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Runescape rsgoldfun Magic City Yanille Rework

As the city of magic, Yanille should be reworked. Some of the runescape players suggested that. Perseus’ runelabs suggestion is for old school rs gold a rework to Yanille, but before that, he need your great ideas to improve his suggestion. Take a look first.

The Magic Guild in the centre of Yanille is meant to rival the Wizard’s Tower, but since the Tower’s update in 2012, it’d be lucky to be classed as rival to the dark wizard’s tower. The crest for Yanille has a wand at its centre and this should symbolise magic being the centre of the city itself.

Currently all Yanille has content wise is the closest rune essence mine to a bank, a few shops including one of the only two pet shops in-game, a bar, a POH location and Bert. A lot of this is likely unused and as a result, so is the city.

As well as a graphical rework of Yanille, putting magic much more as the focus of the city, Yanille would have much more reason to go to such as repairing damaged walls granting some construction xp and maintaining wards around the city for magic xp.

The Guild and Watchtower would be merged, there would be magical glyphs and wards seen floating in the air around the city, defending it from attack and the mages in the guild would spread out of the Guild around the city to make it seem a lot more like their city and not just a city where their Guild is.

Yrsa’s Shoe Token, a tradeable, not stackable type of currency that can be bought from Yrsa herself after the completion of The Fremennik Trials. It can be sold in the Grand Excahnge to the Players without the ability to do the quest. Each token allows you to change shoes once, as Yrsa takes the token when given to her.

Shoes can be changed in the “wardrobe” or “appearance” tab. The hairdresser in Falador is basically bankrupt by now anyways. What makes Yrsa any differnt besides the quest?

Are you agree? The City of Magic, Yanille should be reworked. More information or suggestions can be posted here or to our site:

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Runescape rsgoldfun Mazcab Missonary Quest

Have you read the news of Runescape? They are getting you involved in their celebration for the 15th aniversary in 2016. Design your quest rewards for Deadman Gold runescape, you can win a life time membership. If you haven’t entered the event, you can see this player-suggested quest first to get inspiration.

Mazcab Missonary, you meet a Traveler in thick robes. He is about the size of a normal player but so robed up you can’t tell race, skin tone, eye colour, face shape etc. He states his intentions to bring faith to mazcab to help in some way to repeal the airuts and gain land for a cause at the same time.

You speak to the leaders of the gobies and work out a deal and then you pick a god or the godless to build a shrine. But everyone of them have their own problems.

Saradominists, they need law and order above all else, in addition to common things, they need a steady supply of paper. This means the player must find a special tree, trans-plant it, gain seeds and teach the people how to plant and care for these seeds.

Zammorak, demons don’t want much for anything but they would like to be around some fire and brimstone now and again. Imps also want a general store stocked with shiny things to steal. This will lead players to cause a small earthquake with explosives in the sea to make a small volcanic island as well as teaching demons how to gather pearls and shiny sea shells for the imps to hoard.

Bandos, bandos followers need weapons and a prey, find a colony of airuts and the best means of killing them with the matrials found on the planet. You will also have to master negotiations between the goebies and the bandosians to prevent war between the two.

Armadyl, teh followers of arma are a fickle bunch. They will demand their houses to be in the sky or atop mighty trees. The player would need to find a way to make rope to hold the houses together, which means finding an animal that is not only unafraid of heights, but can also be domesticated and used for wool.

We don’t list the other gods here, but if you were interested in DarkScape Gold  the quest suggested here, head over to our online rs gold store. You can find more there.

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RS RSGOLDFUN Camelot Training Room

After commutual the King’s Ransom Quest, you can admission the Camelot Training Room (also accepted as the “Knight Waves Training Ground”). This Miniquest pits you adjoin the Knights of the Round Table to rsgoldfun Runescape gold  prove your strength. If you’re acknowledged in acquisition them, you are accepted the adeptness to use four new prayers, and accept an added respawn point in Camelot to use in the accident of your abortive annihilation afterwards.

The Knights’ Training Arena is a safe miniquest, as such you will not lose your items if you appear to die during the miniquest.

This miniquest is amid on the third attic of the Camelot castle, and it is a lot of calmly attainable by application the southwest staircase. Inside the training ground, you are clumsy to use Summoning Familiars, Prayer or Stuns and Bind spells.

