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suffering such as FIFA 15 (FUT)

The FIFA Ultimate Team Transfer Market is down at the moment with hundreds taking to social media to vent their dismay of it not working for them.

There is a huge EA outage at the moment and the server is down for a while, and because the server is down many games are suffering such as FIFA 15 (FUT). Other games include Battlefield and Madden according to Product Reviews.

FUT 15 will not be accessible via Companion and Web apps, there has not been any rough time this will come back online. In the meantime EA will continue to access the state of the Transfer Market.

You can still access the Transfer Market via the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4. This has been classed as a very important maintenance. Time will tell.

Gamers are not happy, one FIFA player said they purchased 2 million coins not so long ago and now they cannot get onto FIFA.

Are you having EA server problems with FIFA 15 transfer market being down?

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make a huge profit on coins down the line

If you’re a fan of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, you’d know that there was a small market crash that occured this weekend at the hands of 35K packs being released. Not many people expected that to happen and because of that players prices dropped, not drastically but enough to ruin many people’s investments. The problem with that is because of the small crash, many people panic sold their items because they think the prices won’t rise again. Well they’re wrong, because prices are already going up to where they once were. Kompany dropped as low as 50K on Tuesday and is now at about 62K.

But if prices are rising, why is it a good time to invest in coins? Well it’s simple, the FUT United tournament is coming this weekend. What is that you may ask? It’s a tournament that is released to celebrate the anniversary of FIFA Ultimate Team, and with that tournament, sooo many packs are released during that time it’s insane. Plus, the tournament itself grants packs to the winners. With all these packs, a market crash of a lifetime similar to that of Team of the Year will take place, and it’s the time for investors like myself to put effort into getting some coinage.

For those with a lot of coins, look to invest in those high rated inform cards that will be getting packed a lot, their price will significantly drop, and you’ll be able to sell them back in a week for almost double the price. Look to invest in those Kevin de Bruyne cards, Mesut Ozil, Jeremy Menez, and Karim Benzema. They’ll be at their lowest price in the weekend.

For those that have a smaller amount of coins and really want to invest, look for the lower end of the informs this week, but get those that are still somewhat valuable, this involves Rafinha and mostly Remy Cabella, he’ll go down to under 20K, and since he’s the best right mid from France, his price will go up to about 60-70K once he’s out of packs. Tripling your coins. For those who also can’t invest in those players, look at Mesut Ozil’s regular card and Jordi Alba. During Team of the Year, Ozil was going for roughly 4.5K coins, and once it ended, his price right now is 9,000 coins. The market works in weird ways.

Takeaways from this? Invest all of your coins this weekend. If you buy smart and low, you’ll make a huge profit on coins down the line. Good luck this weekend!

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fut 15 coins within 24 hours provide

Chelsea in the premier league outshine others, the team is likely to get the premiership title this season, as the team’s head coach, jose mourinho played. Jose mourinho says he likes Chelsea, and hope to be able to stay in the blues in 10 years. Although Chelsea in the league match with Manchester city was once, but with excellent play in recent games, Chelsea has expanded to seven points with Manchester city.

Since jose mourinho to club Chelsea after the team’s tactical methods have obvious change, especially this season with the method of small, diego – costa, such as the arrival of the players, the team’s game highly ornamental, have also been more fans love, all thanks to mourinho. Jose mourinho talked about his future: “I like Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea fans, I also like the premier league.

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At some point, I can’t understand some things, but I love of the premier league has never changed. If someone told me that will spend 10 years at Chelsea, I would be very very happy. I’m very happy to become a member of the Stamford bridge, and hope to stay here for many years.”

Chelsea ahead of Manchester city 7 points, but in mourinho’s opinion, the championship is far from over: “there are 14 games to play, and 14 games has 42 points to compete for, this is not a small. Though I know the team is higher than the second 7 points, 10 points higher than the third and 14 points higher than 4. But at this moment, we need to win every game, every time we get a point will be as close to the champion, but now we champion is too far away.”

