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FIFA 15 is the most realistic looking Fut Coins

FIFA 15 is the most realistic looking football game ever made. It’s going to grab people, in their millions, who will play the game and marvel at its resemblance to the TV match-day experience. Yet, while the gameplay experience is more immediately exciting than that of FIFA 14, it suffers from many problems, some familiar, and some new. FIFA 15 is tuned for the sensational, and ultimately its realism is superficial.

EA’s mantra this year is ‘Feel The Game’, which is a marketer’s way of saying they’ve captured the emotional and dramatic side of the sport, along with all the kicking and running. This is tantamount to cutscenes showing players dropping to their knees at a missed chance, shouting at each other when mistakes are made, pushing opponents after a bad tackle, but it does breathe life into a series that has always felt a little robotic.

The presentation is closer to how you would view it on TV, with commentators analysing players and teams, keeping in mind past and present experiences of players; it’s more in depth. Although, to make it more TV-like, FIFA 15 has a lot of cut scenes but that didn’t always go down well. On the presentation level, it works great but it also makes for a lot of breaks in the game-play, which can at times, get a tad frustrating. Player responsiveness has been improved and is far better than how it was in the previous version. The new interface is gloomy, and dark colours don’t play well.

Corner flags are now interactive, wobbling and bobbling when you brush them. Zlatan Ibrahimovi’s signature celebration sees him karate kick it into submission. Dribbling has also seen some nice improvements this year with players attempting to dribble more with their dominant foot and using both the inside and outside of the boot. The ability to turn quickly and at pace has made a bit of a comeback this season. It’s a matter of personal preference with some fans liking that more flexible dribble yet others deem it unrealistic.

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FIFA 15 restricts his selection in the career mode

Luis Suarez who had been banned from international and club football for his biting people in this year’s World Cup, has been lift in FUT 15. EA has tweeted that Suarez now can be selected in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team with a 89 high rating.

Suarez’s real life ban officially end at club level last weekend. The former Liverpool striker transferred to Spanish club Barcelona in the summer transfer window, but the 27-year-old Uruguayan has only been playing football in friendlies since the ban was imposed.

Even FIFA 15 restricts his selection in the career mode. Although the career mode did state he will not be available for selection until October 26 2014, the 2013/2014 PFA Player of the Year is rumored to be making his debut in La Liga last Saturday for Barcelona’s first EI Clasico match of the season against their rivals Real Madrid.

Steadily, Suarez does day that he’s progressing too, albeit slow progress down the decades if his description is accurate. Fortunately for him, no head-butts have clouded Suarez’s professional career, and Luis Enrique will be at the top of the list comprising those who want to see the forward leave controversy in his past.

Luis Suarez is rated 89 striker card on Ultimate Team, one of the best ratings in FIFA 15. No doubt, his ban being lifted will make him a priority for enthusiastic FIFA fans to obtain. The fire which makes him so devastating on the pitch also brings with it a temper that makes him too hot for any to handle at times.

Fut Coins Despite his biting people, Suarez is really an excellent football player on the pitch, which you can see from his high rating in FIFA 15. So far, there are many top stars in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team for you to challenge every week. This week, there may be Suarez.

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EA’s new subscription service on Xbox One

Have $5 a month? Then you can afford FIFA Coins, Battlefield 4, and more in EA’s new subscription service on Xbox One

Electronic Arts introduced a new membership service today that gives players access to a bunch of the massive publisher’s games for a monthly or annual subscription fee. EA Access, which is exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox One console, costs $5 a month or $30 a year, and players get games from EA’s past as part of the program. That doesn’t mean classic games from the 1990s. The first four games available as part of the beta test are FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2, and Battlefield 4 – all of which debuted last year. EA says that the program is launching worldwide “soon,” but the beta is available starting today. This marks a huge shift from the traditional model of selling games for $60 and then at a discount over time.

