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FIFA was not arrive to Prime Minister David Cameron’s

FIFA Coins was not arrive to Prime Minister David Cameron’s all-around anti-corruption summit, admitting atrocity in action getting a key focus of the event.

More information, amuse accumulate connected absorption to our website and we will accompany lots of latest account for you.Another tactic to use is to ascendancy the appearance of your aggregation if not in possession. Rather than sending a individual man to hunt the brawl carrier, it would be added able to avert as a whole.Besides affairs bread we accept a addiction to additionally see thereto that you just can acquirement bill and low bulk fifa 16 pc bill and advance it for approaching profit.

Take advantage of this belvedere to barter cards or even buy and advertise with absolute money. Meet added players and align matches and tournaments.

FIFA 17 isnt the aboriginal EA Sports bold to use Frostbite tech; 2015s Rory McIlroy PGA Tour was congenital on the belvedere as able-bodied by EA Tiburon, the column on GameInformer reads. During its columnist assault for PGA Tour, EA accustomed the engines accomplishment in creating alfresco environments and acid bulk times amid holes.

Finally, we would like to see a change in the bulk of bill that players accept in every game, because at this point it doesnt consistently appropriately accolade players for their efforts.

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more frustrating on buy FIFA coins

We all know how frustrating FIFA can be sometimes. It’s a game that often doesn’t make sense to the best of us, but we love it in spite of its imperfections and the heartbreaking defeats.

There’s nothing more frustrating on FIFA Coins than losing to a last minute goal, especially when you have pummelled the opposition mercilessly for 90 minutes. That ridiculous goalkeeping performance in the opposition nets – followed by the most naff of headers going into your own goal in injury time – well, it just adds to your anger and misery.

It’s not a rare feeling to think that the whole world is against you if you don’t come out on top. We all feel the same pain.

But there are ways around it. You don’t have to pour all of your heart and energy into that first online match of the day. It’s exciting, sure, but sometimes all FIFA requires is a little bit of knowledge of what to do and the will to execute it.

Skills and tricks are lovely, but believe it or not, there’s more to FIFA 15 coins than dancing your way around unwitting defenders. A set of ideals need to be in place for you to sustain success, because even the most fancy of tricks can be found out by good players eventually. So what do you actually need to do to reach the top of your game?

Nail down these nine things to achieve FIFA 15 coins God status.

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FIFA Coins still hold its secrets

As one of the biggest game modes in FIFA 15, with hundreds of thousands of players take part in, FIFA Coins still hold its secrets. Few FUT players know the secrets which can give them the extra few coins to sign a top player, cut the time you have to grind against the CPU, and eliminate the randomness caused by the elements. So let’s reveal them for you.

Earn a few thousand coins from the historic kits and balls in the EAFC Catalogue. If you have played the previous FIFA games then you will no doubt be at a decent level in the EA SPORTS Football club. This means you are free to avail of the many awards, which cost EASFC coins earned by playing the game. Most FIFA players know you can but things like boots or other things, but did you know that you can sell the classic kits and balls for coins in Ultimate Team? You just need to buy up every kit and ball you can then log into Ultimate Team. When presented with all your new kits and balls, simple press “Quick Sell All”.

Cut the time you have to play the CPU in half. The 6 min halfs that you are forced to play the CPU are a total bore. But you are not allowed to play less than the standard 6 min halfs. There is a simple but strange glitch that will result in the time being set to a much more enojoyable 3 min halfs.

Go to start an offline seasons game, then at the Team Management screen go to “Settings”, here you will see the 6 min halfs option is greyed out meaning you can’t change it, but go to “Audio Settings” and change the commentary to Spanish. Press start, and you will see 3 min halfs at the top of the screen.

Never play in the rain again. Everybody seems to hate playing in the rain, so the random weather in Ultimate Team can be a nightmare. But there is a solution. The King Fahd Stadium does not have rains as an option it helps that the home of the Saudi Arabian national team is an absolutely beautiful feat of architecture, and that the shadows on the pitch don’t interfere with your view like they do in some other stadiums, but the King Fahd should be every FIFA 15 Ultimate Team’s home stadium.

If you have heard of them before, congratulations that you play too much FIFA. If not enjoy. As you may know these secrets when so many players unknown, why not try them out and play ahead of them. With these tips, you will show your superiority.

