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RS Player-Post Finding The Twillow Tree

Here we get another interesting rs player-suggested game content, called the Twillow quest, which was based on a forum moderator located south of Seers Village. Lets start with the game content idea first.

Twillow will begin to plea for your help, telling you that the rare sapling she has been waiting for delivery has not turned up. Here she will ask for your help in tracking down the current whereabouts of the Sapling and to get it to her.

Once you agree to help her, she will give you a copy of her receipt from the Exotic Seed Traders which directs you towards a building located in the top north-east of Karamja. This buidling is made of 3 parts. The greenhouse, the main office and the shop. You walk through the shop where you are greeted by Store Clerk Joel.He asks you how he can help and you hand him the receipt and to find out the current progress.

After a series of steps with Joel, you will then go around the back of the building to the greenhouse. There will be covers on the windows but you will see one open window to peer through. At the end you find a large vine monster with 6 arms wrapped aournd a chest.You hide in a storeroom until Supervisor Tren left and then confront the vine beast Mexk.

The fight has four sections. After killing the arms, Mexk will be bested and die allowing the player to obtain the chest. You take the chest back to Twillow to see if he knows of anyone who can help.

And then you can follow the step the game asks you. This is how the story goes. As the rewards, you will gain ability to plant and maintain Twillow trees in the lot next to her, farming XP based on your current farming level and access to store Clerk Joels Seed Shop.

Any ideas to that? Let’s know if you think it is too normal. Leave a comment below.

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World60pengs V300 Celebration

Fancy yourself as kind of a penguin hunter? Well, World60Pengs is going to celebrate its 300th hunt on May 20th in just 5 weeks.

They are hoping to host a few events but one needs a little more time to organize. For the previous milestones of V100 and V200 they had a mass leveling of skills to 99. And V300 is going to be more of the same.

If you want to take part in a mass leveling event or you have skills that can be reached almost level 99 in the next five weeks, please sign up. If your skills are over level the next weeks, post in this thread and post in the following format:

Name, skill, current level, current xp.


Name, target, current progress.

Join in celebrating V300 and reach your own level 99. Reach all 99? Give yourself another challenge to complete for V300 and challenge anything you like.

Be there or be square.

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You plan to stay a killer task

Rapid presupposition is a simple way to equip them with gear often use loading, or is the necessities and skilling operation backpack. The best way to see how it works is to give it a try. Log in to the game and access to your bank. From there, fill your backpack and/or wear and tear of the inventory with you usually use the installation – gear up, if you plan to stay a killer task, for example, or if you are running the anvil forging.

From there, you can go to your current bag, wear inventory storage due to some of the preset one. You can then reload the default of any bank, click next to the default entry in the “load” icon. You can specify up to two even such “rapid load” option, access to the interface itself from the bank.

In this way, you can easily quickly equip you an adventure, your skilling will more smoothly than ever before. Everyone got the five default is broken, and two free players. If you find you need more, you can rent them – even in the limited time to buy more bonds directly using either integral or RuneCoins from the interface – is there a need to Solomon’s general store.

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Jagex Transformers Universe Progress for PC

Transformers Universe is a strange beast. On the one hand, it is a MMO focusing especially on the battlefield-style World of Warcraft . On the other, Jagex is willing to say that the character selection and characterization is more reminiscent of that seen in League of Legends , but my mind does not stop thinking more reminiscent of how a deck of cards is built on a collectible game. Clearly, the team has investigated what it is that makes online players coming back for more; what we know is what is taken from each and why they have done.

Get to the point: Transformers Universe we make us a commander whose role is to lead a squad of Autobots or Decepticons. Jagex has worked with Hasbro to create entirely new robots for this game, dressed in different aspects and unique weapons, which will be available from the principle in a number greater than 10, but that will not reach three figures. Initially we will have only a small list to start with, but unlock new robots with currency earned in the game through battles or fights in the world, the latter being something we can ignore if we wish to fully dedicate ourselves to rise level our characters to reach their full potential.

This is especially evident when viewing the decision making Transformers Universe MMO free-to-play browser game instead of install. Clearly inspired by the continued success of the project known as Runescape, Jagex has opted to make use of the Unity engine a Framework that uses the browser, and the result is surprisingly positive. Transformers Universe will not overstretched to your computer, but for that matter. Some of the weapons skins look a little blurry, but the overall look of the game does not get to be annoying, and seems to work even when you have true vintage look. There are some discrepancies regarding the size of the bots compared to the surrounding buildings (just have to take a look at the video of the gameplay, they see something small), but to be honest, that was not annoying us.