FIFA 14 and Battlefield 4 both still cost $60 on the Xbox Games Store today. To get into the beta, you’ll just need to head to Xbox Live when the program launches, and you won’t need a Gold subscription from Microsoft to make it work. In addition to the games, EA Access subscribers get a 10 percent discount on the purchase of any EA digital content through Xbox One. That includes full games, like Dragon Age: Inquisition and NHL 15 as well as downloadable content like maps for Battlefield 4 or points in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team mode.

Members will also get into demos of upcoming EA games five days earlier than everyone else. Again, this feature, like EA Access is available only to Xbox One owners. You can get the EA Access membership through Xbox Live, but GameStop is also selling codes for the service at its retail stores. While a subscription service is a progressive move for a major publisher (or any gaming company), Runescape 2007 Gold the biggest surprise is that EA Access is exclusive to Xbox One.

That leaves Sony’s PlayStation 4 out of this exciting new business model. Sony is introducing a subscription-like service of its own called PlayStation Now that features PlayStation 3 and other classic games, but that’s not quite the same thing as EA’s Microsoft deal. Access is offering up releases that are less than a year old. That this is Microsoft exclusive isn’t actually that big of a surprise. Electronic Arts has associated itself closely with the Xbox One since before Microsoft even unveiled the box last year. In February, Sony introduced the PlayStation 4. It brought many of its publishing partners onstage, but EA did not participate.

When Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One later in 2013, EA was onstage to talk about Battlefield 4 and its sports lineup. That partnership grew even stronger in October when Microsoft bought the exclusive console rights for the EA-published Titanfall. EA Access as an Xbox One exclusive seems like a natural evolution of the relationship that the two gaming giants have established this generation. EA has the highest software-attachment rate of any third-party publisher on the new-gen systems, which means that gamers buying Xbox Ones and PS4s are picking up a ton of the company’s games.

Fans also have a history of choosing one system or another for EA’s popular sports titles. In the past, the Sega Genesis, Sony PlayStation and PlayStation 2, and Xbox 360 seemed like “the” consoles to get EA’s Madden or FIFA. With the PS4 outselling the  FUT 15 Coins Xbox One, Microsoft is potentially trying to work with EA to attract those dedicated fans to its system rather than Sony’s.

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Argentina’s Win Sets Up Potential For Historic Final Against Brazil

Argentina’s 1-0 World Cup group of eight win over Belgium Saturday afternoon sent a second South American country to the semifinals, creating the potential for a historic final match.

Both the Argentine and Brazilian national teams have storied World Cup histories, with seven titles between the two soccer-mad countries. But strangely the two had never both made the same World Cup’s final four until Saturday.

With only two matches left before the final, the potential has never been higher for Argentina and Brazil to face off next weekend in what would be a hotly contested match either way. Brazil will face off this coming week against Germany, and Argentina will look to vanquish whoever wins the Netherlands-Costa Rica match.

For big World Cup fans, it may come as less of a surprise the two teams have never been in the same World Cup semifinals.

Brazil is the only team in the world that has qualified for and competed in every single World Cup — winning a record five along the way — but the Argentinians have not been quite as fortunate. Though they took home the World Cup trophy in 1978 and 1986, the team has not even made it to the semifinals since the 1990 World Cup, when they were beaten by Germany in the final.

Both teams face injuries to star players that will hamper their ability to play at the highest level in the semifinals, a situation that could contribute to one or both of them potentially losing in the coming round. Brazil star Neymar suffered a broken vertebrae during the country’s win against Colombia on Friday. And Argentina’s Ángel di María sustained a thigh injury during the match against Belgium.

Some people are pulling for a Germany vs. Brazil final, as the teams are seen as powerhouses with cross-Atlantic appeal. But ESPN currently ranks Argentina and Brazil as the two best teams in the world, and a showdown between them would be one for the ages. It all comes down to what happens this week.

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2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Has Six Ways to Win, Bonus Modes

The classic Road to the FIFA 14 Coins  World Cup mode returns for this year, allowing gamers to choose from 203 national teams and lead them through the qualifying rounds and then through the final tournament in Brazil.

15 real-world locations, including London’s Trafalgar Square, Moscow’s St. Basil Cathedral and the National Mall in Washington DC, are included for celebrations, and the Talk Radio feature of the game has been tweaked with country-specific commentary.