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FIFA 14 World Cup Nice Try

If ever a game FIFA Coins had a shelf life, it is surely the FIFA World cup. Commonly released few months before the real one starts, it succeed to capture the expectation of fans and allow them to discuss passionately their nation’s path to glory. However, once the real life one has been over and the international football calendar falls silent, the games are spitted out form disc drives.

Logically, stand in developer’s place, there has historically been a reticence to offer a new product from the usual annualized releases when comes to World Cup. There are always presentations overhauls and dedicated modes, but the changes to the game are minimal at best. However, FIFA 14 World Cup is an excellent game. Though there is a little in ways of new features to entice.

EA is alway faultless in the flagship road to the World Cup mode, a winding way of following through from a team’s earliest fixtures all the way to the finals proper in Brazil. Spanning qualifiers, friendlies and training sessions, it is an expansive but rewarding option for those looking for an accurate simulation, especially if you succeed in qualifying with an humble nation.

As every new FIFA title released, the developers claim a continuing evolution of the core game play. This time, they claim an new control system is in place, featuring dribbling which allows players on the pitch to turn quickly at every possible angle but still maintain control and pinpoint passing. The updated animations improve precision and responsiveness. In practice, the animations certainly make for a more visually appealing update.

The differences are obvious, a goalkeeper in a penalty now allows you to distract the striker. The ability of controlling the runs of AI teammates during set pieces if wisely used can be a genuinely transformative offensive skill.EA is paying more attention to dead ball play which is a crucial part of modern football.

The World Cup Brazil can be excellent amusement till the new game launches.

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New FIFA 14 PS4 Update Out Now

FIFA Coins title update is available now for PS4 and soon for Xbox One users. The update resolves an issue where users were unfairly awarded a win or avoided a loss after disconnecting from a FUT match.

A patch to address the same issue will be available soon on the XBOX One console according to the FIFA 14 community manager. This seems to be a relatively minor update but something that was of high importance. Nothing is more frustrating then being blatantly cheated out of a win by something as dumb as a D/C glitch.

“Our commitment to improve FIFA 14 is ongoing, and regular feedback from our fans helps us prioritize and identify future improvements. Thanks for your feedback on Twitter, Facebook, and the EA Forums. We’ll continue to provide you with information through those channels as and when it becomes available.”

The official EA Forums made a statement that included a big thanks to the fans of the series in their provided feedback on Twitter, Facebook and via the forums. They also go on to say how they are constantly looking to make considerable improvements over the course of the year to give a truly remarkable experience for their end-users.

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Lionel Messi ready for his Maradona moment as Argentina still rely on a maestro to deliver on biggest stage

Barca playmaker’s mesmerising talent has left its imprint on this World Cup and there could yet be another mark for him in history. The big one. The one Maradona made

Twenty-four years after Argentina last reached a World Cup semi-final, their genius was beset by domestic turmoil. On the big day he was accusing his ex-girlfriend of running off with watches and diamond earrings. An international arrest warrant was being sought.

But enough about Diego Maradona. His heir, the substantially more stable Lionel Messi, has found his way to a World Cup final in Rio’s Maracana stadium, despite drifting out of the game after half-time. Never mind: Messi can still have his Maradona moment on Sunday, even if Germany are red hot favourites.

Messi buried his penalty in a 4-2 spot-kick victory for Argentina after Louis van Gaal, Holland’s coach, had assigned the first Dutch kick to Ron Vlaar, the Aston Villa centre-back who had the game of his life before missing from 12 yards.

After Messi, Ezequiel Garay, Sergio Agüero and Maxi Rodríguez had all scored for Argentina, Brazilians clutched their heads again. The hated neighbours are on their way to the Rio shrine, where the sight of Argentina lifting the trophy would just about finish the host country off.

The distance from Maradona to Messi is more than just the two and a half decades since El Diego’s team reached the final of Italia ’90, where they lost 1-0 to West Germany. The two narratives span the gap between the golden age of renegade street footballers and one-man corporations. But the purpose has not changed. Argentina is one of those countries that seeks prestige not only through the production of gifted individuals but bragging rights on the international stage.

Even in his long quiet spell, Messi never stopped being the prime threat to Holland, which is why Bruno Indi Martins, the Dutch centre-back, fouled him so persistently that he had to be withdrawn at half-time for the sake of the team. A body-check went unpunished but an arm-tackle when Argentina’s captain was dancing towards the Dutch goal finally earned the oranje’s No 4 a caution.

