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the Fut 15 Coins of FIFA fans

Recently, there has reports that quite a few FIFA 15 Ultimate Team gamers are stuck with items or coins that are untradeable. According to EA, due to some technical issues they were unable to resolve this issue before.

However, the company said that it’s now possible to review player accounts affected by stuck issue:

We recently ran into a technical issue that prevented us from properly resolving stuck content (player items or coins) for the FIFA Ultimate Team accounts of a small number of FIFA fans. We are now able to review these select few accounts, and we will be working to unstick these items for the affected FIFA fans.

The process of fixing this issue “will occur daily over the next couple of weeks.” In addition, EA will offer affected players “one-time package of untradeable packs” to compensate for the recent problems.

If you have been a victim of this issue, keep an eye on your Origin email address or EA SPORTS Football Club News Alerts for an update on the fix and your new pack. After the issues has been resolved, your untradeable Fut 15 Coins packs will arrive within the next few days.

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the current FUT database

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is well and truly in full swing, but even with months of trawling the market and hunting for bargains behind us, there are still many stones left unturned when it comes to finding cheap hidden gems.

As each edition of Ultimate Team rolls around, players become increasingly aware that best players in the world aren’t necessarily as effective as their virtual counterparts. There’s no need to splash hundreds of thousands or even millions of coins to land the most luxurious stars in the world.

Anyone who spends a decent chunk of their downtime playing FIFA 15 will know the gameplay engine is geared to reward footballers of exceptional physical talent more so than those of pure class.

Above all else, speed is undeniably essential to both attacking and defending in Ultimate Team. If you don’t have a striker who can stretch the defence with raw pace, a winger who can carry the ball upfield or a defender to chase down fleet-footed attackers, you’re going to struggle playing online. To a lesser extent, players with solid physical attributes across the board are also useful outlets.

Some might think they’ve cracked the FIFA 15 code and unearthed every cheap beast worth giving a game, but with more than 16,000 professional footballers in the current FUT database, surely a few still go unnoticed…

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someone new to FUT out

For FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) addicts, what is more important than having an excellent virtual team? To have that you may buy player packs from the virtual store, priced variably starting from 0 coin/FIFA point for a starter and gift pack till approximately 100,000 coins/2,000 points for a jumbo rare player pack. If you don’t have enough coins or points there are actually some shortcuts that might increase your winning chance that will take you to victories.

Like Us on Facebook The thing that most gamers probably do is take advantage of the game creator’s (Electronic Arts) policy that allows the use of real money to buy FIFA points, which as you know can be used for a player pack purchase. You can buy the points in the virtual shop for the game on console or FUT web app if you play it on your PC. You can pay by credit and debit card, Skirll Wallet and Boku SMS for PC game as well as credit card, PayPal and pre-paid for console game (Playstation and Xbox).

However, there are many other shortcuts that are not facilitated by EA that EA considers as cheats, such as the so-called bid jumping where you need to create another different account to place a high bid on a player you sell in order to make the character look much higher in terms of value that someone might want to bid for even a higher price, and coin buying with real money from coin sellers by using auto buyer bot software.

This sort of things is considered illegal by EA. The game creator has declared a war against cheaters that mostly materializes in the new EA rules of banning or resetting of the gamer’s FUT account, with or without warning if found cheating. However, this can’t make a sense as EA itself facilitates game pack buying with real money, which perhaps has been its main source of income and that for that reason it’s very unlikely for EA to withdraw.

Yes, buying game packs with real money, even if it is facilitated by EA, is cheating. If someone new to FUT out there who has a considerable amount of money is willing to spend his money for buying a 2000-point jumbo rare player pack, then it is not a fair game for a beginner or even a conservative FUT game expert who decided not to use real money at all for winning matches. These cheating issues will always be around as long as EA itself facilitates cheating and tries to make self-justification by blaming on cheaters alike for cheating, for it will make it difficult for EA to create a fair policy for every gamer of FIFA 15.

