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4 Popular Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire

Xinyu-enamelediwre is a profssional enameled copper wire manufacturer, we promise our product with high quality, our enameled copper wire is popularly called magnet wire because these wires are coated with an insulation layer. The enamelled copper wire finds extensive use in the making of motors, inductor, hard-disk head actuators, and a variety of applications which demand tight coiling of insulated wires. There 4 types of Enameled Copper Wire from xinyu-enameledwire is very popular.

1.Enameled Round Copper Wire

Features Of Enameled Round Copper Wire:

High conductivity

Good solderability

High ductility

Application Of Enameled Round Copper Wire:

Industrial electronics



Audio and Videos



Safety/Quality Approvals On Enameled Round Copper Wire:

UL Certification Number:E345303

SGS Certification Number:TJTC 10051661CHEM

ISO14001/9001 Number: 04508Q13926ROS


2.Kapton Copper Wire

Overview: This product can be used in aerospace, submersible motor and high voltage coil, wind turbines , microelectronics and other fields. Special processing technology make the product has high mechanical properties and stronger overload capacity and heat-resistant properties, suitable for large and medium-sized motor coil and winding of electrical appliances. This product is also suitable for H-class and below submersible motors and similar oil-filled motor with a special winding wire and insulated wire core of submersible oil pump.

Kapton Enamel Wire Is Applications:


Traction motors used in rail, auto, and mining

Industrial motor insulation

Wind, hydro generators

3.Enameled Flat (Rectangular) Copper Wire

Features of Enameled Flat(Rectangular) Copper Wire:

Corrosion resistance

Shiny finished

Better conductivity

Shock proof


Adherence and flexibility

Scrape resistance

Thermal endurance

Application of Enameled Flat(Rectangular) Copper Wire:

Transformers/ Heat-resistant motors/ UPS Power source/ Generators/ Refruigerating system;Other electrical devices in the coil windings

4.Enameled Square Copper Wire


Diameter(mm):a(b): 0.4mm-7mm

Temperature Class(℃):180, 200, 220

Standard:IEC60317-0-2,IEC60317-29 MW36-A

Bobbin:150kg wooden spool,plastic spool,we can customize the length according to customer demand

Application Of Enameled Square Copper Wire:Transformers, generators, refrigeration systems, class C generators, UPS power supplys, electronic transformers

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Xinyu Enameled Wire Devoted to Enameled Wire Development

For winding custom coils or very finely spaced rework, we always touch the electromagnetic wire. The magnet wire is very, very thin (0.1mm in diameter!) Copper wire, with very thin insulation layer. It is used in a range of electronic products, hacker attacks and applications. These are commonly used for winding transformers, inductors, motors or electromagnetic coils, speakers, hard disk head actuators, electromagnets, pickups, and so on. However, this line is also useful when you must perform PCB repair, wire jump, or direct welding to SMT pads.

This axis is ~11.5 meters ~ 38AWG thick magnetic line, just can do a few projects. We recommend a valve core for each engineer’s workbench. Like all electromagnetic wires, there is a thin layer of enamel insulation. Some people like to take it out with a small flame (a lighter, for example), but we’ve found an easy way to melt a piece of solder into the iron and then immerse it in small pieces for a second. Remove the wires, clean them up and tin them!

The enameled copper wire from is technically just an insulated copper wire coated with a tantalum insulation layer. However, the insulating layer is very thin and heat-resistant. This characteristic makes it very suitable for winding coils because each millimeter is considered important because of their thin thickness. Almost all copper lines are completely insulated, and it is now difficult to find uninsulated copper lines.

The two wires have the same conductivity, but the magnetic copper wire is especially coated with a thin, high heat-absorbing material instead of a copper wire. The thin insulating material helps to make more coils in small areas of motors, transformers, relays, etc., and absorbs heat. The common copper wire is insulated with a thick material and may require more area for more turns, so the winding will not work effectively and will be able to melt the insulation in the heat.

Thick plastic coating can be considered a waste of space to solve this problem, you can try other copper wires with ‘normal’ insulation, but you will soon find that the coil is too big or too small. Xinyu enameled wire devoted to Enameled Aluminum Wire development with all the society and make our efforts to the development of enameled wire.