In the second half and through extra-time it became a slog for the most famous player on the pitch, as defenders took this chance to say to a global audience: ‘We matter too.’ Nigel de Jong, the Dutch midfield crocodile, was expected to do the roughing up but mostly confined himself to following the chief danger around like an autograph hunter.

Before the game Van Gaal laid down a challenge. “On the most important stage, he hasn’t always pulled it off,” said Manchester United’s next manager. “He’s always found it difficult to do that at international level and he wants to change that at this tournament. We want to stop him, so that’s going to be quite a challenge.”

Van Gaal’s counterpart, Alejandro Sabella, confirmed what most of us feel. Although Cristiano Ronaldo has replaced him as the Balon d’Or winner – the world player of the year – Messi’s artistry here in Brazil has restored his No 1 status. In the later stages however he was largely fighting his way out from under an orange blanket.

Subdued in South Africa four years ago, Barcelona’s chief artiste had scored four times in the five games Argentina had won by a single goal. But although they had scraped and scratched their way to the last four Messi’s catalytic influence had been thrilling, and suggestive of a change in his game. In his mid-twenties he seems to be finding pleasure in spraying and rolling passes for team-mates, challenging himself to apply the right weight and backspin.

He always interchanged with Xavi and Andrés Iniesta at Barcelona, but they tended to be short, quick one-twos, or threaded balls around the penalty box. With Argentina here, he has experimented with the conductor’s role, mainly in concert with Ángel di María, who was always keen to run onto his stroked passes, until a thigh injury in the Belgium game landed him on the sidelines.

“I always said Di María was extremely important. He brings balance to the side, can perform various different jobs and associates well with Messi,” Sabella said. “He has won the Champions League and all of Europe wants him in their side.”

Di María’s replacement was Enzo Pérez, who excelled for Benfica last season but lacks his better-known team-mate’s talent for spearing through a defence.

Moments before the end of the first-half Messi struck one of those curling 30-yard balls to set Marcos Rojo free down Holland’s right flank but the cross flew over Gonzalo Higuaín’s head. Higuaín expressed his disgust by harrumphing in the Dutch penalty box and then chipped away at Rojo as the teams left the field.

By that point in the Brazil-Germany game we were already compiling the obituaries for the hosts. The avalanche of goals in Belo Horizonte was not to be repeated here, with a tight Argentina defence and Dutch tactical fluidity twisting the minds of both teams.

Alongside a first World Cup win for Europe in Latin America, Messi’s possible graduation to become a great international footballer is Sunday’s big plotline. While Maradona was calling on Interpol to help him recover his allegedly stolen trinkets from Rocio Oliva, 22, with the usual Maradona-esque song and dance, his successor his fighting his way through a thicket of orange shirts, with the Maracana flashing in his mind. The task turned harder and harder.

But his mesmerising talent has already left its imprint on this World Cup and there could yet be another mark for him in history. The big one. The one Maradona made.

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Neymar Ruled Out the Semi Final Due To Injury

To celebrate the fifa world cup, we already adding FIFA World Coins to our site,WildStar Gold  hope you can like it. The Brazil star forward Neymar was injured in the match between Brazil and Colombia. The Colombia back James Rodriguez’s serious foul play hitherto Neymar. He was fractured of his vertebra.

After referee Carlos Velasco Carballo allowed Fernandinho, in particular, to kick Rodriguez with impunity Colombia responded in kind. In this fetid atmosphere Neymar paid a terrible price.

After being carried off tears on a stretcher, Neymar was taken to the city’s hospital Sao Carlos, where it was confirmed that his third vertebra had been broken. The news that neither his team nor his country wanted to hear was announced by the Brazil’s medical staff at the Estadio Castelao. “ Neymar had a scan, which confirmed he had fractured his third vertebra. In terms of the recovery process, it’s a fracture that heals quickly, but unfortunately he’ll be in no condition to play next week.” said CBF doctor Rodrigo Lasmar, “ it is not serious in the sense that it requires surgery, but he’s in pain and he’ll need to immobilism it to recover. He’ll have to have it immobilized with a belt for a few weeks to be able to get back to full mobility.”