It is recommended to use a abounding Barrow’s set to yield advantage of the set effects, and it provides abundant defence.

Each charlatan will cesspool your action stats whenever they accord accident (hit aloft 0). To adverse this, alcohol the adapted cool aromatic whenever a carbon drops at atomic 10 levels. Keep your defence as top as possible, as this will acquiesce you to get hit less, preventing the clarification of your stats. If you die during the miniquest, you will accept to alpha over from the aboriginal wave.

The aboriginal charlatan is Sir Bedivere, who is akin 114. He will cesspool your Strength, Magic and Range.

The additional charlatan is Sir Pelleas, who is akin 114. He will cesspool your Defence.

The third charlatan is Sir Tristram, who is akin 114. He will cesspool your Strength, Magic and Range.

The fourth charlatan is Sir Palomedes, who is akin 120. He will cesspool your Attack.

The fifth charlatan is Sir Lucan, who is akin 120. He will cesspool your Defence.

The sixth charlatan is Sir Gawain, who is akin 120. He will cesspool your Attack, Magic and Range.

The seventh charlatan is Sir Kay, who is akin 120. He will cesspool your Defence.

The eighth and final charlatan is Sir Lancelot, who is akin 120. He will cesspool your Defence, Strength, Magic and Range.

Once you accept defeated Sir Lancelot, you will be greeted by Merlin who will accord you your rewards.

Four new prayers are apart afterwards the achievement of this miniquest, and they accommodate the afterward bonuses:

Chivalry: Requires 60 Prayer, and increases your Attack, Defence and Backbone ratings. Not stackable with added stat-boosting prayers.

Piety: Requires 70 Prayer and 70 Defence to use, and increases your Attack, Defence and Backbone ratings appreciably added than Chivalry. Not stackable with added stat-boosting prayers.

Rigour: Ranged agnate to Piety, requires 70 Prayer to use. Increases your Defence, Ranged Attack and Backbone ratings, and is not stackable with added stat-boosting prayers.

Augury: Magic agnate to Piety, requires 70 Prayer to buy rs gold use. Increases your Defence, Magic Attack and Backbone ratings, and is not stackable with added stat-boosting prayers.

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Runescape rsgoldfun Private Messaging & Port Adventurers

Here we get 2 ideas for Runescape new game content, private messaging and port adventurers. Runescape need more Runescape gold  creative features to meet players’ needs. So let’s begin with private messaging.

Private Messaging allows you to send messages to your friends when they are even offline. This can be via Runescape site or in game. This would not have any limit on how many you can send a day as this would obviously be unlimited. It will also be monitored as sometimes players can be rude or use it to break rules.

You would only be able to private message through the private message system to your friends not anyone else. They have to be in your friends list to be able to use this feature.

This is not a very big feature or extraodinary feature, but it is quite helpful when you didn’t get the chance to talk to your friend in a while due to time zones etc.

More Port Adventurers. The Ronin’s, Home Region The Bowl, Home Island, The Crescent Island, he refused to tell any background about himself to the port master and only want to find jobs around eastern lands. The 3rd story-line Death Lotus attack him in Port and you the port master have to help fight the Death Lotus.

And after the fight he finally tells what happen. He over talk two of the Khan’s top ranking statesmen speaking about poisoning the Khan and slowly making the Khan sick. He decide to tell his commanding General. He said it’s important affair he hasn’t told anyone else but the commanding General.

The General is also another conspirator. The usual General tried to kill him but he easily drop the General’s ass and the usual he fled. The usual way the General manage to live long enough to tell the other conspirators what hapen. They decide to hire Death Lotus to take care of The Ronin.

Wanna know more about the Runescape ideas? Welcome to our rsgoldfun Runescape gold  online store.

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Ideas For rsgoldfun Salt In The Wound Rework

Salt in the Wound is the end quest to the Sea Slug quest series in runescape. But it is controversial, you may buy rs gold think it is the worst quest in the game. Well, it is really a disappointing thing in the game, so we have some new ideas to save the quest.