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Greentel Fiber Optic Splice Closure Widely Used

With the rapid growth of optical communications, the application of greentelftth Fiber Optic Splice Closure is more and more extensive. More and more new optical cable lines are being built, and the fiber optic splice closure is widely used in the access network line except for the core backbone network in the province and the province. It is flexible in use and plays a good role in connection and division of optical communication lines.

The fiber optic splice closure is an indispensable part of the optical cable communication line. Its main function is to realize the connection and disagreement of the fiber optic splice closure; at the same time, in order to ensure the grounding function of the fiber optic splice closure, the internal grounding device and the grounding portion of the optical cable must be electrically connected, and the metal components and grounding device of the fiber optic splice closure should be ensured. The cable reinforcement cores are insulated from each other to avoid adverse effects from the environment on the fiber optic splice closures. Fiber optic splice closures, like fiber optic cables, have their own quality and play a vital role in the transmission of communications.

Most of the Fiber optic splice closures are used in areas where high levels of lightning and wet weather occur. The requirement for the insulation and lightning protection of the Fiber optic splice closure is very high. It is suggested that the combination of the upper and lower insulating spacers of the Fiber optic splice closure can form insulation between the metal components of the Fiber optic splice closure and the optical fiber cable reinforcing core ( the fixing bolt). It is required that the “voltage withstand strength” of the Fiber optic splice closure is up to 15 kV DC voltage, and no breakdown or arcing occurs within 1 minute. It is recommended to install a professional and reliable lightning protection grounding device to ensure reliable internal electrical connection between the grounding device and the grounding portion of the optical cable. The connection resistance is less than 0.1Ω.

As a professional fiber optic splice closure manufacturer – offer more details for you, welcome your visit.

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Greentel Inline Closure Affects Fiber Attenuation Performance

Optical fiber connection is one of the most common and important links in optical cable engineering. The selection of optical fiber connection technology and connection box will affect the attenuation of optical fiber and the service life of optical cable. The optical cable that was put into operation early in the system will increase with the service life. The attenuation index of the optical fiber has changed abnormally. Most of the failures of the optical fiber appear on the fiber optic splice closure. The fiber optic splice closure is an important component that affects the attenuation performance of the optical fiber.

Click fiber closure manufacturer: for further information.

The common failures of fiber optic splice closure in recent years, from the point of view of the failure of the fiber optic splice closure in the system, is nothing more than deformation and water seepage. The deformation of the fiber optic splice closure is mostly due to the poor operating environment, such as the annual run at the concentration of acid and alkali The corrosive deformation caused by the large air, the mechanical deformation caused by the impact of external forces, etc., this kind of failure is not a lot, and it is common that the core is caused by water seepage (water vapor) caused by the sealing failure of the fiber optic splice closure. The failure, and the deformation of the fiber optic splice closure will eventually lead to the destruction of the sealing of the fiber optic splice closure.

The damage of the fiber optic splice closure is caused by many reasons. Common reasons include the following:

The material and sealing performance of the Inline Closure largely depend on the quality of the fiber splice cassette housing material. Some low cost and inferior splice cassette materials are made of recycled plastics and other inexpensive materials, and its anti-corrosion performance and The mechanical strength is very poor, the general operation will be a problem for several years, this type of problem is still less in the system.

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Game Jam 2018

The RuneScape Game Jam – Bringing Your Ideas to Life 4rsgold!

This weekend marks the second RuneScape Game Jam and we want you all to be involved!

Last year’s Game Jam produced updates including The Luck Rework, which brought you the Luck of the Dwarves and Hazelmere’s Signet Ring, The Buff Bar Update, which added a huge amount of buffs to the bar as well as separating out negative buffs, and tidied up the Lumbridge Crater.

This year we want to go even bigger and even better. Over 30 JMods have signed up to take part and create impactful updates inspired by or, in some cases, taken directly your suggestions on the forums, Reddit and Twitter. Some designs include creating more Alchemical Onyx items, quests Mods Osborne and Raven, plus something extra special Mod Mark himself.

If you want to get involved, head to our official RuneScape Discord or follow our J-Mods and hashtag RSGameJam on Twitter to discuss projects, work with JMods on ideas, and see your suggestions come to life.