32 players can join locally to create a customized gamer-driven league.

The Road to Rio de Janeiro is exclusively online and will feature all the 12 official stadiums of the Brazil World Cup.

The company explains in the official announcement that “Like the popular Online Seasons mode found in FIFA 14, online matches will get more and more challenging as you inch closer to the Estádio do Maracanã in Rio and a chance to play for the FIFA World Cup Trophy. Win matches to move forward, remain in a city (division), or be relegated.”

The Captain Your Country mode is built around rivalry with three other team mates and will challenge players to help their team while making sure that other players do not perform better, making the progression from the B team to leading the national side in the World Cup.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil will also include a Story of the Finals mode, which will deliver specific challenges for players based on the real-world matches that take place in the competition, allowing them to re-create the performance of their favorite teams.

The classic FIFA World Cup mode is also returning, offering a more focused experience for those who might lack time to play the entire Road concept.

The final experience that EA Sports reveals is called Story of Qualifying, allowing 60 memorable matches from the process to be replayed.

The team adds, “Replicate Colombia’s three goal comeback against Chile; score two goals for 10-man France in 11 minutes against Spain to earn automatic qualification are just a few of the scenarios you’ll get to tackle.”

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil will also include more skill games and classic, friendly matches.

The game will be out on April 15 in the US and two days later in the EU on the FIFA Coins Xbox 360  and the PlayStation 3.

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FIFA 14 Team of the Week Includes Sterling

Video game developer EA Sports is delivering the most recent Team of the Week package for the Ultimate Team mode included in FIFA 14 Coins , allowing football fans to recruit the likes of Paul Pogba, Raheem Sterling and more to their virtual starting eleven.

The package includes 11 players that have been performing especially well during the past week in Europe and gamers can slot them easily into their own teams, making sure that they keep their level of Chemistry high as they then challenge friends and enemies.

Team of the Week packages will continue to be delivered in the coming weeks, as championships begin to wind down as national teams are preparing for the World Cup in Brazil.

The developers are also getting ready to reveal Team of the Season packages that were, in part, based on suggestions from the community.

Football fans are able to write or re-write history from their own perspective in the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 video game from EA Sports that simulates the competition.

Its core structure is solid and the presentation, which uses licensed elements, is impressive, but the gameplay and especially the physics of the experience are worse than those of the older FIFA 14 on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

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Players Who Will Be Over-Rated In FIFA 15

Do you think the players we listed in the last article will be highly rated in Fut 15 Coins? And today we will continue to present you with the other five will be over-rated players.

Mario Balotelli, last season rating is 84. The spirit of football games is built on players like Mario Balotelli and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Despite being a good striker, there’s no way Balotelli was a single rating point behind Thomas Muller last year, or Pedro or Marco Reus for that matter. He is an outright striker, and yet he managed only 14 league goals last season, when in comparison Reus managed 16 from attacking midfield.

Michael Essien, rated 81. By virtue of playing for AC Milan, Michael Essien’s rating will not be reflected in FIFA 15, just as it wasn’t in FIFA 14. Between 2012 and 2013, Essien played only 20 times for Real Madrid, having played just 14 times for Chelsea the season before, and yet EA gifted him a rating of 81. That’s higher than Shakhtar’s Bernard, Romelu Lukaku and Marc Andre Ter Stegen, all of whom were more valuable to their teams last season.

Iker Casillas, rated 86. There are few people in the world who value Iker Casillas as highly as the Spanish goalkeeper himself, if his suggested wage demands this summer are anything to go by. Madrid were apparently on the verge of canceling his contract to allow him to leave, having seen him play only 21 league games in 2 seasons, but that hasn’t yet come to fruition. Whatever happens to him, it is very clear that Madrid do not want him, regardless of his status as captain, and a big part of that is his dramatic loss of form.

Christian Benteke, last season rating is 79. Some might argue that Christian Benteke was under-rated in FIFA 14, and they would be right. But it wouldn’t be at all surprising is the striker was pushed into the 80s this year, with him having two years in the Premier League behind him. Benteke was injured last season, but he also looked a shadow of his former self, drifting out of games badly and looking as disinterested as he did when he was agitating for a move.