De-age Kennith, this part arguably made the least sense out of the whole quest. He’s a mage so powerful, he can break the fourth wall, so why not just delete Mother Mallum from the game?

Have it impact other quest lines? We see that the Sea Slug quests affect both the Pengiun Questline, due to the captain of the Red Raktuber being infected by them, and the Red Axe quest line, due to the Penguins being in cahoots with them.

Don’t make it the finale, reveal somethings about Mother Mallum, but save the best for last. Call this the penultimate quest. More involvement from the Temple Knights, particularly Savant and Sir Tiffy, his niece is part of this operation, surely he’d have some concern in the matter.

Keep it in or near Witchhaven and Ardounge-Daemonheim had almost nothing to do with the quest, other than it being a tutorial phase for the multi-person system. Either improve the multi-person mechanic or remove it entirely. It’s clunky to work with, and would be easier with keyboard prompts to switch you to other characters, maybe an ability to put on the action bar, specific to the quest.

Kennith does not necessarily need to be in this quest. It can easily be another character, such as his father or mother. Kennith can stay a child, possibly unger the watch and tutelage of the Temple Knights or being studied at the Wizard’s Tower. He may appear at some point, but it is not necessary.

What do you feel? It is realiable? More details will be found on our rRunescape gold store. Glad to see you there.

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Hunt Queen Black Dragon In rsgoldfun

The Queen Black Dragon (QBD) is one of the arch and a lot of alarming monsters in RuneScape, but for those adventurous abundant to face her and be able to survive continued abundant to put her aback into Runescape gold a abysmal sleep, she can be actual rewarding.

The quickest way to ability the Grotworm Burrow is via the Port Sarim lodestone and run northwest to the burrow access at the White Knight Camp. If you accept 50 Agility, afresh chase the red aisle on the map beneath which uses the adjustment from the top akin of the burrow to the bottom. If not, chase the blooming avenue through the lair.

Once you’re accessible to action the Queen, investigate the aperture and afterwards account the admonishing message, you’ll be teleport into the Queen’s chamber.

As ahead mentioned, with a action akin of 900 the Queen Black Dragon is the fourth arch monster in the bold and the arch monster that accept to be soloed, so she is not to be taken lightly. Throughout the four Phases of the action she is able to use a amount of attacks and abilities that you accept to be able for and these are as follows:

Melee Attack:

The Queen will artlessly chaw you if you’re aural affray ambit and this can hit up to 1,500.

Ranged Attack:

The Queen will angular aback afore across-the-board her arch beyond the platform. This able of hitting over 2,000.

Standard Dragonfire:

The Queen will occasionally breathe dragonfire which cannot be absolutely blocked even with Super antifires, but will be bound to a max of 800 with abounding dragonfire aegis (Super antifire or accustomed Antifire and Dragonfire shield).

Fire Wall:

Before application this attack, you’ll see “The Queen Black Dragon takes a huge breath” arise in your chatbox and you now accept a few abnormal to adapt afore the Queen breathes a Fire bank which will move south beyond the platform. If it touches you, afresh it will hit 750 every additional until it passes you, about it can be abhorred by searching for the gap in the bank and active through this. Therefore, if you see the bulletin you should run to the south ancillary of the belvedere to accord yourself added time to ability the gap.

Giant worms:

At the end of anniversary Phase, the Queen will discharge out a amount of Giant worms (level 72) that will advance you with Magic. However, these should be abandoned for the continuance of the fight.

Tortured Souls:

Beginning on Appearance 2 you may see the bulletin “The Queen Black Dragon amendment one/several of her captured souls” afore she amendment a Tortured body (level 93).

You should should annihilate this anon as afterwards a abbreviate time she is able to carry bloom from them at a amount of 200 per additional for a absolute of 4,000 each.

The souls themelves can accord abundant accident by unleashing a Chaotic billow just afterwards they appears that will chase you about until they hits you or a Giant worm, ambidextrous 1,000+ accident each.

Hardened Carapace and Crystal Forms:

From Appearance 3 advanced the Queen may change to either a Hardened Carapace or Crystal form. If she switches to Hardened Carapace, you’ll see the bulletin “The Queen Black Dragon hardens her carapace; she is added aggressive to concrete damage, but added accessible to magic” which agency that Ambit and Affray attacks are beneath authentic and weaker, accordingly abundantly slowing down the phase.