Once the weekend is over, we’ll present all of the amazing work that we’ve completed via a special Game Jam Content Showcase at 4pm BST on Thursday 19th April at

So, get your thinking hats on and your jam jars ready, we’re going to be creating a fantastic RuneScape development sandwich this weekend – see you there!

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Month Ahead: March ’18 Old School RS Gold

Ahoy, me hearties! We hope you’ve got your sea legs, because this month we’re taking to the ocean with Deep Sea Fishing and the finale to the Fifth Age pirate quest series But that’s not all: we’re also updating the Horrors, bringing back the Spring Fayre and having a whale of a time at Solomon’s General Store, we’ll be debuting a brand-new outfit. More below!


Deep Sea Fishing

Whoever first said there were ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ was onto something. Grab your waterproofs and gumboots, because this month we’re introducing our Deep Sea Fishing update.

A quick chat with Goomah at the fishing guild (north of Ardougne) will direct you to the new fishing hub: a floating, offshore walkway you can train and chat with other players at every level. pelicans to sea monsters, this hotspot’s teeming with random encounters that you can choose to engage with for extra rewards, big and small. Some may take teamwork, but that’s no hassle when you’re mixing with the masses! Goodbye, AFK; we’re gonna keep you on your toes. Who’s up for whale watching?

Our new plaice to be also comes with a tuna new quarry. The new, large nets catch all sorts of fruits de la mer: stackable magnetic minnows (level 68), jellyfish that heal without reducing adrenaline (levels 68 and 91), and our catch of the day: the Sailfish (level 97). It’s our new best fish for healing; just boil it into Sailfish Soup to heal wounds in a pinch during combat.

Speaking of bests, how’d you fancy our new mechanic, Fishing Frenzy? At level 94, this hands-on method produces some of the highest Fishing gains in all of RuneScape. What do you mean you ‘don’t know’ because you ‘haven’t tried it yet’? Get your raincoats, scapers – you’ve pulled in a whopper!

Gold Premier Club member? This update grants you a bottled boost of your choice – usually earned while making use of the new hub – which you can use to enhance your Fishing training as you see fit.


Pieces of Hate

Shiver me timbers – Mos Le’Harmless is under attack! what, ye ask? zombie pirates, (more) sea monsters and everything else we convinced Davy Jones’ Locker to spew up for the Fifth Age pirate quest finarrrgghhle! And if those scallywags aren’t the death of ye, Mod Raven and Mod Rowley’s puns sure will be.

Hooked yet? Postie Pete’s your man; you can find him by the Player Owned House portal to get started. You’ll also need these requirements:


  • 81 Construction
  • 82 Firemaking
  • 83 Agility
  • 85 Thieving
  • 110 combat (recommended)
  • Completion of Gertrude’s Cat
  • Completion of A Clockwork Syringe


Aye, me hearties, it be time to weigh anchor. All hands hoay!



But as you know, creatures the depths aren’t the only threats lurking around Mos Le’Harmless.

Wait, what was that? Sounded like it came the caves. Sounded like…

No, that’s impossible. It can’t be! We’ve never seen a horror so bloodied, so red of eye. That must mean…

We’ve introduced a new type of cave horror – unspeakable horrors. Legend tells that killing one has a chance to drop a book, Scare Tactics, which in itself contains four new basic and threshold abilities for Magic and Ranged, in a similar vein to melee’s Kick and Stomp:


  • Shock (Magic level 3)
  • Horror (Magic level 15)
  • Demoralise (Ranged level 3)
  • Rout (Ranged level 15)


What’s more, Scare Tactics is tradeable and can be acquired by free players, who are also able to unlock the new abilities. And who knows? Perhaps you’ll find other things on your adventures.

Some further notes about unspeakable horrors: they’re slayable off task and share the same Slayer level (58) and drop chances for a black mask. And although we’ve updated the s (and graphics) for all horrors, the chance for the black mask remains the same as ever. Wait, graphics? Indeed – horrors have an eerie new aspect that’ll chill you to the bone.

You’ve been warned. Slay at your own risk.


Spring Fayre

How about we lighten the mood? It’s time for the Spring Fayre!