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FIFA 15 Coins PS4 UT user frustration

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is a massively popular app on the Android and iOS platforms and a big part of the EA Sports portfolio. However, we’ve been documenting problems with the app for several months now, and every time an update appears we are hoping for fixes. It’s clear to us that FIFA 15 Coins PS4 UT user frustration over these issues is growing, and it’s pretty shocking that a company the size of EA Sports hasn’t managed to smooth out all the glitches with the game so far.

Despite the many problems that are reported with the Ultimate Team app we should say that many gamers who haven’t encountered difficulties (mostly connection and crashing issues) have nothing but praise for it. However our comments and email inboxes are still bulging with complaints about the app from readers who are wondering when EA will sort the app out once and for all. In mid-January we reported on the latest FIFA 15 Ultimate Team update on the App Store and Google Play Store, and very quickly it became apparent that many users were still having problems or facing new issues.

Now over three weeks later the annoyance among users is intensifying but EA still doesn’t seem to be listening. There are plenty of comments by users on the app descriptions venting their frustration, and who can blame them! For example on Google Play one user commented a few days ago, “Connection to server sucks. Have to relaunch the game multiple times to connect it to the server. Give option of offline gameplay as was in fifa 14. Games of the week can be played only once per match which sucks. Also, replays can only be watched for goals and nothing else, which sucks as replay functionality was there for any point in the game in fifa 14.”

We’re taking into account that there a vast amounts of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players who are not having problems, but there are evidently plenty of users who are really having trouble with the app and they should not be ignored. A new more thorough update is required to resolve these issues once and for all, but whether EA is listening is anyone’s guess. We’d like to hear from readers about this.

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Fut 15 Coins Skill Players

Recently, EA started to offer Fut 15 Coins the special MOTM cards in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. MOTM is the man of the match, chose from well-performed player in a cup competition. These cards are only available for 24 hours, boosting their overall rating. However, they are hard to grab like the blue items. For me, why not to pick up some excellent players in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team with less coins.

So we are glad to offer you the list of players in FIFA 15 with 5 star skill moves. That is what makes the game so fun.

Shikabala-3,200 coins. The pharaoh with 5 star skills, has one of the most fun names to say. You are going to have to turn off, your gameday rosters in order to access him.

Khethokwakhe Masuku-1,100 coins. A recent 8 point bump up in his shooting will come in hand after the scoop turns. He also got a 99 rating for his name.

Fidel Martinez-1,000 coins. After having a solid season playing for Xolos, he was hit with a massive downgrade by EA. He was still able to keep his 5 star skill moves. He is the lowest rated player on this list.

Memphis Depay-950 coins. Memphis Depay comes as a shock to many for his 5 star skill moves. You can read more about his skill Depay the bills.

Douglas Costa-800 coins. This technical dribbler has 5 star skill moves for the Ukranian club, FC Shakhtar. He is like a poor man’s Ronaldo.

Matias Fernandez-650 coins. It seems that every Serie A player gave their stats to Fernandez. He is the king of the fake Rabona and his stats are quite nice as well. Fernandez currently plays at Fiorentina alongside Cuadrado.

Mohamed Elyounoussi-700 coins. He is the only half Norwegian/half Moroccan player with 5 star skills. At only 21 years old, he has a bright future ahead.

Alexandru Maxim-700 coins. Maxim is not very good in the game despite being a great talent in real life. He will likely see a downgrade in his 5 star skill moves and a bump up on his passing and shooting.

Well, you see they are so much cheap than other five star skill move players. Why not choose them instead.

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anything the FUT St Patricks Day event

With the Ultimate Team market doing strange things at the moment, it has never been more important to secure some solid trading techniques that guarantee you a sizeable profit. The FUT St Patricks Day tournament has developed into a fantastic trading opportunity, but only if done smartly.

We have already covered how best to invest your coins during the fast approaching Winter Upgrades (Part One – Part Two – Date) and if anything the FUT St Patricks Day event is an even greater chance to make a significant amount of coins.

Going by the developing trends over the last few years, it is clear that there are a few keys to maximising the opportunity. First is choosing the right players to invest. You might think that the higher rated player, the better investment, but remember people also need to completely fill their benches, often with bronze cards.