When she changes to Crystal form, you’ll see the bulletin “The Queen Black Dragon takes on the bendability of crystal; she is added aggressive to magic, but weaker to concrete damage” which agency that Affray and Ranged attacks are added authentic and accord added damage, accordingly abundantly dispatch up the phase.

After 1 minute or at the end of the phase, these will abrasion off and she’ll acknowledgment to normal.

Extreme Dragonfire:

On Appearance 4 the Queen is able to use her a lot of able advance which will be appear with the bulletin “The Queen Black Dragon gathers her backbone to breathe acutely hot flames.” As anon as you see this, you should anon move abroad from the average to the abandon of the belvedere as this advance will hit 1,950 three times in accelerated assumption for a absolute of 5,850 if you’re in the middle, or 750 three times for a absolute of 2,250 if you’re at the sides.

On Appearance 4 you should attending out for a Tortured body that appears in the corners of the belvedere and shouts “Kill me mortal…quickly! HURRY! BEFORE THE SPELL IS COMPLETE!” You should annihilate this anon as afterwards a abbreviate time it will stop time for aggregate but the Queen Black Dragon, acceptance her to abide attacking, but preventing you from bistro or advancing aback and is added than able of killing you afore you are freed afterwards about 10 seconds.

Fight Phases:

The action with the Queen is disconnected into four added difficult phases. A breakdown of anniversary follows:

Phase 1:

At the alpha of the action you’ll accept to delay a moment for the Queen to deathwatch up and during this time you should alcohol your potions and actuate Protect from/Deflect Ranged if you haven’t already done so.

Once she’s awake, actuate advancing her and watch out for her the orange admonishing in your chatbox that she’s about to absolve a Fire wall. Abstain this by active abroad from her and casual through the gap as the bank moves appear you, or just catchbasin the hit and abide damaging the Queen until her bloom bar is absolutely drained and she loses concentration, acceptance you to actuate the aboriginal Dragonkin achievement in the centre of the platform. She’ll now absolutely alleviate a discharge out a accumulation of Giant worms.

Phase 2:

Ignore the Giant worms and actuate advancing the Queen again. If she uses her Fire bank attack, a additional bank will chase the first, so be able to abstain both or yield added damage. She may aswell spawn a Tortured body on this phase, so bethink to annihilate it anon if she does.

Once her bloom is deleted again, the additional achievement will actuate southwest of the platform. Be acquainted that if you angle on the bewitched alleyway for too long, you will be dealt abundant damage. Already done, the Queen will alleviate and discharge out added Giant worms.

Phase 3:

At this point you may wish to about-face to Protect from/Deflect Abracadabra as the accident from the Giant worms will alpha to body up back there are so abounding of them. During this appearance her Fire walls appear in threes and she will spawn two Tortured souls. She may aswell alpha to change to her Hardened Carapace or Crystal form. Already you’ve depleted her bloom already again, the third achievement can be activated southeast of the platform.

Phase 4:

As with the antecedent phase, she is able to change anatomy and will use three Fire walls, but she she can now arouse four Tortured souls which are able to accord massive accident with their Chaotic clouds and in accession to the Queen’s attacks, you’ll charge to watch your bloom carefully to accomplish abiding you’re not overwhelmed. In accession to this, you should watch out for the body that activates the Time Lock and be able for her Extreme dragonfire.

Once you’ve depleted the final bloom bar, actuate the achievement south of rsgoldfun Runescape gold the belvedere and the attraction befitting the Queen comatose will be restored.

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RSGOLDFUN Rat Pits In Runescape

Do you accept a Cat and are not absolutely abiding what to do with it? Come to the Rat Pits to rsgoldfun Runescape gold analysis your Cat’s ability adjoin  added players’ Cats!

The aim of rat pit angry is to alternation your cat in a fun and assisting manner. Rules alter from pit to pit.

Each pit allows a assertive blazon of cat to action there. You can allocution to the NPCs about anniversary of the pits to apprentice added about the Rat Pits.

Jimmy Dazzler can be begin in East Ardougne, west of the river. He is in the aback of the abode that is just west of the pub.

