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The Midfielder Says He Is Feeling Very Strong After Taking A Break

Luka Modric has reassured Croatia fans he is in good shape ahead of his side’s World Cup opener against Brazil.By the way ,if you need any kind of fifa coins , for example , cheap fifa ultimate team coins then you can always come to our online store to get them .And , you can use them at the cheapest price and you can also love the satisfying customer support .Creative midfielder Modric, along with Ivan Rakitic, is just one of head coach Niko Kovac’s most pivotal players and it was granted more hours to rest just before pre-tournament training.However, after a gruelling campaign with Real Madrid, where Modric won the Champions League and the Copa del Rey, he insists he is fully fit entering the World Cup.

“I feel good, I’m healthy and most importantly I have had the best training,” he said.And then the our web site is the best site I ever known to purchase the cheap fifa 14 coins , fifa ultimate team coins and also fifa 14 ultimate team coins to enjoy the football game at most and make sure you have the most amazing time !”I got a few days of rest after winning the Champions League and the chance to mentally switch focus to the team.”I am ready, eager and cannot wait for the first game of the World Cup.”Croatia overlooked the World Cup in South Africa four years ago before bowing out of Euro 2012 at the group stage.

However, with all the likes of Modric, Ivan Rakitic and Mario Mandzukic all in good form, Kovac’s side stand a pretty good possibility of making it to the knockout stages – despite only scraping into the finals at the expense of Iceland in the playoffs.”As individuals, we have made a huge step forward and we will see in this tournament how we have progressed together,” Modric added.”We played very well at the European Championships two years ago but we lacked a little bit of luck.”Then we had a lot of problems in qualifying. But I think that in this World Cup we could go far and our first goal is to get to the second round.”At last , welcome and thank you very much to our website . I hope you can enjoy this short article ,and you are very welcome to our best online store to get the cheap fifa coins xbox and fifa coins ps3, for your football game to enjoy yourself at most . Good luck to you !

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The host Brazil met Mexico on their second match in World Cup, with the latest victory. Unfortunately, they finished the game with the 0-0 draw against Mexico. However, it was a good result in spite of a frustrating performance of the host.

Mexico claimed a deserved point at Estadio Castelao in Fortaleza as Brazil failed to hit their straps and looked a pale imitation of the side that defeated Croatia 3-1 in the opening. While the Mexico goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa was the star of this match with about four good saves to keep the hosts out in a fantastic individual performance.

The Shakhtar Donetsk winger Bernard revealed after the match that he thought the goalless draw which left both sides on four points was a good result for the host’s side. “ What we made clear in the locker room is that the important thing is to win and second is not to lose. We went into the game knowing that a draw would not be a bad result.”

This time, Brazil were not as confident on the ball as they could have been. Honestly, Brazil lacked attacking options. They should organize the form once again to ensure their attacking.

Ochoa, the man of the match, single-handedly earned his side a point with a series of good saves, at least four miracles. He said: “ It was very difficult, and I’m delighted leave the field with the zero on the scoreboard. It was the game of my life.”

However, the Brazil coach Luis Felipe Scolari admitted that his side did not deserve anything more. “ Mexico had great physical strength and ball work, but we had chances in both halves. In the end, 0-0 is not a good result, but it mirrors what the game was. The team has been good, but we are also facing selections of good quality. It is not a good result but you have to respect your opponents who are very good.”

One thing that worth mentioning, Mexico did play well, and Brazil exposed their deficiencies at that game.

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Analysis Fifa 14 for Xbox 360 and PS3, pure Football

Electronic Arts each year invents new ways to reach audiences football fan with a new installment in the FIFA video game series, and this year is not far behind with the entry of Fifa 14, in which we see the usual but with some changes very significant that we will mention in this analysis.

Analysis Fifa 14

As you know (especially because many of you will have spent in your flesh), every year by this time the fans of the series are waiting for the game to appear on the shelves of their stores to purchase common is that Fifa and is a saga with great renown, having fought tooth and nail against opponents that have appeared and somehow winning the battle on many occasions, but you know that likes the colors. This year has had to deal with the premature appearance of PES 2014 in stores, another football game which already discussed in this website and is a clear competitor to Fifa 14.

No we do here a comparison between two games, so we only comment on the strengths and weaknesses we have found in our experience in command with Fifa 14. The game comes to the Xbox 360 and PS3 but as something funny and that rarely happens frequently due to the launch of the next gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One, the game soon comes to those platforms too, with graphics predictably more care and a gaming experience like. In versions of the current consoles will not see major changes or graphic changes, but there have been significant changes in both players available as licenses. Even so, and given the little that is new, the game has the formula that dazzles the player and of course the regulars of the series will enjoy the new release as the most. But let the heart of the matter.

Fifa 14 stands out for its simplicity in handling the player, making the game the player’s casuals and offering a challenge to veterans in the matter. The control system is based primarily on run, dribble, shoot, defend… but even do basic movements is simple, if we get the juice to the game and all its movements to create authentic visual spectacles, things will be more complicated and therein lies the challenge. Drive to the player’s consciousness is not as easy as it sounds, as there are many factors to consider, inter alia, the force with which the player handles the ball and took his own skill with him.

The AI of the players who have joined us in the team has improved significantly and we notice when we want to make strategic moves, making short passes the ball looking for the gaps created by the team that moves in mass to allow for the movement and avoiding agglomerations unnecessary and absurd in field locations where there is nothing to do. Even at times when we needed players seeking both to us and to move it, distancing and doing everything possible to get to the job. All this greatly facilitates creation of plays that satisfy the player upon completion, whether or not completed in goal.

There is a good amount of moves available which we can make with the players, which increases slightly unpredictable fun making games to enjoy. Cortes, dribbling, controls various movements, skidding, tickets… all of them have done very well and are relatively simple to implement. Besides diverse movements also have shots where realistic physics has much to say.