniversary aphotic hole. Fear reapers (level 54) will appear. You charge to annihilate these monsters until your appearance is no best afraid and the atramentous aperture will ablaze up. Already the atramentous aperture lights up, access the hole, a cutscene will play, and you will access the Confused room.

In this allowance are a amount of Confusion beasts (level 56). Alone one of them is real, the blow are just hallucinations. Advance them until you acquisition one you can in fact hit. All the others will yield 0’s until the eighth hit, afresh they will disappear. Already you annihilate the absolute one, a aperture will disappear. Continue killing them until alone one aperture remains. When you’ve dead the endure one you will see addition cut scene.

Note: If you die in this room, all the doors will be displace and you will accept to complete it again.

Go through the aperture and you will end up in the Hopeless Room. Annihilate anniversary Hopeless animal (level 50). Anniversary one accept to be defeated 3 times to accomplish them absolutely die. Already you accept dead them all a achievement arch will appear. Cross over it and use the exit.

You will see a abbreviate cut arena area Tolna speaks to the monster, and afresh you accept to adapt to action Tolna. It is brash to action application Range or Magic appearance rather than Melee – which will acquiesce all three active to advance you accompanying and accept the adeptness to adulteration you. Annihilate anniversary of his three akin 53 active and Tolna will become animal again.

Talk to Tolna and you will arise on max4rsgold RS gold  the surface. Talk to Tolna already added to complete the quest.

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Runescape rsgoldfun Mazcab Missonary Quest

Have you read the news of Runescape? They are getting you involved in their celebration for the 15th aniversary in 2016. Design your quest rewards for Deadman Gold runescape, you can win a life time membership. If you haven’t entered the event, you can see this player-suggested quest first to get inspiration.

Mazcab Missonary, you meet a Traveler in thick robes. He is about the size of a normal player but so robed up you can’t tell race, skin tone, eye colour, face shape etc. He states his intentions to bring faith to mazcab to help in some way to repeal the airuts and gain land for a cause at the same time.

You speak to the leaders of the gobies and work out a deal and then you pick a god or the godless to build a shrine. But everyone of them have their own problems.

Saradominists, they need law and order above all else, in addition to common things, they need a steady supply of paper. This means the player must find a special tree, trans-plant it, gain seeds and teach the people how to plant and care for these seeds.

Zammorak, demons don’t want much for anything but they would like to be around some fire and brimstone now and again. Imps also want a general store stocked with shiny things to steal. This will lead players to cause a small earthquake with explosives in the sea to make a small volcanic island as well as teaching demons how to gather pearls and shiny sea shells for the imps to hoard.

Bandos, bandos followers need weapons and a prey, find a colony of airuts and the best means of killing them with the matrials found on the planet. You will also have to master negotiations between the goebies and the bandosians to prevent war between the two.

Armadyl, teh followers of arma are a fickle bunch. They will demand their houses to be in the sky or atop mighty trees. The player would need to find a way to make rope to hold the houses together, which means finding an animal that is not only unafraid of heights, but can also be domesticated and used for wool.

We don’t list the other gods here, but if you were interested in DarkScape Gold  the quest suggested here, head over to our online rs gold store. You can find more there.

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The First rsgoldaz November Patch Note of Runescape

With the new game mode coming to runescape, everyone is rushing to the game and grab the awesome rewards at first time. But does anybody notice the new runescape graphical and DarkScape Gold other small updates? Well, there will always be someone. Let’s get started with the new patch note.

Did you see it? The Torag’s hammer inventory icon has been repositioned to prevent it breaking the borders. The walls in Varrock Castle correctly appear during the ending cutscene of the Garden of Tranquility quest. An unnecessary texture has been removed from a ladder in the White Knights’ castle.

One of the “Wanted” posters in has been moved Falador so that it no longer floats detached from the wall. The irate gardener in Pirate’s Treasure has been graphically updated.

The imp, lesser demon and hobgoblin champions now deal damage correctly. Rebuilding failed box traps will no longer delete them if the player is in combat. Player-owned ports captain’s voice overs will now play correctly. Completing the growth cycle of a calquat with an ultra-growth potion now correctly moves it to the ” check health” state, instead of skipping to “checked” with max fruit.

The area shown during a While Guthix Sleeps cutscene in Falador has been extended. The clue in the Pirate’s Treasure quest has been updated to reflect the pose of the updated statue of Saradomin in Falador Park.Players resetting their Defence level will no longer have the Blood Pact quest reset.

Beastmaster Durzag will now give players a short warning before he begins trampling them. The Lost Sword of Raddallin now has a higher item value to ensure it protects over less valuable items.The scaling of the Unholy Cursebearer boss in Daemonheim has been tweaked. Players can no longer attack elite training dummies with the wrong attack style.

A lot of other small updates are there though you can not see it clearly. Make sure you have enter into the monthly game mode and RS Gold complete your daily challenge.

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Runescape 4rsgold November: Raptor’s Challenge

It is November, which means we will have new experience in Runescape. Yes, this month, they are focusing on the one and only Raptor. You have a new monster to fight each week. Raptor’s Challenge have Cheap RS Gold daily assignments given by the big fella, you can double your Slayer XP everyday completing the tasks.

Well, let’s explain the Raptor’s Challenge in the following lines. For the month of November, the Raptor has undertaken one of Gielinor’s most noble callings, being a slayer master. Any Runescape member of any Slayer level can try their hand at completing Raptor’s assignments, which grant you double Slayer XP and the opportunity to get some cracking new rewards.

There’s a special suit of Raptor-themed cosmetic armour available, one that can upgrade its looks if you take on four brand new slayer monsters that we are releasing throughout the month.

Each has a unique drop and devious combat mechanics, and requires 96 Slayer. All of these magnificent creations came from you via Runelabs and the polls. Firstly there are wyverns, horrific beasts that live in the freezing conditions of the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. You wil have to keep an eye on the hostile environment to defeat these bad boys, and hope they’ll drop the new level 85 wyvern crossbow with its powerful passive damage-over-time effect.

Then we have ripper demons, the horrible reality behind the legend established in One Piercing Note. Lurking in a cave near Al Kharid and equipped with powerful claws, these guys are highly mobile, leaping from the shadows and preying on the unready with devastating effect.

Camel warriors are far from comedic, although they do look very strange indeed. These mysterious soldiers are investigating an island east of Sophanem, and are capable of using both magic and physical violence. You have to be wary of their mirage-beased tactics and adapt accordingly.

Finally are the giant Acheron mammoths. These huge, lumbering beasts live on a distant iceberg and have a surprising turn of speed. They’re capable of trampling you into the ground like a puny insect or smashing you about with their relentless charge.

Do the beasts sounds great? They are awesome to the runescape players. So we are totally looking forward to 4rsgold RS Gold  the Raptor’s Challenge this November.