It’s back, bigger and better and without the need for entry tokens. There are no requirements: just turn up to Lumbridge Crater and have fun racking up some of our new rewards, including face paints, fish in bags, the new easter pet and more.

We’ve got the same stalls as last year and all of the awesome (and then some). See you there?


Tribute to Guthix

Speaking of spring, keep your eyes out for some Guthixian butterflies! They’ll be fluttering around Gielinor for two weeks, and we hear they grant XP to your lowest skill upon capture.


Solomon’s General Store

If you want to look your best for the fayre, now is the perfect time to pay a visit to Solomon’s General Store. Your favourite genie will be hosting all the shadow items for one week only, including the shadow drake, gorilla and accompanying outfits.

But there’s also something new: for those of you who enjoyed the King and Queen of Hearts outfits, we’re now introducing the King and Queen of Spades. Fashionscape never looked this ace.



Exciting month, eh? Make sure you tune into March’s live stream Q&A on Twitch (Tuesday 6 March at 17:00) and get an all-new LootScape item!

We’ll see you at the Fishing hub in Gielinor.

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Sliske’s Endgame Replayability – Buy Rs gold

This week we meddle with time and bring a few more previously Treasure Hunter-exclusive items in-game. More below!

Sliske’s Endgame

Many of us go to bed replaying old conversations. What if I’d not said that? What if I’d said that instead? The options are endless, and the sad truth is that we’ll likely never know the answers. But I wonder: two winters ago, how many of you lay awake wondering, ‘What if I’d supported that god? How would things have changed?’ As of today, you can find out consequence free.

Your favourite love-to-hate Mahjarrat is back for seconds, thirds, fourths and everything that comes after, should you desire it, and he’s brought his maze along for the ride. That’s right: Sliske’s Endgame is now replayable, and we’ve given you the option to play with the past. Want to know how you’d have fared in the maze with a different allegiance? Just head to ‘Options’ on the replay interface and temporarily change the past with a tick of a box.

The important thing is that none of these playthroughs actually affect your canon adventure, meaning you can experiment as much as you like. That said, we’re also providing the option of a second blast at your canon story for those who want it, but be mindful that you can only do this once, and these changes will be permanent. What’s more, if you’re taking this second and final stab at canon, you can’t change the past as you can with normal, non-canon replays.

Oh, and before I forget: there’s a special something waiting for you at the end. No spoilers here, though. Chat to Relomia in Draynor Village to get restarted. Happy god hunting!

Newly obtainable in-game this week

Both the Elder Simulacrum Outfit and Skill Outfit Head add-ons are migrating over Treasure Hunter to be earned in-game, in response to your feedback.

Elder Simulacrum Outfit

You’ll start receiving simulacrum fragments while training Divination (level 70), which you can then fuse together at Divination level 80 using Invention (level 20) to make the five pieces of each of the Divine Simulacrum outfits: the Divination Energy outfit, the Divination Chronicle outfit and the Divination Memory outfit – given you don’t own them already. Once you have all three, you can combine them to make the best of the bunch: the Elder Simulacrum Outfit, which gives you the following benefits:

  • Three daily teleports to any wisp colony that you have both the levels and the quest requirements to visit.
  • Unlimited teleports to May Stormbrewer or Guthix’s Cave, given you’ve completed The World Wakes.
  • Seven percent chance to harvest two memories at once, providing you with twice the XP and divine energy.
  • Seven percent chance to obtain two chronicle fragments or elder chronicles at once when harvesting a wisp or an elder wisp.
  • Five percent chance to get five times the energy while harvesting wisps.
  • Activates the Diviner’s outfit bonus (if owned and depending on how many outfit pieces you have), even when the set is in your bank or being held by Diango.
  • All the benefits of a Modified diviner’s headwear, if owned.

Chat to Orla Fairweather west of Lumbridge crater for more information about simulacrum fragments. And remember: the higher your Divination level, the more of them you’ll receive!