It is a really sad news for Brazil. They need to think about how to make up for Neymar’s absence. “ We are delighted with the win but sad about this news. It’s all very frustrating. Neymar really looks after himself. He was so excited about the World Cup and he’d helped us so much, we have to get over this and run even harder for him.

Without Neymar, how will the Brazil make up for his absence. The next match will be a hard one. Anyway, FIFA should punish that violent behavior for a fair game.

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Xaor’s Cave: FIFA Offers Lack of Control

At E3 Fifa coins we got the first glimpse of what is in store for FIFA 15, including the regular series of announcements regarding gameplay improvements. There are few areas of FIFA that haven’t seen significant changes since FIFA 07 heralded an era of enormous success for the franchise, yet the way we control the game has remained static. It is as a result of this that we are increasingly out of control when playing FIFA, passengers to an experience which is ever more frustrating, and ever less satisfying.

I increasingly see FIFA as a game designed for football heretics – for those who either don’t understand football and for those who are happy to entirely ignore how football works while they seek out the all important win. I’m weary of playing opponents whose strategy is to blindly pass their ball into attack before unleashing insanely ambitious lobbed through balls that come off more often than not. I’m sick of seeing even matches decided by headed goals that neither I, or my opponent had any real say in. I’m tired of trying to defend competently while the AI that is supposed to support me either nonchalantly ignores threats, or flat out creates them.

I am surely in the minority, but I see FIFA as a game in need of radical change, and a lot of the changes I desire to see relate to the way we control the game. Though EA have added a fair few modifiers over the years, which few know about and fewer still actually use, it is only with Tactical Defending that there was a real upheaval (and sadly, the feature is inaptly named). For the most part, FIFA’s controls seem sacrosanct, meaning that in FIFA 15 we can look forward to the same core mechanics we saw in FIFA 07.


Attacking play is simply ruled by assistance to passes, shots, and crosses. While there is nothing whatsoever wrong with the concept of offering assistance, FIFA’s assistance is the antithesis of good game design. Year after year, assistance is at the core of the most significant imbalances in the game, with FIFA 14’s lobbed through ball serving as a recent example. To this day I cannot believe EA released a game (or two, when you consider the last and current gen versions) with such an enormous balance issue. The lobbed through ball is so effective that many cannot do without it, with some players looking to play one every time they go forward. They are rewarded for it consistently, with the passes coming off more often than not, regardless of how ambitious the pass might be. It is common to see deft, defence destroying passes unleashed blind, and more and more frequently I see people attempting the lobbed through ball directly from kick off.

The outrageous efficiency of the lobbed through ball comes down to two primary factors: poor defensive AI, which is still useless when it comes to defending against attacking runs, particularly from fast players, and the extraordinary consistency of the passes regardless of context. It is galling to see users rewarded again and again for merely sending a fast man on a run and pressing a pair of buttons, but that is the essence of what assistance does. It takes one of the most important parts of football – the aim of passes, shots, and crosses – and gives almost all of the control to the computer.

In one fell swoop, EA massively reduces the set of possible passes, crosses, and shots, restricting us to what the unimaginitive assistance algorithms allow for. The game’s variety suffers enormously for it, and the user’s potential for creativity does too. Perhaps worst of all, by giving the computer the control that should rightly be ours, EA remove one of the main areas in which users could differentiate themselves.

One of the main reasons I play games is to showcase my ability. Good games reward me for my skill, and drive me to improve. Nothing is more satisfying than nailing a lap on a racing game, nailing a 500m headshot in Battlefield, faultlessly completing an obstacle course on a Trials game, or executing the perfect plan in a strategy game. FIFA’s assistance prevents me from deriving similar satisfaction, because I know it’s not me. In FIFA, the perfect pass is performed by pressing Triangle and L1 with a modicum of timing. In FIFA, the perfect shot can be achieved by pointing vaguely at the goal and tapping circle.

Not only does assistance remove potential satisfaction, it also increases potential for frustration. Because the assistance algorithm implies I am entirely incapable of doing anything but vaguely choosing who I want to pass to, it very often misinterprets what I want to do. Missed opportunities, or flat out mistakes are frequent in situations when the pass needs to be precise, and nothing is more frustrating than failing because of an algorithm meant to aid me.