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acceptable at pressuring FIFA 15 Coins

Afterwards three weeks of the brawl shortage, at San Mames amphitheater Uruguayan striker broke.

Neymar admonish his teammates to abide to move forward, now is not the time to let down.

Suarez confident

After the alliance did not break, Suarez denticulate Sunday at San Mames amphitheater in three weeks. Uruguayan striker and Lionel Messi, Neymar and Pedro bankrupt while on Sunday, but it was his chargeless Nou Camp 3-1 win over Atletico Madrid’s aboriginal ambition since.

After the game, Suarez said he could not score, “not nervous,” but he aswell said:. “I am a little worried, because I accept been administering self-criticism, I abhorrence not go to advice the team.”

When it comes to Athletic Bilbao, Barcelona striker said: “We apperceive that this blazon of antagonism will be actual intense, because they are acceptable at pressuring so we knew we had to be actual focused from the outset.”

Suarez absent the aboriginal befalling to breach his abutting ambit attack was adored by Iraizoz. Uruguay striker said: “He’s the angry was fantastic, I anticipate the brawl is clumsy to fly into the opponents goal.” But afterwards alone a few minutes, he bankrupt up.

When asked whether they admired and Lionel Messi, Neymar accomplice together, Suarez said: “It is an account to play with them, I just charge to adore every accomplishment on it.”


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“It was a boxy bold in a boxy amphitheater and we alpha actual well, we denticulate the acceptable ambition to be.”

“We are accepting good, we accept to do so. This is great, but we have to abide to strive to accomplish to improve.”

“In accession to my goal, the a lot of important affair is to advice my teammates.”

“We can not stalled, we have to abide to move forward.”

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makes him a threat in FIFA 15

We have got a batch of fast players, strong players, best young players or other good keepers that EA revealed to us. We will choose the players based on these stats. Today, we are going to discuss the tall players in each position. The height will help you win more percentage of heading. With them by your side, your winning percentage is increasing.


Jens Hegeler-6’3”. Very erll rounded player, that comes up in just about every 100k pack opening. With his size, you might want to give him a try.

Abou Diaby-6’2”. Each FIFA his rating drops due to his injuries. Playing for Arsenal and being French, he can fit in a lot of different squads. Dr. Ozil might have to assist him.

Yaya Toure-6’2”. One of the better players in this list, Yaya Toure is a fantastic player to have. Height combined with a rating of 86, makes him a threat in FIFA 15.


Bryan Ruiz-6’2”. The South American maestro Bryan Ruiz is the tallest natural RM in FIFA. Playing for Fulham in the championship, the Costa Rican will not fit with a lot of teams but if making a championship team is your thing, then he should definitely be in your team.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang-6’1”. Being the 4th fastest player on the game, Aubameyang’s height makes him one of the best players to have in his position. His team is also the fastest team in the game. In a game that is so heavily reliant on pace and height, he has a great combination of both.

Ivan Perisic-6’1”. The last player in the RM section, Perisic has some good stats that compliment his height pretty well. He has 82 jumping and 81 heading accuracy which makes him a real threat in the air as well as having 81 long shots which makes him a very good player to have.

Cut here and we will continue to cover the other tallest players in each position next time. Hope you enjoy with the FIFA 15 transferred player cards.

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find the cheap but overpowered players in FIFA 15  Today we are going to talk about the players you are unwilling to face in your FIFA 15 games. Once play against them, it seems they dominate the pitch, but you never can turn the table. Commonly they are strong, pacy, with high stats. It is upset to see them in your opposite side. What can they do? They are beast. They are overpowered. They are in your FIFA 15.

Fredy Guarin, Inter centre midfielder, has become a must-have bargain buy in Ultimate Team due to his sheer all-round ability. 80 plus scores in key areas such as short passing, stamina, strength, ball control and dribbling is reinforced by 70 plus scores in just about everything else. He was one of the best midfield generals on the game, surging from box to box, contributing heavily to both attack and defence.