Skill Head Add-ons

You can now obtain the skill head add-ons either by purchasing them or winning them in a minigame. More details below:

Add-on Effect How to get it
Blacksmith’s head add-on Five percent chance to save coal when smelting ores Random chance when completing Ceremonial Swords in the Artisans Workshop
Farmer’s head add-on Two percent chance to save seeds when planting them) Purchasable the Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza reward shop
Artisan’s head add-on Five percent chance to save a piece of leather (automatically banked) Purchasable the Stealing Creation reward shop
Botanist’s head add-on Five percent chance to make a duplicate potion (automatically banked) Purchasable the Flash Powder Factory reward shop
Sous Chef’s head add-on Five percent chance to cook a duplicate food item (automatically banked) Random chance when completing a Gnome Restaurant delivery
Diviner’s head add-on Five percent chance to save energy while weaving or transmuting Random chance when leaving a Guthixian Cache
First Age head add-on Two percent chance to save boned when buried or used on an altar Purchasable the Shady Ghost near the Ectofuntus
Shaman’s head add-on Five percent chance to save a charm when infusing pouches Random chance when opening a box of Summoning ingredients Familiarisation

Patch Notes

Here are the highlights this week’s patch notes:

  • It is now possible to bind action bars to a specific weapon style to allow automatic switching to a defined action bar upon equipping a mainhand weapon. This can be managed within the Action Bar Settings interface, located in Game Settings.
  • Trying to activate a favourite aura while on cooldown via the Aura Management icon now displays the cooldown time remaining.
  • Dwarven and Invention multi-cannons can now be reloaded and repaired (resetting their despawn time) by left-clicking them.
  • Gaining prestige for a boss kill count no longer removes the ‘Reaper’ or ‘Final Boss’ titles.
  • Pet examines now display the full kill count when a boss is prestiged.
  • Players no longer receive low combat XP drops creatures on worlds 115 and above in Shattered Worlds.

Tuesday, January 30th – 17:00 UTC (Game Time) – Sliske’s Endgame Replayed with Mods Raven and Meadows

Join Mods Raven and Meadows for a narrated playthrough of Sliske’s Endgame, an opportunity for all the lorehounds out there to get some extra bits of narrative out of that intricate quest. We’ll be also talking about lore in general, so don’t miss it – join us on Twitch and YouTube!

We’ll be having double LootScape drops on this stream and the Loots Cape will be a guaranteed drop, as a thank you for everyone who watched the past stream and didn’t get a loot crate due to technical problems. Thank you for watching and enjoy the double drops!

Sunday, February 4th – 19:00 UTC (Game Time) – PvM with Mod Lee

Join our resident PvM expert with another mass this Sunday!

LootScape will be enabled and the Loots Cape will be a guaranteed drop for this stream.

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Deadman Winter Winners

On Saturday 9th December, ESL’s Studio 1 in Leicester played host to the Deadman Winter Finals. After a thrilling finish in what was our most ambitious change to the format of the competiton, we’re now able to announce the prize winners. In light of the disqualification of the last survivor, the runner-up of the competition will receive the prize for 1st place, whilst 3rd & 4th place will each receive a split of the runner-up prize (in addition to the original prize monies their placement).


Deadman Winter Winners

  • Winner: Manked ($20k)
  • Semi-Finalist: Rupper lol ($6k)
  • Semi-Finalist: Micka 279 ($6k)
  • Placed in the last 16: Kalmaars (Premier Club Gold)
  • Placed in the last 16: Cowslyer2011 (Premier Club Gold)
  • Placed in the last 16: X Ducnan X (Premier Club Gold)
  • Placed in the last 16: Jacobro (Premier Club Gold)
  • Placed in the last 16: show bob (Premier Club Gold)
  • Placed in the last 16: Tightgoat666 (Premier Club Gold)
  • Placed in the last 16: win chinner (Premier Club Gold)
  • Placed in the last 16: MiscIix XCD (Premier Club Gold)
  • Placed in the last 16: DWO Reddit (Premier Club Gold)
  • Placed in the last 16: ESKEEETIIT (Premier Club Gold)
  • Placed in the last 16: Fools Kings (Premier Club Gold)
  • Placed in the last 16: Temper TNT (Premier Club Gold)

All of the above winners will be contacted via their in-game message centre as stated within the Deadman Mode Terms & Conditions.