Though I’m not planning on talking about solutions in this article, I want to immediately disclaim that this is not a call for EA to make everyone play manual. I believe in assistance, conceptually, I just feel FIFA’s current assistance options need to be replaced root and branch.

aerial battles

It’s a pity that we have so little control with passes, crosses and shots, but we still have remarkably more control over them than we do over an aerial battle. To a disturbing extent aerial battles are decided as soon as the cross is played. The deciding factors? The position of players in the box, which is entirely out of your control, the player that gets selected, which is entirely out of your control, the trajectory of the cross, which is assisted, and the attributes of the battling players, again, out of your control. Ostensibly, you can jostle to give yourself a better chance to win a header, but most of the time the player seems to reject your control. All in all, aerial battles are largely random, yet often the difference between a win and a loss.


Despite the irritation caused by lobbed through ball abuse and over frequent headed goals, its arguably in defence that FIFA’s controls are furthest from adequate, and paired with the defensive AI which can only be relied on to fail you, FIFA’s defending is left in a dilapidated, unenjoyable, and unrealistic state. The AI takes an almost entirely passive role in defence – they’ll move around to satisfy their heuristics but you won’t often see them tightly marking, applying pressure, covering runs or stepping up to apply a trap. The only real solution to the AI’s weakness, and the one used by so many online, is to defend deep with numbers – it is only as a wall that FIFA’s passive AI are up to the task.

The active part of the defence is always focused on one player – the selected player – and it is the extraordinary abilities of the individual defender in FIFA that counteract the defensive AI’s frailty. Tackles are triggered automatically and practically never miss, and using the contain function, a defender will mirror an attacker all too perfectly. Perhaps most importantly, defenders move so much more easily than ball carriers, with higher acceleration, higher top speed, and faster turning. This exaggeration of defensive capabilities results in a number of problems. Sprinting straight at/through the ball carrier is an alarmingly effective tactic for tackling the ball away, when it should primarily lead to tiring the defender, causing needless fouls, and getting beaten cheaply. Dribbling in tight space becomes nearly impossible, because proximity seems to be the only major factor with tackling. The defensive movement bias ensures that teams with relatively slow attackers are near useless, as however well you find space, however well you might get a man through on goal, the defenders will catch you.

The sad truth is though, that the over emphasised attributes of individual defenders are a necessity while defending as a team is so difficult. There can be no doubt that FIFA’s defensive AI must improve, but I’d argue much improvement can be made if we are given greater control over our teammates when defending. We will never be able to control a whole team one man at a time, but we could surely be given more control over the non-selected players, much like with Secondary Contain, but further reaching.


I want, in time, to talk about solutions to the problems I’m talking about above, but this is what I’ll leave you with for now. If you have read to the end, I always appreciate comments and am particularly interested to know what the community feels about the way FIFA controls, be it a comment about assists, aerial battles, defence, or something unmentioned.


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Do You Know That Match Against Brazil Also Took Place In Fortaleza?

Louis van Gaal welcomes back captain Robin van Persie from suspension as the Group B winners face Miguel Herrera’s side, who have developed within self-confidence within South america up to now.As well as then your internet site is the greatest website actually proven to purchase the inexpensive fifa coins pc to relish the soccer video game at most of the and ensure you might have the most beautiful period !Runners-up in World Cup 2010, Netherlands have rapidly set up on their own among the edges to view within Brazilian possessing appeared amazingly from your dangerous party, but inside last-16 oppositions Paraguay they will face any shifty job.

Not just does the Nederlander need to fight fierce as well as streetsmart enemies, they will possess the elements against them in Fortaleza’s Castelao stadium. Temperatures in the tone possess frequently capped THIRTY degrees Celsius in the center of your day, therefore their own lunch kick-off from the Americans guarantees to get the most depleting slots in all of tournament.Steve vehicle Gaal’s part possess outfitted on their own fantastically whenever examined formerly, nevertheless. The country of spain had been marvelously shamed 5-1 within their starting game, whilst dogged Sydney looked away 3-2 within their 2nd match up. As well as Oranje’s ideal document was managed once they ignored Chile 2-0, making sure they finished the group stage as the competition’s most prolific side.

That match against Brazil additionally happened within Fuerte, therefore the People in mexico have some concept of what you should expect from Estadio Castelao, though having an previously kick-off, circumstances will likely be tougher for any team which has up to now performed a powerful pushing video game.Two times formerly the actual People in mexico possess superior to the quarter-final stage of the World Cup, though both of these occasions came on home soil, and in each of the last five competitions they have fallen immediately after successfully negotiating the group phase.