These pits are for kittens only.

Hooknosed Jack can be begin in southeast Varrock abreast the alpha of the The Family Crest quest.

These pits are for approved bodies only.

Smokin’ Joe can be begin on the east ancillary of Keldagrim, just arctic of the Blast Furnace.

These pits are for awkward bodies only. The access to the pits is just southwest of Smokin’ Joe, in the basement of the Laughing Miner pub.

Felkrash can be begin central the pits in Port Sarim.

These pits are alone for arch cats.

To attempt in this mini-game, you accept to accept the actual blazon of cat for the pit and accept some additional change. If you accept both of these, you can claiming addition cat trainer. The amateur you claiming accept to aswell posses the actual blazon of cat and some money.

Before you advance to the behest stage, approach should be discussed with your cat.

A amateur should acquaint his or her cat what array of action he or she should adopt. To do this, competitors accept to abrasion a Catspeak amulet if initiating a action and accepting a challenge. If you do not accept your amulet, you will not be accustomed these options and your cat will action to the death.

Cautious approach should be adopted by those who are afraid to allotment with their cat.

Using these approach will aid the cat in agreement of added aegis bonuses but amerce them as their bodies will get out of the pits rather than risking death. Application no approach or advancing approach will aftereffect in your cat angry to the death. Advancing approach access your cat’s advance levels.

Just yield affliction of yourself

This advantage gives your cat the accomplished aegis and the everyman attack. Your cat will not get hit as much, but it will not annihilate as abounding rats either. Your cat will not die if you use this option, and will get annoyed and abdicate afterwards application about bisected of its hitpoints.

Stay in there as continued as you can

This makes your cat action to the border of afterlife and will usually abdicate afore it is killed. Aegis and advance are mid-range.

No guts, no glory

This advantage has almost the aforementioned advance and aegis as the antecedent option, but your cat will action to the death. You will lose your cat if it dies during battle.

Go berserk!

This advantage gives your cat the accomplished advance and everyman aegis and your cat will action to the death. Alone accomplished bodies should use this option.

Once a claiming has been accustomed and both bodies accept been brash on tactics, the behest takes place.

Both owners can abode a baby action on the aftereffect of the match. This action accept to be the aforementioned for both sides.

Once you bid, there is a acceptance screen. Check it carefully.

Rules alter for anniversary pit. In the babe pits of East Ardougne, the aboriginal cat to annihilate 5 rats is declared the winner. This amount varies throughout the added pits.

During the fight, you can right-click the rat bank and accept “Spectate Rat Wall”. This will could cause your appearance to zoom out so you can see the absolute pit. Your cat will accept a aflame chicken arrow aloft its arch so you can accumulate an eye on it.

If your cat dies during a action or runs away, your adversary is declared the winner.

Cats get annoyed actual calmly and afterwards a assertive aeon of time, they become too beat to abide fighting. In this case, the cat with the accomplished amount of kills is declared the winner. If both bodies accept dead Runescape gold the aforementioned amount of rats, the bout is declared a draw.

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Runelabs rsgoldfun Faction Item Sink-Large

This is also an idea from runescape players on Runelabs. Faction Item sink-large, we cannot figure out something from the title. Now it is time to buy rs gold see the full background of the suggestion.

The world is in turmoil. The Gods have returned, and many of their enemies and followers were not fully prepared. The Factions need to be supplied, and are willing to bribe adventurers to obtain those materials for them.

A lot of items in the game are currently stockpiled. There are way too many items in-game and item prices have decreased. We believe that the game needs an item sink to help get rid of all these excess skilling and killing items. Emissaries are also relatively useless, and overrides/pets/animations are lacking for Factions.

Every day, a player will be able to go to any faction emissary and receive one Crate. This crate will be empty and will state its faction, items needed, and how many. Players can also find crates randomly as they play related to the skill they are training when they find it.

A player obtains an Armadyl Maple Log Crate from Taw’Paak, it requires 5k Maple logs to fill. They can then either buy Maples off the G.E. or they can chop maples themselves. Once the crate is filled, they return it to Taw’Paak.

For every crate turned in, a player obtains a certain number of points from that faction based upon the current G.E. price of the items turned in. This makes it so that players won’t avoid more expensive crates.