Fernando Torres, 82 last season. He is the biggest long-running joke in FIFA’s most recent incarnations, no matter how badly he performs for Chelsea, or how few goals he scores, he is immune to anything like a real evaluation of his ability level. Last year Torres was outside the top 50 players in the game by a mere 3 rating points, and five more than Romelu Lukaku, who out-scored him by 10 league goals. EA will inevitably continue to overpower the Spaniard when really a striker who scored 5 league goals .

Well, that’s all what we want to share with you the probably highly rated players in FIFA 15. Are they the ones you think could be over-rated? These are just our opinions, if you have different ones you can let us know. And still stay tuned for the release of FIFA 15 Coins.

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Hodgson will announce the England World Cup squad on May 12

England boss Roy hodgson, 30, said he will be on May 12, is the second day of the premier league season, officially announced a list of England for Fut Coins 2014 World Cup. England’s World Cup opener will be on June 14, the first opponent is Italy.Group of opponents and Uruguay and costa rica.

Roy hodgson says he first announced the list of besides 23 players, there are seven substitutes.The final list will be announced on June 2.The final list before decision, England on May 30, with a warm-up game held in Peru, and then went to the United States, on June 4 and 7, respectively in Miami and Honduras and Ecuador to warm up.

England’s World Cup opener will be started on June 14, the first opponent is Italy, on June 19, their group D match against Uruguay another opponent, their final group match is costa rica, game date is June 24.

To find England World Cup squad news and Buy Fifa 14 Coins Cheap info, just go

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FIFA 15 Release Date: Gameplay Shown off in Trailer for Upcoming PS4, Xbox Game

Fifa coins has a release date of Sept. 26, 2014, and EA released a trailer a few weeks ago.

With World Cup hype at an all-time high, many people are seeking out the game.

The game will be released on the PS4 and Xbox One.

“A version of FIFA 15 will also release on the Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation 3 computer entertainment

system, Wii, 3DS, PlayStation Vita handheld entertainment system this Fall,” an EA spokesperson said in a statement.

The statement adds: “Not all game features are available on all gaming platforms.”

However, the Wii, PS Vita, and 3DS versions will be “Legacy” editions, and will be the same game as previous years but with updated player


Recently, a video was released showing the gameplay features.

“There are new stadium effects: corner flags react when the ball hits them, LED boards around the pitch transition between advertisements,

crossbars rattle, and nets lift off the floor when struck by a particularity tasty shot. The pitch itself is better, too. Moisture kicks up off

the turf, and sliding leaves muddy marks, both in the grass and on players’ kits. By the end of the match, the ground will be visibly

weathered, although it’s not been confirmed if tracks and grooves affect the ball physics. It’s something EA call ‘living pitches’,

apparently,” says PC Gamer.

Producers said they tried to create the most realistic game to date.

“From the most realistic players ever created in a FIFA title, to fully realized arenas with living pitches, this year we’ve bought a whole

new level of visuals to the game,” Nick Channon, Senor Producer on FIFA 15, said in a statement.

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FIFA 14 New Elements Promo Exposure Is Expected To Visit Andrews In September

Recently, EA released its football games of FIFA 14 new elements publicity trailers, and revealed the game’s release plan. Promo for the players about FIFA 14’s many highlights, but these bright spots can then appeared Andrews platform, remains to be seen.

Can be learned from the trailer, FIFA 14 added a “chemical reaction” system, players in the game for each position of the athletes, “Assembly” special abilities. In the video, game producer to the strikers assembled a “powerhouse (strong),” so that athletes increase the intensity of defense and passing to winger equipped with “sniper (sniper)” in order to increase their extra shot accuracy.

In addition, FIFA 14 also increased the “single online match”, “player loyalty” and other games are played, but they can play appeared Andrews version is currently uncertain. FIFA 14 will be held in September landing Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, iOS, Android, Wii, PC and many other platforms, hopefully not further delayed, so stay tuned.