Deadman Feedback

As stated above, the Winter Finals was our most ambitious attempt at concluding a Deadman Season to date. We’d like to take this opportunity to gather feedback. Please visit this forum thread and leave feedback on the streamed event, and the Finals as a whole.

Deadman Spring Season

The Deadman Spring Season is underway, and you have only until Thursday 11th January to quality for the Spring Finals! Automatic quest completion, and 6 hour immunity for new players is now active. Get acquainted with the unique Spring Season mechanics and log into a Seasonal server today! And If you need buy some Deadman Spring Season Gold you can click here.

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OSRS Mobile – An Update

This is where we are with Old School RuneScape Mobile, our biggest update ever.

Where we are and what we’ve learned
Since announcing in July we’ve made lots of progress on OSRS Mobile with some playtests from players at RuneFest and an internal alpha build distributed amongst JMods. We’ve also had a build approved by the Apple App Store (at a basic level) and the Google Play Store.

We’re the first MMORPG of serious scale to attempt full cross-platform support and a mobile-optimised interface. It’s been a fascinating challenge so far but it is a far bigger project than what was originally thought!

We want to ensure that OSRS Mobile is released to players with optimal functionality whilst ensuring app safety and stability and for that reason we have pushed back the first beta.

Like us on Facebook for exclusive pictures, memes, and videos.

When will you get your hands on it?
The development schedule shows that we should be able to start getting the app into the hands of players in January 2018, what a great way to start the new year! The build will be the first of many stages before we launch fully, as mentioned above, this is a mammoth task.

The first people to be selected will be chosen on account standing and device used. We’ll be looking to expand the number of players with access to mobile once the initial testing stage is over. The most important thing to note is that we want to give you something that is polished, not something that’s sub-standard, it’ll be worth the wait.

The build given to some players in January will be on the live servers so you can truly #AdventureAnywhere, whether it’s on your PC or on mobile.

What’s next?
Over the next few weeks we will be releasing test data which will include storage used, data used per hour (on average), and battery life whilst playing. We’ve also got some fun ideas for video content, so in a couple of weeks you’ll be able to see some JMods having a 1v1 battle on Mobile! Tweet us @OldSchoolRS to let us know who should be the first JMods to battle on mobile.

If you missed our last post on OSRS Mobile you can read it here, and you can join the #OSRSMobile discussion on our forums, on Twitter, and on Reddit.

Mods Archie, Ash, Ayiza, Curse, Ed, Ghost, Jed, John C, Kieren, Mat K, Maz, Roq, Ry, Stone, Sween, TomH, Weath, West & Wolf
The Old School Team

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Runescape Unfinished Business – September

Runefest is so close that we can taste it, and we can’t wait for 23rd September to roll around so we can meet you all once again.
We want the Runefest Reveals session to be something special, with some surprises held back for this big day. The session will include more info on the Clue Scroll Rework, Combat Pets, and the announcement of new projects that address RuneScape’s Unfinished Business. For those, you’ll have to wait and see.OGPAL is a famous brand in gaming industry. Since 2006, it has been working on this for more than 11 years, our original intention is that we want to build first class brand and the best 7/24 online service reps. Customer first is always our principle. As a MMORPG Gold Seller, depending on many years’ hard work and honesty, Over 1,000,000 players have used our services,and 100% secure online payment system proved by a million users.
First off, thank you to every one of you who voted in our recent poll.
The question was whether we should prioritise new high-level Mining & Smithing content over a wholesale rework of the skill, and your answer was clear: 69% voted no.
As such, we will be focusing our attention on reworking the skill across its level range, based on the design presented in our Mining & Smithing Dev Diaries.
We’ll share specific design details with you in upcoming Dev Diaries and subsequent polls, including what the new, desirable reward specific to Smithing will be.
Until then, though, we’ll be getting our noses to the grindstone. Mining & Smithing is perhaps the epitome of Unfinished Business, and it’s time to get it done. Onwards!No Player can play a certain MMORPG without virtual money or currency, most games use gold as the virtual currency.In Path of Exile, we don’t have gold or silver, but we have to use RS Gold to level up our equipment. Because of this, many players choose to buy Old School Gold from a reliable and trustworthy website.

Whole information about this article please check:–september?jptg=ia&jptv=community_news