Faction Outfits-Overrides for players matching the Faction’s Emissary’s outfit. As well as a set of weapon overrides for each of the factions. Golden versions of the outfit for a very large amount of points to provide an incentive for very rich players.

Faction Animations-1 or more Animations for each Faction to use while skilling, runecrafting, fishing, woodcutting,etc. Faction pets-bobblehead pets for each faction of that Faction’s God. Kara-Meir could stand in for the Godless. Consumable Rewards-Slayer VIP Tickets, Death Touched Darts, Vis Wax,etc.

Like the runelabs idea in this page and leave your rsgoldfun Runescape gold suggestions here. We’d like to see your feedback.

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RSGOLDFUN Rogue Trader In Runescape

Ali Morrisane is searching to aggrandize his business and admission his banal to cover a alternative of runes, new clothes and blackjacks. You accept to advice him by traveling to three altered humans about RuneScape and Runescape gold persuading them to let Ali buy some of there stock, to advertise from his location.

Talk to Ali Morrisane and he will ask you to allege with Aubury in Varrock’s rune abundance about a runes business deal. Allocution to Aubury and he will accede to Ali’s business proposition.

Now go aback to Ali and he will acknowledge you for allocation out the rune deal, but will say that there is an odd locking apparatus on the rune caskets. Say you would like to see his alternative of runes and he will ask you if you wish to try aperture a baby or ample casket. Already you accept called that, you can either accept “Force box”, “Pick lock”, or “Examine lock”. Force box sometimes works on the baby caskets, but to try and break the puzzle, accept “Examine lock”.

Now you accept to play “Rune Sudoku” and break the puzzle. The abate boxes are simple enough, you just accept to accomplish abiding no two runes are in the aforementioned row, box or column.

Now if you accept to do a ample casket, afresh you will get something like this. As you break the puzzle, this filigree will serve as your template.

First, we will amount the runes like this. Next, we will yield our filigree and amount it, application the numbers we assigned to the runes, according to the addle we are given. 1 is Mind, 2 is Fire, and so on. Here is an archetype of how we numbered our filigree according to one of the puzzles.

Now every row accept to accommodate 1 through 9, every cavalcade accept to accommodate 1 through 9, and every box of 3 by 3 accept to accommodate 1 through 9, but no row, column, or box may accept the aforementioned number, or rune, twice. To break this puzzle, we accept to alpha by allotment just one number. Lets say we chose 4, the baptize rune.

Now lets attending at one “box”, the orange one in the basal larboard corner. There is no 4 in it yet, so we apperceive that a 4, or baptize rune, will go in one of the actual squares. To actuate which one it goes in, we can attending at the added 4s on the board. Whenever you see a 4, you can cantankerous out all the abandoned spaces in that 4ss row, column, and aboveboard temporarily, as you will not be able to put addition 4 in them. By accomplishing this for every 4 in the puzzle, you will be able to abode a 4 in the actual abandoned space. In the beneath picture, I beyond out the abandoned spaces of one row absolute a 4.

Using action of elimination, we can abide to cantankerous out the abandoned boxes that are in the aforementioned column, row, or 3 by 3 box as added 4s. When we accept beyond out all the boxes the 4 can not go in, we can abode 4’s, or baptize runes, in the actual abandoned boxes.

After the 4s accept been placed, you can abolish the Xs and afresh accept addition number/rune and echo the action until the accomplished lath has been abounding out, area you can afresh accessible the lock.

Now you get the best to either buy all of the runes for a assertive price, after alive what they are, or to see what runes are in the box, at the amount of a hardly college price.

After finishing the boxes, you can admission the boutique at which you can buy cheaper runes. Finishing a baby box opens a boutique alone for basal runes, which advertise for 17gp each. The ample box opens a boutique with all runes in it, exept for the basal runes, aswell discounted.

Ali wants to get into the Blackjack business. He will acknowledgment anyone in Pollnivneach and wish you to go there.

Arch over to Shantay Canyon and and canyon through into the desert. You can either airing to Pollivneach or you can yield the aerial carpet.