Second is when to buy. Normally that tends to be the earlier the better, as you are more likely to get a lower price, before everyone gets the same idea and drives the price up. Thirdly and finally, you have to know when to sell. Last year showed that if you wait until the tournament itself, you will have missed the boat.

Take a look through this slideshow with either the arrow buttons are the links at the bottom of each page to read our insight into these areas ahead of the FUT St Patricks Day tournament:


St Patricks Day falls on Tuesday March 17th, so this means it is just over a month away and perfect time to start stockpiling the players of your choice. The FUT St Patricks Day tournament will run for about seven days if you are intending to play it.

With your trading head on, Tuesday March 17th should be the very latest you start to sell. Prices will likely see a sharp increase around a week before this date, so keep using those price checking websites so you don’t miss out.

What Happened Last Year?

You might be wondering what all the fuss about the St Patricks Day tournament is and that comes down to two things. The rewards, both online and offline, are very generous as can be seen in the image above for FUT 14.

Another factor is that it is relatively late on his FUT’s life cycle, which means players who are sitting on a number of excess coins like to build teams to win these unique tournaments.


Trading will be covered in-depth in the following few slides, but one of the best tips out there is to invest when the market is busy. In other words, if a good Team of the Week has just been released, more packs will be opened and you will be able to pick up your players for a bargain.

5% bonus for fut 15 coins with coupon code:

If you have any problems please Contact Us

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Mistakes Fut 15 Coins

Today we are going to talk about the mistakes you will make when playing FIFA 15. As a experienced FIFA 15 player, having played so many games on the pitch, I made a million mistakes. Sometime, the same one again and again. Based on that, analyzing nearly 100 FIFA matches, there are top mistakes that players make. We will share them with you.

Rushing defenders out of position. This is the top mistake that players make. Sometimes you will go against players, who will tempt you to play their style. These are the opponents who are effective with moving their defenders up aggressively.

Now, we recommend you should always try and learn something from each game you play. However, copying an opponent isn’t always they right thing to do.

For instance, if you defend like against an experienced player, they will pick you apart and find the gaps that your defenders leave. Just try and leave your defensive line in position and do most of the defending with the midfield players. The last thing you want to do is leave gaps in your defense for your opponent to find.

Although the lob through pass is a very important part of FIFA, a lot people attempt it in the wrong situations. They will see a player in an attacking position and hit a lobbed through ball and just hope for the best. It is a complete waste of possession and just makes it easy for your opponent to defend.

You should only use the lobbed through pass if you have a player in a position to make the pass work. Look for a player already making a run with a lot of space in front of them. They often need a lot of space because they have to take a couple of touches to bring the ball under control.

Over the top through balls are effective on FIFA 15, there is no denying that your players need to be in the right position for them. You have a player free to your side who has a lot of space to run into, also if you make this pass it will be your 2 attackers against his 2 defenders which is an excellent position to be in. is the best site to fifa 15 fut coins within 3-5 minutes

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released a number of the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Team

The winter transfer deadline day wraps up in a couple of hours and EA Sports have released something even more exciting than real world transfers! Earlier EA revealed on their Twitter page that they have released a number of the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Team of the Year players for loan. Now, this will only be for a short period of time.

This year’s TOTY Ultimate Team release featured in-form players with the highest ratings ever! Cristiano Ronaldo is rated at 99 and Manuel Neuer is rated at an unbelievable 96. Wow.

SEE full squad: EA FIFA 15 World XI Team of the Year

The transfer deadline has been more or less mundane thus far and we can thank EA for providing an exciting January. EA decided to treat gamers with some IF form players available for a 50-game loan spell to spice up Deadline Day. Now we await the winter upgrades.

We are not sure if EA will release the complete squad in Ultimate Team, but we are sure Ronaldo, Messi, Robben and Toni Kroos will be available. Don’t waste your coins, go and buy premium packs now.

Check back Full FIFA in a couple hours for January upgrades!

