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RS New Game Content Suggestions For Enchanting

So here is the Runescape new game content suggestion, one of the rs players give out his brilliant idea for enchanting. It should be interesting once this idea become one the the features in RS. So let’s look at what he suggested.

The ice arrows are pretty much useless. They are untradeable, and only obtainable by chance. Not to mention how they are identical combat-wise to adamant arrows, which are easier to obtain. To add insult to injury, they have a completely inaccurate examine text. In a nutshell, they need a buff to stand out more.

To enchant arrows, you must have any arrow ranging in strength from rune to araxyte, and access to the “ritual site” to enchant these arrows. Each arrow will have a certain enchantment bonus to it.

Obviously, to enchant the arrows with a certain element, you should obviously have one or more of the arrow types, and you must cast a spell at a “ritual site” to enchant them. Just like charging a glass orb.

These spells will be unlocked after completion of the temple of ikov, and will be available in all spellbooks. However, they will require a runecrafting level to cast, rather than a magic level.

Magic bows will increase the elemental damage from enchanted arrows by 50%. Enchanted arrows will be untradeable, and their base damage will be the same as the bow you’re using.Alongside the need to add some interesting mechanics to arrows, he suggest this update to encourage expanding elemental weaknesses beyong spells alone, and making the game more interesting and diverse than simply “rock-paper-scissors” combat, but have to plan, and think what you’re up against.

Well, what do you think with this idea? Is it viable? Feel free to post your comments below.

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Runescape Beta Live For You

At the end of the last week, the Runescape beta was live and kicking. There has never been a better time for you Runescape members to get involved.

The beta is used to teast out the important updates that need especially thorough investigation before going live, like Death Rework, New Looting Mechanics, Legacy/EOC and combat balance changes.

But before it goes to the main game, the RS team need your feedback.Any progress you make in the Beta is separate to the main game and won’t affect your main character.

The latest update was on last week April 14th. So many new features added to the game modes.

In the Death rework, players will now respawn in Death’s realm with the ability to buy back their lost items for 24 hours, should they decide not to return to their gravestone before it expires.

Jmods can now setup a new faction based PvP event in which players pick a side and fight the other team, completing different objectives to ensure victory. Players may now use a looting interface to pick up various objects. This can be customised in the Gameplay settings interface, such as enabling the ability to use area looting.

There is new toggle to enable the loot interface to activate on right click. You are no longer able to take items into Thok It To Em. Ascension Keystone Primus now works with the loot interface. Warbands supplies now work with the loot interface. Gatestone 2 now works with the loot interface.

For the combat improvement, “Demoralise” Constitution Abiity disable your opponents protection prayers for 5 seconds and dealing up to 200% weapon damage.

Any suggestion can be sent to the Runescape team. They need your feedback right now.

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Host Your First Runescape In-game Event

In your Runescape adventure, you should be unsatisfied with the only featured game modes. Someone wants to hold their own events with their in-game friends. Well here is your chance, you can start organizing community events of your own. But firstly, you need to find all the information for how to start your own.

There is an in game clock, which gives the official Game Time. This is a reference point for everyone, and will allow you to set your event at a special time in the game, thus avoiding all the confusing time zone conversion shenanigans.

Also a calender for the events orgainzed by the Pmod Events team is needed. From where, you can find details on the upcoming events and take part either as a player or offer your help as an event organizer. If you wish to submit an event of your own to be added to the calendar, use this template:

Event Name
Brief description/quick find code:

Depending on the nature of your event, you may also want to include the name of a friends chat that you will use. All event hosts have to start at some point. Organizing your first few events can be a little tricky, but you can make sure things go smoothly by reviewing this section of the guide.

The forums are obviously a great resource for promoting events. There are different forums that you can use depending on the kinds of events you are interested in hosting or attending.

Start hosting your first Runescape in game event or competition right now. You will have more fun than before when you are just taking part into the featured game mode.