If this history counts against them, el Tri can draw upon a more encouraging document with regards to their recent history against European sides in the competition – they have lost only two of their last 11 fixtures.While there are no injured players in Mexico’s ranks, a suspension for Jose Juan Vazquez could prompt a change of system that may see Javier Hernandez start for the first time in Brazil, though this is by no means certain.

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Review FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 test

Brazil, the country where the World Cup dreams of the Federal Republic will finally come true. Whether it will be 54, 74, 90, 14 hot, we can now decide with FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 on the Playstation 3 itself. The game has recently appeared for the last gene. The official reason for the lack of current gen version was that neither PS4 Xbox One would still currently play a role in Brazil. For our national team has already prepared at least in the game to face the opponents of the upcoming World Cup.

The FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 offers us on the Playstation 3 is an abundance that we would not have expected. The game comes with a total of 203 teams and nearly 7,500 licensed players, therefore, which is quite impressive. Now, of course, is for us the question is that enough? Can many different game modes and tons of content to make a second roll call FIFA in a year make sense? This clarifies our great FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Test.

Huge scope in the game

In addition to the many different game modes, such as the classic World Cup, the self-made World Cup, Online Championships, Friendship games and much more, of course, the popular Skill mode is available. It goes right down to business. The training sequences and skillshots have been designed, in contrast to FIFA 14 completely new. But the raw numbers that we have already mentioned above, already have a huge history. Overall, this is at the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 7469 licensed players, 19 licensed trainers, all 21 states and 203 national teams. Makes you wonder where they all are still in the World Cup. 203 teams, including teams of which you’ve never really heard anything, even not related to the World Cup. Nevertheless, the scope is so enormous that we were visibly impressed by the many possibilities.

Very easy to get started

The gameplay control of FIFA 14 is very complex. Now, however, most buyers of the World Cup Edition certainly no regular FIFA players. A simple two-button control system also enables FIFA newcomers quickly to get into the game and be able to master the game without much frustration. A bit of thinking and a bit of skill are of course still learning, but the entry is made as easy as possible for newcomers.

Of course, it is also possible all the features and options of FIFA 14 back on and be able to play all the moves in detail and with great resistance. FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 brings just for anyone with the right setting.

Good atmosphere in the stadium

The mood of a World Cup is a very special and relatively difficult to catch. The game in Brazil is similar to a bit of a huge carnival event with lots of balloons, glitter and lots of humor. The whole is actually pretty well captured. In any case, we imagine the mood in Brazil as well. The “real” world championship has not started yet and so therefore we have but no real comparison values ​​just as we imagine the mood on the ground really going on. Here, EA Sports has come up with some leave in order to put ourselves in a good World Cup feeling.

Mostly clear graphics and sound problems

The decision not to develop a World Cup game for the last generation, was certainly not wrong to let the current generation but completely left out, was probably not such a good decision. Visually, we very often find strong flickering edges, and some unnecessary or unreasonable shadow. Viewers are indeed themselves already become significantly more beautiful than the last time, but repeat these still and also act partly robotically. Often, unfortunately falls on the repetition of individual viewers – unfortunately too strong. Many cutscenes are a bit pixelated, as recorded with a worse camera.

Acoustically we get though with distinct voices and stadium noises, but they are also a bit tiring very quickly. Even the commentators in the German area tend to be under-class. Not that we get us wrong, the two are known for their skills and do their job really well, but if we want to tell a game with a score of 13:0 that it is nearing the turn, just because the ball once from opponent is placed over the center, far from the gate, then we really ask ourselves whether the gentlemen look the same game.

Playful not really new

The gameplay is simple, the Advanced demanding, advertised by the improvements, the complete revision and the higher claim in the game All thing we notice nothing. Neither the ball physics nor the opposition of the other players on the other side could really convince us. Everything looks as if we have the same game as FIFA 14 available only with different name and a slightly different graphics. The game modes are also called partially different, but are still the same.

Slightly unrealistic changes

In the game we take on FIFA officials and coaches who have seemingly found the miracle of eternal life. We are now not the absolute football expert, but if a Jogi Löw already in the first game of his team looks as if he had partied 3 nights and have retired at a time than they could be young players, then we wonder how something like this can happen.