There are lots of data yet to discover about Transformers Universe , such as what other game modes can we expect and what those “very very special” bots are the ones Jagex refers but which can not talk yet, and we will get through achievements. Some even talk of flying bots that would be included in later. As you left in doubt whether or not you are a fan of Transformers, this is an adaptation based on a license, and that’s the crux of why you have to be open-minded.

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RuneScape ceased being a medieval activity

Although Jagex has never regarded Runescape a medieval activity, it certainly experienced like that for most of us when we were beginning out. There were mythical beasts and devils sure, but these were all taken from medieval old school Runescape Gold tradition. Story lines which presented more fantasy-like figures such as the Mahjarrat were not really recognized and the Runescape gods were more towards the qualifications rather than in the middle of everything. Also, most of the stories in the experience (such as Arrav) engaged individual figures.

This sensation of a medieval activity disappeared when Runescape 3 and the activities major up to it came out. Now the experience has a more fantasy experience.

Did you ever think of Runescape as a medieval design game? Do you still think of it as a medieval game? Do you think the experience was better then or now?

RuneScape ceased being a medieval activity to me the day they modified the old metal armours. Before then and EoC I compensated little interest to the storylines and fairly much everything else about that activity not relevant to (most F2P) PvPing. The old armours were fairly knightly and medieval, and I always regarded RS a medieval activity because of them.

And they seemed better too.

I ceased enjoying at EOC but before that it did seem like a medieval activity.

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How To Get Mine In Runescape

As you know, when you get ready To mine, players require a pickaxe (the far better the pickaxe and your mining degree the quicker it is to mine the native minerals) that they have the required Mining level to extract with. Players need to then select where to unearth, taking note of the closeness to a financial institution, and what native minerals are offered. Once on any type of stone including native mineral to extract it (supplied they have actually the level required for that ore kind), players just require to left-click. Gamers can discover which native mineral is in a stone by right-clicking and selecting Possibility (with or without a pickaxe). Experienced miners do not need to prospect every stone, as they acknowledge the colour of the stone and recognize the native mineral it has. The acquired native minerals, gems, and importance can then be cost revenue, or utilized by the player for the Smithing, Crafting, and Runecrafting skills.

Good fortune will certainly play a particular consider exactly how rapidly native minerals are obtained from mining. While the gamer’s Mining degree and the sort of pickaxe that they use have an influence, there stays a certain randomness that figures out when the native mineral is lastly unearthed. When two players of different degrees both effort to extract the exact same rock, it is extremely unlikely for the lower-levelled player to get the ore. Nonetheless, while the player’s Mining degree absolutely has an effect on the outcome, its impact has actually not yet been confirmed. Some gamers think that they could obtain ores faster by continuously left-clicking on the rock till they acquire an ore because by clicking a stone, it will “reset the ‘luck’ timer” so players will certainly merely have to click till they become an ore in one strike of their pickaxe. This is undetermined and has not been confirmed by Jagex however is now gotten rid of from the game due to the consultant update.

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Charts non subscribers Administration messages Clan

This week signed the long-awaited player rankings non-subscribers back, and you will discover a whole new nifty feature that lets you share your configurations action bars with friends.

Today we implement administrative messages clan . Developed with the help of clan leaders, this new system will allow you to inform members of your clan important events.

As a member of a clan, you may already be surprised to discover a new small or learn the departure of another member. Now, this kind of event will be distributed to all members of your clan.

A new fully customizable interface allows you to control the amount of information to be disseminated and to whom. Clan leaders can be accessed from the Settings tab clan in the clan settings interface. You will also discover a new license in the mail tab permissions clan.

We also made ​​some changes for the clans. For more information, see the list of patches this week.

Have fun!

We hope you enjoy these updates. If you’ve not yet had the chance, go take a look at the video Behind the scenes of April for more news to come on next month.

The RuneScape Team

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How much you can say considering in rsgoldall

I have never and would never bot in my lifestyle. If someone botted on my consideration it had to have been compromised, as I have not tried signing in for per 7 days or so. All I do is cut plants because I am trying to get 99 woodcutting… I believe on my lifestyle I never once have moved a botting system I discover it to be useless old school runescape gold… Please response to this as quick as possible I have been nothing but a faithful client and have no concept why I would be prohibited for botting unless some how I was compromised in the 7 days or so I did not log on…

If that is the situation then I desire to god nothing was taken from my consideration I have put way to lots of your energy and effort into the experience. I invested several weeks alone just sportfishing and NEVER botted. Please unban me I am genuinely in surprise right now. Again, I have never botted and if you have evidence a bot system was used on my consideration I believe to you it was not me and I must have some how been compromised. Please.. I would not be attractive this if I botted, I would just create another consideration.. That is what I sent for my attraction. I wish they let you deliver a a longer period concept, seems odd that they restrict how much you can say considering I would have had a lot more to say. If they don’t agree to an attraction like that, they are genuinely a dreadful organization.