Christian Benteke. Boasting stats such as 92 strength, 84 heading ability, and 82 finishing, the Aston Villa man is the closest thing to a human wrecking ball in FIFA 15. Combined with a top class winger, Benteke is one of the most potent aerial threats in the game, exploiting the ease of crossed goals. If getting the ball to the byline and crossing it is your style, then Benteke is your man.

Victor Ibarbo. He was once the most feared striker in the series, but EA ‘s decision to lower certain stats has resulted in the striker dropping out of favor. While his finishing might have been reduced to a mere 66, the striker’s physical attributes remain top notch with 95 sprint speed and 87 acceleration. He is still one of the most devastating strikers.

Emmanuel Emenike. He has come to represent the powerful, pacey striker courtesy of his awe-inspiring physical statistics as well as excellent finishing ability. Indeed, Emenike alone is enough for players to consider picking Nigeria, taking advantage of the likes of speedy winger Ahmed Musa to provide ammunition for the striker.

Ahmed Musa. One of the rising stars of Nigerian football. He uses his pace to devastate opposing fullbacks and it is no different in FIFA 15, where his 95 acceleration, 92 sprint speed and 90 agility belies his lowly 75 overall rating. He is capable of so much more.

Ready to fight against these beasts or pick them by your side? It is much safe to choose them on your side. We are trying to find the cheap but overpowered players in FIFA 15. Do you get someone else on the list?

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Fifa 15 Coins Bamford 69

Buy cheapest Fifa Coins with Paypal No Confirmation Any More

With the Team of the Year (TOTY) having been and gone, you’ll be pleased to know that the THIRD set of FUT 15 orange Man of the Match (MOTM) players are here for 24 hours!

MOTM Dunn 64, MOTM Stead 64, and MOTM Bamford 69 will be available in packs until 11.59pm UK Tuesday 27th January 2015!

Other available in-form players:

TOTW 19 (including SIF Diego Costa & SIF Paul Pogba)

Make sure to let us know if you manage to get yourself MOTM Dunn / MOTM Stead / MOTM Bamford, or any other in-forms! We’ll Retweet some of the best packs! As always, if you have anything you want to say, feel free to use the comments section below.

We’ll keep you updated on all the latest Pack Offers and Happy Hours, so stay tuned!

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Cheating with Coin Sellers

For many weeks and even months, FIFA 15 managed to dominate the best seller gaming charts in the UK. Electronic Arts FIFA has proven that it’s miles ahead of its competitor Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), but the storied franchise has consistently dropped the ball in gameplay and content.

EA has done a remarkable job with the physics engine, gameplay, presentation and licensing, but they have added new features and policies that has deteriorated the game. There are three consequential problems that have affected FIFA 15 gameplay.

Offline gameplay has been totally ignored

We can all agree that FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) and online game modes are the best features of the games. We all have been integrated somehow to playing online with fellow gamers all across the world. FUT allows you to build your dream team and most can argue that this is perhaps one of the most fulfilling things in the game. FUT has become so immense in FIFA that many are proposing a standalone version of the game.

EA’s obsession with FUT has forced them to neglect offline gameplay. It is clear that they spent the least attention on this feature. Seriously, outside of Career Mode, what else is there to do? There aren’t many interesting offline game modes. Whenever the servers are down (which is often), it is likely most of us can’t play. No one wants to waste time of the Training Ground or play the Legends.

Park the Bus was simply wrong for gaming

Real life football teams employ Park the Bus as a defensive tactic, so EA introducing it in FIFA 15 would appear plausible. However, it has been severely exploited by gamers and using the tactic is no longer strategy or fun gaming. The idea has potential, but it can make super teams impossible to beat. Having extreme offensive and defensive strategies are necessary in gameplay, but Park the Bus should not be a necessary evil.

Cheating with Coin Sellers

Here we are again discussing FUT. Sure enough, people have figured out how to abuse the coin system in Ultimate Team. FIFA 15 coin sellers make it much easier to build your dream squad. This is a serious problem for genuine players, because the quality of a team now depends on who can afford the highest. Much like gaming and movie privacy, this is issue has spread like wild fire without no real way of stopping it. Ultimate Team loses its legitimacy due to sellers and buyers who don’t play fair.