Best Fifa Coins Choice, Only BUYFUT.COM!

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Fut 15 Coins Wonderkids

These days, you must put yourselves so much into the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team due to the first patch of FUT winter transfers are available. You are busy with the upgraded players on the list, grabbing them in your hands.

However, FIFA 15 covers so many players, such as superstars, popular, best players, and some teenagers that you may not be familiar with. This time, besides the favorites, maybe you can turn your head to those little-knowns. They are worth your buy with good skills and potential.

Let’s reveal their talents.

Jack Grealish, potential rating 82. Anyone looking for an Irish connection in their career mode could do a lot worse than Villa winger Grealish. The young Irishman grows into a speed demon and his low starting overall of 65 makes him a realistic target for almost any team.

Angel Correa, potential rating 86. Atletico paid a lot for the 18-year-old before he was unfortunately struck down by a heart tumour. Hopefully he recovers a realizes the potential he showed at San Lorenzo.

Alen Halilovic, potential 86. Many see his potential rating to be a bit too low which tells you all, you need to know about the Croat. Barcelona don’t pay over 4 million Euro for a kid that isn’t world class.

Junior Malanda, potential rating 85. He is a beast. The physical stats on this midfield man are outrageous, and he is not too shabby on the ball either. He will be tough to sign initially, you may need to pay a pretty penny.

Richairo Zivkovic, potential rating 86. The striker is working his way up the Dutch league ladder after an impressive spell for FC Groningen convinced Frank de Boer to splash the cash. A move to a higher level is imminent.

Youri Tielemans, potential rating 88. One of the hottest young prospects in world football. He is basically an Ilkay Gundogan in waiting. He develops slowly because he’s a CM but he’s already good and mobile enough to take part in midfield for a bottom-half team in the top flight.

Are they excellent or not? Why not try them out and then you can know how good they could be. Always keep your eyes on us, you can get the latest news and useful information of FIFA 15 Coins.

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5 Star Skill Players In Fut 15 Coins

We are know that skill moves are important in FIFA 15, especially in FIFA Ultimate Team. When choosing players to build our best teams, we want to pick up some players with better skill moves, because FIFA Ultimate Team is all about pace and skill moves. You got more chance to win with these players. That makes the game so fun. Honestly, here are some players with 5 star skill moves.

Cristiano Ronaldo, no doubt, he is so expensive. Some FIFA players would rather have Ronaldo than have a girlfriend. Ronaldo recently won the Ballon D’or for the third time. He is one of only 2 skiller on the list to have his own skill move in his name.

Neymar, the king is back with high price too. For Barca, he has yet to show his full potential, but seeing him play for Brazil, he deserves high ratings.

King Ribery is back with 5 star skills, even after enduring not the best of seasons. The Frenchman who lines up on the left for Bayern Munich is one of the top ranked FIFA 15 players.

Oussama Assaidi, the ex-Stoke player now is with the Saudi Arabian team AI-Ahli Dubai. It comes as a surprise to many to see how expensive his card has become in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Wellington Silva, he is going to cost a ton. Silva is on loan to UD Almeria for a year long deal.

Vitinho went on loan for the 2015 season to Internacional. At just 21 years of age, he is very promising player for the future of Brazil.

Kelvin, Benfica’s nightmare. He has 5 star haricutting skills to go with his skill moves.

Michael Arroyo, what a tank! He looks absolutely unreal, you might have to give up your kidney to get your hands on his card. He is from Ecuador and plays currently for the Mexican team America.

Get out the towel. Juan Cuadrado is sweaty, very sweaty. He couples his 5 star skill moves with insane pace and decent shooting as well.

Gary Mackay, this is one half of the Dundee United pair with 5 star skill moves. He recently had a position change between Right Mid to CAM. Use him to tear apart your opponent.

Nadir Ciftci, the first Turkish player with 5 star skills. He is super rare with his 90 strength and 85 sprint speed. Maybe he is a replacement for Ibra.

There will be another patch of 5 star skill players next time. Get your hands on them to build your best teams and win your FUT matches. Good luck.