I don’t know, the attraction was a lot of “I would have never done this.” Reasonably, if they think you are a botter, why should they believe you? Not trying to be severe here and it is too delayed to modify it, but they’re not a dreadful organization if they don’t turned around your situation with that attraction.

When it comes to Jagex ban situations it is not simple until confirmed accountable it is accountable until confirmed simple. You have to be more competitive than “I didn’t do it, I’m stunned.” Especially if it probably the only opportunity you get.

Well the truth they provide you with only a certain quantity of terms to say is STUPID. I should not have to even be going through this so I am stunned.. not trying to have an attitutde with you at all either I am just so upset at this factor…

I believe the truth, but to be reasonable to them they don’t want to be studying a novel every individual attraction. Besides, you didn’t need more space to create anything; by the end of your attraction you were repeating what you said before.

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Fate of Gods Quest Guide Part III

Now let’s continue our quest ‘Fate of Gods’.

Once you’ve slayed the four Nihil, head north to exit the cave. You now are at the top of a volcano, the Cradle. There is a giant creature asleep at the edge of the volcano. Then the purple orb will come to you again and admit that it is in fact Zaros’s temporary form. You will be told that the giant creature is Elder god Mah. You will be guided by Zaros to a safer place to dicuss.

Through the conversation, you will learn from Zaros about his origins, history, philosophy and thoughts on the young gods. He is in fact given life by Mah long time ago. Here comes the moment of choice. Zaros asks you to give him a new form of dark simulacrum. He wants to go back to Gielinor and be an Elder god himself.

When the talk is done, you have to go through Mah’s nightmare. You would better let Zaros enter your mind to help you, because he can generate unlimited Prayer points. If you use Ancient Curse and Magicks like we suggest earlier, Zaros will provide endless runes too. Zaros also help you shield partial damage in the nightmare.

There is a progress bar indicating the when will the nightmare finish. During the nightmare several waves of level 150 Muspahs and Mah’s agony will attack you, you must keep yourself alive till the bar reaches 0%. To survive is very difficult because Muspahs will use three combat skills to attack you at the same time, the damages he causes are hard and fast. Mah meanwhile will shout in agony, which deals damage more than 2200 in average. We recommend you to fully use the Defence abilities for example Aticipation.

With Zaros entering your mind, like we suggested above, you can use Blood blitz and Deflect Magic or Soul split and Torment to fight, this largely decrease the task difficulty. Keep eating to stay alive because a few hits in arrow can quick end your life.

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Double Your Money in Runescape in Three Easy Steps

It is common that you spend quicker than earning in either real life or Runescape game. We introduce a guide to help you with the situation. But you need to have the investing fund in the beginning, means you need to have a large amount of money at first. Then it will be easy for you to double your fortune.

Do not think we are exaggerating, it is indeed very easy to do, but again your original fortune need to be at least 50k, over 200k is ideal. Following is how it is done in 3 steps:

Step 1:

Go straight to the chicken coops at the ranch north-east of Lumbridge castle. Only thing to know, is to carry as much money as possible with you. Higher invest higher payback, common sense.

Step 2:

When you arrive at the chicken coup, say “buying feathers”. The idea is simple, to buy feathers from rookie players in the chicken coup and sell them at another place with a higher price.

As we all know the chicken coup is filled with new player who are working hard to kill chickens to bring up their combat level. Most of them know nothing about the usage of chicken feathers, which can be used in lot of occasions for example in fishing and fletching. Try to purchase chicken feathers from the newbies at no higher than 5gb each, the best price you can get could be 2-3gb. Simply spend all your money on buying chicken feathers.

Step 3:

Last step is to head to world one and find a popular place full of people, maybe a bank. Try to find members who need feathers and willing to buy them at 10gb each. Most of the buyers find the price totally acceptable. Let’s assume you have bad negotiation skills and only buy your feathers at 5gb each, but after trading, you still double your investment, isn’t it wonderful and easy?

This is it, the simple and guaranteed way to double your money in Runescape. As to how to make invest money before the trading, pay close attention to our other guides.