Honestly, I have wanted to buy coins myself. Instead, I just don’t play FUT as much as I’d like.

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Fifa 15 Coins Player Despair

In FIFA 15, some players who were really good before are not that useful as they should be, which makes us disappointed. We need to pick up other good options instead. In fact that we can figure out why EA Sports downgrade them like this. That’s the one what we are disappointed at FIFA 15. Here are the FIFA 15 players that not that good as they used to be.

Fernandinho, went from being non-rare to rare, but instead of having stats improved he got worse. He hasn’t only lost six points of pace, two points of shooting and one of dribbling, but maybe it’s the fact that now he’s high defensive, the fact is that now he doesn’t help much up front like he used to.

Ronaldinho, the Brazilians must be really bad, they not only had to see their national team lose so miserably, then have their main league left out of the game, now they have to face a dramatic list of several players losing performances. Ronaldinho still keeps 5 stars of skill, but on the other hand his shooting is terrible.

Mario Mandzukic, who is he? He just went from being one of the biggest stars on FIFA 14 to a total stranger on FIFA 15. It seems like he completely forgot how to play football. It is just annoying how he can miss so many chances inside the area.

Kevin Constant, why would this excellent left-back make it to the midfield? Went from being gold to silver, lost points on several attributes and just to make it brilliant he’s out of the Serie A. Since he’s French we would think about using him in a Ligue 1 squad or even a French one but no, he went from being one of the best left-backs on FIFA 14 to a nobody on the midfield on FIFA 15.

What’s your big disappointment in FIFA 15? Have you ever lost money on someone like that? Even so, we will continue to play FIFA 15 . We love that damn football video game.

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FIFA 15 Worth Fifa 15 Coins

There are so many football players in the real life. So does Fifa 15 Coins. Not everyone is well-known to all of us. You may always keep your eyes on the prestigious stars and ignore the small potatoes. In the actual fact that, these players less prominent to you are not really weak on the pitch. You just didn’t realize their value before. What’s more, you are able to spend less coins but with much more profit.

Mauro Zarate. Key stats: 88 agility, 88 balance, 86 sprint speed, 85 curve, 83 dribbling, 81 ball control, 79 finishing, 79 shot power and 79 long shots. QPR will be benefiting from Zarate’s ability in the Premier League, after West Ham decided to give him away temporarily thanks to an abundance of strikers. That high agility and balance combine to make him good at taking platers on, and the finesse and long-shot traits make him a threat all over the final third.

Ashley Williams. Key stats: 86 strength, 86 jumping, 82 standing tackle, 82 aggression, 81 heading, 78 interceptions and 74 sprint speed. He might be getting on a bit, but Williams is one of the best available centre-backs in the English game. Nobody is going to win anything in the air against him.

Alessio Cerci. Key stats: 88 sprint speed, 85 acceleration, 85 curve, 84 ball control, 82 long shots, 82 agility, 82 vision, 81 short passing, 81 crossing, and 81 pens. A little more expensive than some of the other striking options, but that’s definitely reflected in his stats. He works particularly well behind two strikers, which is aided by his long shot-taking skill and the fact that he’s quick enough to break past them.

Miranda. Key stats: 88 aggression, 86 heading accuracy, 86 marking, 85 sliding tackling, 83 standing tackle and 81 interceptions. One of the better defenders in the Spanish league, Miranda’s price is ridiculously low considering how much of a defensive beast he is. His aggression also helps take the ball away from attackers.

Seydou Doumbia. Key stats: 94 sprint speed, 94 stamina, 91 acceleration, 86 finishing, 86 dribbling, 85 attacking position and 81 ball control. One of the better known beasts from FIFA 15 Doumbia’s price reflected how well-rated he was, but in FIFA 15 that price tag has dropped considerably into the affordable bracket.

We have brought so many FIFA 15 bargains that with spectacular stats, which are worth a buy. Do you favor some of them? You will never be regret for buying them.