Once there, arch next to the Kebab boutique and you’ll acquisition a Blackjack Seller. Allocution to him and ask him about accordant to getting business ally with Ali, but Ali wants a bigger ambit of blackjacks. The agent isn’t assertive he needs to accomplish more, so aces the advantage “Think of a cunning plan” and a adjacent Street Brat will apprehend and ask you to appear over.

The brat will action to advice you out by burglary a blackjack so you can argue the Blackjack Agent to advancement his artefact to avert himself. It will amount you 100gp for his service.

The Brat will abduct a blackjack and afresh the Agent will atom him and bash him with a blackjack, but it doesn’t beating the brat out. You advance that you charge to accomplish a artefact with bigger defence properties. He agrees and will accumulation Ali.

Return to Ali and you’ll acquisition he is anxious with sales and wants you to go aback and ask the Blackjack agent to accomplish a new band of blackjacks.

Head aback to the Blackjack agent and already afresh he isn’t assertive that he needs to upgrade. So bet the Agent that even if he hits you with a BlackJack twice, you will not be agape out. Accept this claiming and chase through for two whacks. He is now assertive that he needs bigger advance backdrop for the blackjacks and he will forward the new ones to Ali. You now accept admission to (o) blackjacks.

Talk to Ali and he will ask you to biking to Sophanem and allocution to Siamun. Biking to Sophanem via Aerial Carpets and allocution to Siamun who is amid in the architecture the spinning caster figure on the east ancillary of the city.

He will acquaint you to get either 3 Pots of the aforementioned black dye or 3 beastly skins. Either accord him the items if you accept them with you or go and get them and acknowledgment to him.

After giving the items to Siamun, he will acquaint you that he will advice Ali.

Return to Ali and he’ll say that appeal for the clothes is traveling down and he needs Siamun to accomplish a new product. Acknowledgment to Siamun with addition 3 dyes or beastly banknote and he’ll accede to accomplish a new band of clothing.

Note: By accomplishing accomplish 5 and 6, you don’t get the aboriginal shop, you get the additional shop, you can echo accomplish 5  Cheap Runescape gold and 6 as abounding times as you wish to change amid the two clothes shops.

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RSGOLDFUN Runescape Shadow Of The Vacu

Shadows of the Vacu, this is the Runelabs idea. They are dark creatures in the Runescape in Karamja. You need to take the task and secure Runescape gold the peace in Karamja. And then you should learn the black ground of the Vacu.

Thousands of years ago, in the steaming jungles of Karamja, the Vacu twisted their bodies and their souls as vessels for ancient evils, the Demon Lords. Blood-soaked rituals and screams of the tormented filtered through the dripping trees as sacrifices were made to sustain the entities preying upon the minds of the jungle.

The Vacu called forth these monstrous Demons onto Gielinor, but they did not emerge unscathed. Souls twisted into oblivion, bodies scarred and disfigured beyond repair, these ancient priests were no longer mere mortals, hounding at the feed of creatures beyond their imagining.

Thought to be long-gone, the dawning of the 6th age and the vast explosions of power across the world from the fall of the Edicts has awoken a darkness below the teeming Jungle continent of Karamja like no other. These hideous creatures invoke horror even with their movements.

Ancient, powerful demonic energy, trapped within a long-dead human shell, these creatures look like little else on Gielinor. Human corpses, rotting with age and the humidity of the jungle, with dark, flickering chaotic energy trying to escape it’s husk, stalk the shadows of the Kharazi. As they move, this shadowy energy seems to reach out towards the living, grasping as if to escape from the shell, and take on a new host.

These creatures are clearly not harmless, and are not single-type. From the quick, willowy Vacu Pidra, to the more regular Vacu Maha, to the hulking Vacu Casc, each has unique attacks a player must avoid as they battle these nightmares.

The Pidra are quick, and can fade into the shadows. Maha are slower, but the longer one fights, the more accurate they become and they attack with Ranged and melee. Casc are slow and lumbering, but charge fighting players, and can shrug off attacks with ease while delivering devastating counterattacks. Even more, all three can possess the player, adding a layer of preparing for the Vacu and yourself.

Can you image this? All the powerful, evil, dark creatures are awoken from the jungle. It is time to perform your duties to restoring peace. Let’s fight Cheap Runescape gold then.